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  1. Thanks, I doubt it will update. After posting and thinking some more I seem to recall asking about this a while back in another thread and if I remember correctly my UnoCart is from before firmware updates.
  2. Can the firmware.bin update be used on any version of the UnoCart ? I have an early version bought way back when, I can't remember exactly and I don't want to brick my UnoCart.
  3. I would go with a PS4 even though I love my old retro systems. 1. Witcher 3 - Too many hours to put into this game to not have it. 2. Nioh - So much replay-ability with the Diablo style loot hunting and character builds. 3. Nex Machina - If I picked the SNES then Smash TV would be on it and this game scratches that itch, gotta have an arcade style shooter. 4. Monster Hunter World - Another game with a stupid amount of replay-ability. 5. Sega Genesis Classics - Yes this is a cheat game but it fits the criteria, it's an officially released title. If the Sega Genesis Classics is too much of a cheat then I would take Dragons Crown, such a great game and I would need a side scrolling beat em up.
  4. Byuu actually has taken to doing bsnes again which is aimed at speed and ease of use compared to higan. It has the same accuracy as higan if you go into the Setting > Emulation window and disable the hacks. It's much easier to use without having to import your games into own folder structure. https://byuu.org/
  5. I actually recently had this discussion on Discord a couple of days ago and in my opinion the best way to class something as "retro" is to use the same rule that car people use for "classic cars" which is 20 years old. Right now that would mean that the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox era is not quite "retro" yet but will be in the next year or two. To me this is the most fair way to doing it because if you set it at a specific year being the cut off such as 2000 then does that mean the PS2 won't be considered retro in the year 2040 even though clearly it would be.
  6. I have gotten it to work. My guess as to what is happening to you is your disk image is incompatible with Mame, Mame like cue + bin and .chd format games and maybe some others but those 2 I know for certain work. SSF and Yabause are more forgiving of the disk images being not so good. Mednafen and Mame are much pickier over the disk image quality. It also could be the game itself is not working in Mame, I prefer to use Mednafen myself, either the stand alone version or the Retroarch core, it has great compatibility.
  7. Yeah it's just arcade stuff, netplay for consoles is a system by system basis, it just depends on the core. I have done some netplay through Retroarch in the past and it can be hit and miss and can be laggy and problematic because of setup. You and whoever you are playing with will need to have the same core and rom and sometimes the same build of a core and even then it can be flakey. You will have better luck with something like Parsec https://parsecgaming.com/but it also has its own quirks.
  8. The Mame 2003 Plus core will do netplay, you can easily find a rom set for it on the internet archive.
  9. The latest Mame core in Retroarch is kept up to date with the most recent builds of Mame, it's the one without a year in the name, the ones with years in the name are snapshots of older builds. Also getting non arcade stuff to work in the Mame core in Retroarch is a royal pain in the ass. To get non arcade stuff working in Mame via command line you can use this reference page for what you need: https://pastebin.com/18W3EbD0 You need the system in the first column and the media type from column in brackets. For example with the Channel F you would want the command line parameter channelf -cart
  10. Dolphin and PCSX2 are the 2 best for Gamecube and PS2. Dolphin is generally very simple to use out of the box, not sure what would be causing you a black screen, might be a driver issue.
  11. Thank you so much for this.
  12. This is very cool, will this work well on a first gen Pi or does it need a 2 or 3 ? I have an old first gen Pi laying around doing nothing.
  13. I just got a chance to sit and read this thread, great read. I just finished getting my new PC setup and tweaked, a very similar build, Ryzen 2700X and 1080Ti as well. Instead of an ultrawide monitor though I have a G-Sync display which for emulation is awesome, especially for Mame. For a great "retro emulation" controller I highly recommend the Hori Fight Commander, it has 6 face buttons, 4 shoulder buttons and a damn good d-pad.
  14. No need to apologize at all, the out of the box experience for the most part is in line with what your thoughts were. But with a decent system and some tweaking the experience becomes much better and closer to what people consider a "good" experience. Another thing to always keep in mind though is the majority of the input lag comes from the TV because of its extra image processing, even an average modern PC monitor doesn't have that so the input latency is much better but you can get better if you use a good gaming monitor. If you want to give things a quick test before diving in too deep, download Retroarch and the Snes9x core. Turn on Hard GPU Sync and start bumping the Frame Delay setting up until you start to hear some audio crackle and then set the Frame Delay back down 1 notch. On my FX 8350 I found I could get up to around 9ms Frame Delay and the 8350 is not a great emulation processor. You could also try out the new Run Ahead stuff but personally I think that is a bit of a gimmick though it does work to reduce input lag.
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