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  1. pauljh

    WTB: 5200

    Wanted: 5200 good condition, with PSU and controllers. willing to post to UK!
  2. Hi, Please put me on the list. Purple Dragonfly, Pokey Max, YM2151 module and both cables
  3. I'd like 2 aswell, one for 800, one for 5200..
  4. HI, I'm after a premodded true RGB Scart (not composite over Scart) Atari 5200 and a Coleco with RGB Scart. I appreciate pre modded isn't cheap!. Must be willing to post to the UK (I apologize for Brexit!) PS. I appear to post these every year or so without getting very far.... Are these rarer then hen's teeth?
  5. HI, Wanted a RGB Scart modded 2600/5200 or 7800, must be willing to post to UK but doesn't have to be 240v.
  6. Hi All, I have a gotek with HXC firmware and have noticed is VERY slow to list directory contents, I first thought too many files in a directory so split all the files out to sub directories, but even to list just 24 directories (not their contents) takes a good 5 minutes... Is this normal?/
  7. Well talk about not very subliminal advertising purchased an UltraSatan aswell... Not sure why I'm telling random internet peeps this?, probably child hood issues with lack of affection from the parents.
  8. Woohoo great!, thank you, its lucky I didn't try and rip it off with brute strength (actually I did but managed to get it back on).. Anyone remember the name of the St Music demo which played SID tracks??
  9. Hi All, I have a gotek with HXC firmware I want to put in my 520STE but the cable is too short to be twisted, no problem so I got a longer floppy cable, but it appears one end of the floppy cable is not standard pins and is mounted to the PCB?, is this correct, or is mine just really stiff? Regards
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