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  1. Or Steve, or Sean, or Coleco, or anybody else that could bring a new exposé.
  2. Just a few clarifications: The only Officers of a corporation are those listed in the Articles of Incorporation (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc), which could be public record, depending on the state. Anybody can be given any title they want in the company otherwise, including the C-level popular titles. They're just words that can be freely thrown around without any legal backing, and if Sean has the history claimed here, he would be certain not to actually sign anything while verbally agreeing to everything. Memo lines are also not legally binding, and don't represent an agreement between parties. (I know this isn't necessarily what you're implying, but for the benefit of everyone) Also, the realm of a few thousand dollars certainly doesn't smell of actual hourly billing, task estimation, etc. It's most likely just a number "Mr. Lee" pulled out of the air that he thought Mike would be willing to part with. I really don't think Mike's going to win any legal case. I'm certain it was just an oral arrangement, and Sean did deliver literal mockups and a playable system for the toy fair, and was compensated as apparently agreed. Mike's words have been captured here over time and lawyers from both sides will certainly be poring over this thread if it ever comes to that, especially as media articles point right back here. But Mike can certainly push this into the courts without many barriers, if he can find a lawyer amenable to the case. I also suspect that most lawyers will simply tell him he's screwed.
  3. The retro gaming roundup guys talked about this at length. They've been a lot closer to Mike through this whole time. They say the old Mike is gone and replaced with Business Mike, and unfortunately it looks like that's there to stay. Their words really match with what's been going on, and I believe their assessment is current and correct.
  4. Regardless of Steve, that excuse has never, and should never hold water. Mike is (was?) a retro gaming guy and a collector. He's bought and sold hardware many times over himself, and runs a site dedicated to that purpose. He's had to get old broken crap working. There no way that he wouldn't recognize a SNES video jack, or the multi-power supply, or a SNES multicart which obviously only plugs into a SNES cartridge slot (and he was very cautious to have only the cartridge front facing the camera). It's dubious that he wouldn't know the various major SNES models, as a collector and as popular as that console was. It's ridiculous to claim that he never happened to peek into the holes where the controller cables were going to obviously see SNES controller connectors. Even if he's just out to make a buck today, he's is certainly an informed retro console guy and in no way can feign ignorance about these sorts of major details.
  5. It does disappoint me hearing these casts & reading these articles where the only thing they read was Mike's posts, and not all the fact-checking, now vs then analyses, and other first party reports that came immediately after.
  6. People already like Nintendo & their franchises, so the predicate is fulfilled.
  7. Mike, stop talking about "collecting" every stupid little idea you fart out! Nobody cares! The only reason people collect anything is if they liked it. You can't just plop something on the table and magically deem it "collectible"!
  8. Don't forget the top half of the Jag case haphazardly tossed on top of the board.
  9. But old console cartridge games don't have bugs!
  10. Even when it's just 1x, there are enough new people to crowdfunding that are looking at it with innocent hopeful eyes.
  11. I haven't had any problems with the two Pandoras I ordered years ago. It's really easy to have no problems with something you never received! But all ire goes to Craig. I give big props to Evildragon for what he's been able to scavenge out of that mess.
  12. They've stated that they want to find an existing, completed console and put their name on it to start making money on "revitalizing the brand". I don't think they care either way about level of performance, if it emulates existing systems, etc. They thought the "Chameleon" was almost complete, as I'm sure MK spun the tale.
  13. I think it's necessary for Gamester81 to make that statement video, because the entire problem arising from this is the rabid Youtube fans that are making problems for others. He's the only one that can calm his fans down and stop them from harassing others, and Pat's the only one that can calm down his fans. It's this stupid internet mob behavior that's causing the problems in the first place. They watch a video and extrapolate and exaggerate their own story from it, and then that becomes a self-sustaining conflagration of unfounded rage kept alive by the mob being a mob. The only hope you have of shutting that type of behavior down is a statement to cut it out from the very people the mob thinks they're defending.
  14. Didn't Mike loan personal funds into RETRO to purchase the Jaguar shells? If that's the case, then RETRO has a financial obligation back to Mike personally to repay that loan. If that's the case, you'd be taking it over, and working hard to make money only to have to pay back Mike's loan out of those earnings, and bail him out of (some of) the financial hole he dug for himself! Think about it, why is Mike trying to sell this off? The company & magazine itself is completely dead in the water, and really has no value to sell. It's because there's something in it for him regardless of company sale price; if that loan is in there, he wants it to stay viable to pay him back, with interest. Purchase the assets cheaply if you like (subscriber list, back catalog, graphical assets, rights to the name, etc), but do NOT purchase the company itself and all the strings attached to it! His companies are intermingled and are business poison.
  15. He thanks Game Gavel like it's a separate entity?
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