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  1. I's recomend going on ebay or amazon and buying gates of zendocon. It's a terrible game that you could probably get for $1.00 shipped.
  2. Thanks! Are the normal yellow cockpit and compact models that rare? Or them being near santa barbara
  3. I would love to play the prototype Hard Drivin's Airborne and Race Drivin Panorama and Major Havoc.
  4. And now is atari going to make a new Rush game? (it'll be dangerous)
  5. I am looking for any model of race drivin. Send me a link or reply if you've got one you'd be willing to sell that is somewhat near santa barbara. /|\
  6. the bottom left flipper has two contacts and the upper left has one. The problem was in the upper left flipper contact. It works now. Thanks.
  7. I just got my bobby orr power play working, and when I played a game, the upper-left mini-flipper doesn't work. The coil looks brand new and moves freely. Anyone know what's wrong with it?
  8. Well you have to make sure that the credit button is wired to the service switch otherwise the game will lock up.
  9. I bought a big box of floppy disks for my atari 800 and one of the games that came in it was pieman. Does anyone remember it from back in the day?
  10. The "arcades" should put in the new ice cold beer and super mario bros mushroom world.
  11. Firepower and black knight (not black knight 2000) are great early solid state pins (you can try them out in the pinball arcade).
  12. Hello everyone, When I first picked up my 800 (not xl), I bought a BASIC cartridge. I doesn't work. When I boot from it, the screen goes blank except for a few lines. When I push system reset the screen gets rid of the lines and shows the ready prompt. But I can only type in one line. When I push return to type in another, the screen goes blank and displays the lines (if I push reset it displays ready). Can anyone help me? Is there a way to fix the cartridge? This is what I was typing in: 10 PRINT CR$(125) 20 FOR D=1 TO 10000: NEXT D 30 FOR L=1 TO 100 40 FOR P=253 TO 1 STEP -1 50 SOUND 0,P,10,15 60 SOUND 1,P=1,10,15 70 SOUND 2,P=2,10,15 80 SOUND 3,P+3,10,15 90 NEXT P 100 NEXT L *end of program* Thanks, nate
  13. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/vgm/5636260376.html
  15. oh the memes. I take it that you have seen the YouTube video "hot food" with Michael Rosen?
  16. battlezone was also released in a cocktail cab.
  17. Hi all. So I went to Disneyland last year with some of my buddies. When I was taking a leak, they had gotten fast passes for star tours and gotten in line. Logically, I told them to meet me in the arcade. The arcade was closed with locked doors. Anyone remember what games they had bitd? The time before that they had Pole position, arkanoid, super breakout, battlezone, four fix-it felix jr.s (shame on them), track and field, tron, and a space paranoids.
  18. Off of ebay two months ago. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-LYNX-I-Gaming-System-4-Games-/252345315078?hash=item3ac0f3ef06%3Ag%3ADw4AAOSwgApXBDoZ&nma=true&si=fOcxTJUzmaaSqnbn1XVoOhfeTB8%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  19. That enormous room would be the amazing galaxian 3
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