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  1. Arcadeshopper, your labels are on their way to you! Thanks, Thomas
  2. Hi. There is no mold involved. I design the case using 3D design software while drawing on the strengths and weaknesses of my FDM printers. This allows me to design something that will print well. Then comes the slicing software followed by printing. The case is printed layer by layer. Thomas
  3. The label is actually reduced in size over what you'd normally find on the front edge of the standard case. As for those who have my case, and want the label, send me a PM. It'll just cost you the price of a stamp, and the label is yours. - within Canada 85 cents - to the USA $1.20 - Overseas $2.50 (can you believe that? crazy) All new cases ordered from me come with the label now. Arcade shopper (if you want the labels, same applies to you and your remaining stock). Price of a stamp and I'll send you enough to cover your current stock. PM me if you want'em. Thomas COREi64
  4. I'd work on my VW Beetle restoration, and play some TI/99 games. Maybe even hook up my PEB and play with that!
  5. My nice new vinyl labels for the FinalGROM cartridge arrived this afternoon. Super pleased with how they look. COREi64
  6. Very nice. For those getting my case, I hope you enjoy them and that they serve you well for many years to come! Thomas
  7. Arcadeshopper, your package of cases were shipped out on Monday November 26th. The package includes obviously the cases, as well as hex keys and an assortment of colored button pins (including the requested colors). I'll shoot you the tracking number in a PM. Thomas
  8. If anyone reading this is planning on picking one up from arcadeshopper, and would like a certain button color combination, now is the time to ask for that color to be included in the shipment (before I ship to him). So far I have black, red and white buttons printed for his order. Thomas
  9. I've come up with a new design for my Pi1541 utilizing the OLED relocation board I came up with a while back. The OLED relocation board plugs into the main board and is easily removed if needed. It is securely held in place on the main board with a 3D printed mount utilizing heatsets and black oxide screws. Here's a photo of what the board looks like. I have boards in various colors available as well... Here's a photo of some of the colors: The case design I've come up is as follows: And here's what an assembled grey unit looks like: Thomas COREi64
  10. Hey, now a comment like that I'll certainly take... thanks! For those ordering, I just wanted to make it clear that the photos shown are the "Silver" filament for the lid, and "Black" for the bottom. If you want yours to look like the photos, then those are the color choices you'd need to make. Thomas COREi64
  11. Yes, absolutely... and not only will they be included, but you get to choose the color for each of the two buttons. The buttons are actually 3D printed pins. They have captive locations within the lid (prevents them from moving anywhere but up and down), and when assembled with the board inside, sit on top of the pushbuttons soldered onto your board. Pressing these button (pins), press down on the actual switches on your board. Thomas
  12. Yes, wouldn't that be great, to print the top in metal. Granted printers like that do actually exist, but they're not in my future! Ok, the cartridge is done to my satisfaction. These first two photos show the original prototype (on the left) versus the finished cartridge shell on the right. As you can see, I lengthened the cartridge slightly to accommodate one more screw. The prototype case (the shorter one) worked fine, however, there was a slight separation between the lid and base at the front of the cartridge (about a fifth of a mm). I didn't like the look of that, so I installed an additional heatset and screw. That really tightened it all up. And here are some photos of the finished product. I also took a couple photos of the case showcasing some different button color options. Of course any color is available for any of the four pieces that make up this case (lid, base, button1 and button2). For those interested, here's the link to my shop for this cartridge : https://corei64.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=198 As always, comments are appreciated. Thomas COREi64
  13. I'm thinking the same price-point as my UNOcart cartridge shell ($19.95 USD) plus shipping. Thomas
  14. Hi. Thanks for the nice comments. Always appreciate hearing what people think. The colors you're seeing in the photos are silver on the top, and black bottom. Think it looks sharp in the original style machine (hence the color choice). Getting there, but not quite. The version of the case you're seeing in the photos, I've been using on my machine for about a month. There's a finish aspect of the case that I'm not pleased with, and have been doing some minor revisions (mostly internal) so that it's perfect. I have (what I hope is) the final version on the printer right now. The top will be done in an hour, the bottom a couple hours after that. It'll be done this evening if all goes well. Then I'll test it, make sure it's A-ok and ready for sale. I'll put them up for sale after that. It shouldn't be TOO much longer. Been obsessing over this case for some time now, making sure it's just right. Will post more photos when I have something. Thomas
  15. If pricing wasn't excessive I would certainly be interested. Family rumor has it that an NTSC 64mini is going to be under the tree this Christmas for me... so am looking forward to that... If they do come out with a full sized one, it would be real interesting. Now icomp just has to get into the game with their previously announced FPGA offering, then we'd have three to keep us entertained. But, having an all in one solution (KB,case,MB) ready to use would be awesome. Thomas COREi64
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