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  1. Damn, Crystal Quest is gone! It's a chance to do a new batch next time? Greetings!
  2. Hi Bob, nice to see a new development from you. I tested in PAL and works fine. No glitching at bottom, colors are fine except for background is dark red (I don't tested ROM in emu to compare I guess should be black). Bump at pinball screen has a small graphic glitch when bumping up, I attached some pictures. Also I played Video only mode and It's awesome!! Fast and very addictive, I finally I quit from play saying: "wait to cart release" Regards!
  3. Hi! I like new features! However I have screen-rolling with earlies PAL versions on real hardware. (the ntsc posted here works fine, except for colors obviously) Another point is when game over, background changes color and I can't see final score.
  4. Completely agree about Cube Quest influence in Polybius myth, I cited this game in a entry I wrote years ago talking about Polybius (spanish): http://retrolaser.es/desmontando-polybius-leyenda-maquinas-recreativas/ and how the myth has grow tending to describe the 'game' as vector graphics while the (mock-up) title screen (the image originally published in coinop.org's polybius entry back an 1996) are raster-like type. I also referenced in the blog what fonts were used to do that title screen, ripped from other games
  5. many thanks to both. excellent, I get to work after some value adjustment as you said. I attach files, still need to be polished, there is still very 'rush code'. also playfield scroll on/off can be controlled by switches now. Thanks again! beaminvader_151119_1615.bas.bin beaminvader_151119_1615.bas
  6. Hi everyone. I'm starting to learn the basics with Batari Basic. I used collision detection betweeen player shots and playfield, but I don't know how to implement this case: - Turn off part of the playfield when a player shot was impacted. Looking at commands, there is pfhline, so I think pfhline xpos ypos flip could work. But while value ranges are 0-31 for xpos and 0-11 for ypos, I can't determine it refering player shot position (with has a range up to about 136 for x-basis in my sample). So, is there a way to flip off part of playfield depending of player shot position? I attach the .bas file, sorry for very dirty code (copy-pastes from here and there, wasting space with too many variables, using for-next for timing etc etc, I'm still experimenting). My objetive later will be make my own sample (with cleaner code) with the basic elements only (that's playfield, player and missiles, without clone sprites etc). Regards! beamduel_151118_1555.bas
  7. Yes sorry I wanted to mean "no static screen" regards!
  8. I got the cart, thanks! Tested in my pal 7800 console and works great. Fun game with replay value and details like demo and the variety of many options are a nice touch. Regards!
  9. Classic vertical shmups are my favorite. Looks awesome!! I hope It can be completed and released on cart. Greetings!
  10. Fantastic news! And a good example of what can be done in 7800Basic. I hope to see a cart release too.
  11. While checking old Atari catalogues, I read in a catalogue for dealers from 1986 the game Demolition Derby (7830) listed as Supergame cartridge for Atari 7800. Anybody knows what game could be? Maybe a earlier version of Fatal run or something? I don't found more info about this game. Asides It's interesting Atari planing launch some of Mattel titles for Atari 2600: 26137 Masters of the Universe 26138 Thunder Castle 26139 Treasure of Tarmin Some of these numbers were replaced by other games later. Edit: link added. http://www.atarimania.com/documents/the-new-atari-dealer-package-fall-1986.pdf
  12. Asides XM progresses, I tried to contact by his web page because I lost my order email, but no answer for now. Is there an e-mail or another form of contact to check the order?
  13. Not so many ago, I meet the founder of an association of arcade collectors and Atari enthusiast, and he told me that he loved 2600 but he was dissapointed with some 7800 titles. I replied that there is a excellent homebrew scene, making remakes and new games for the system, and can be so important as commercial games launched back in the day. So I leaved there two games from Pacmanplus. There NTSC and one has incompatibility with PAL console, but I hope to give PAL version of his games in the future giving a better display. The vitrine showing an Atari 7800 including Pacmanplus games looks more complete now and It's my way for give a little feedback for his excellent work. Thanks Bob!!
  14. I got PAL version of both games some time ago and has the red background, but at leat in my case, is a dark color that can be corrected by setting off a bit brightness. Great games! I specially wanted to play Astro Blaster on real hardware. Anyway were the new pal roms tested?
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