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  1. im gonna make a wild and crazy guess that the official ataribox version of t4k will require installing windows on an external drive
  2. i wasn't even gonna bother mentioning it, but even games that appear to be 2d are quads and an orthographic camera nowadays. nowadays bein like the last 15-20 years. saying some hardware can't do 3d is just nonsense words
  3. even if this box existed and had a reasonable install base and decent storefront, i still wouldn't wanna dev for it cause i don't trust them with my money. nor should anyone after the frontier developments lawsuit
  4. i made https://rainbowcemetery.itch.io/these-remains in a month https://rainbowcemetery.itch.io/vulpecula in a week and https://rainbowcemetery.itch.io/one-frisbee over a weekend. i consider myself to be on the low end of moderately competent. cobbling together a bullshot or a quarter second clip that looks like it could be something would require very little effort. and yet :o
  5. seems like a bit of a self own to say it's easy for some end user scrub to make their own games to play. what's that say about this crate having nothing even confirmed in development after 2 years
  6. i might be down to codes if you really wanna
  7. it's probably not worth wondering about cause this is kinda phrased as speculation, but is it even possible that could be true
  8. my bad :< this nonsense is all running together in my head
  9. well it's even worse than that, the only thing they even kind of implied to have running on that board was a spinning cube. everything else was 'illustration purposes only'
  10. been like 10 years since i made a pacman style game but i just did like other people said, when two directions are pressed at once prioritize a change of axis
  11. is this the part where someone knocks on their office door, causing the building to collapse and reveal it was just a plywood facade
  12. in the full audio of the register interview arzt said something like, the current joystick he had with him doesn't spin but they intend for the release version of it to be able to. i'm not sure how much confirmation of their intentions is worth
  13. most of my nostalgic feelings for the olde microcomputer in a keyboards's are clumsily poking around in basic. i'd prefer just a functional replica kb in an empty case that i can mess with over some lil thing with pretend keys. i doubt there are enough people like me for someone to bother with that. or maybe someone did and i missed it.
  14. even ignoring all the numbers i'd be hesitant to trust their marketplace when they're currently being sued for withholding developer royalties
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