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  1. Dub


    Interested in two of these carts, if and when the next batch is available. Also happy to test if needed but it sounds like this is already well under way.
  2. Just been reading up on this project. Really love the mix of new FPGA hardware and the ability to use existing peripherals. Such a shame it's not getting much interest, I'd love to help out. Hardware is mostly my area but also some software. Also can help with testing. Happy to cover the cost of purchasing hardware and could assemble if needed, building up SMT boards isn't a problem. Drop me a PM if any of this would be of help
  3. Dub


    As above... if this is the list for pre-orders can you put me down for 1x Vecfever cart please 😎
  4. Hi Peteym5, it me down for one of these please. Also sent you a pm about uk manufacturing (if needed!)
  5. Cart arrived safely in the UK! Good job you packaged it so well.....looks like it had fun in many postal systems between the US and here Excellent cart, plays soooo well. Very pleased
  6. Put me on the list for one of these please... looks great
  7. The STe was really new at the time and it had all sorts of problems with compatibility IIRC, that also needed ways to disable the new blitter to get older software to work a bit like the 8-bit translator! Also a friend of mine had just picked up an Amiga, and side by side it was pretty obvious which was the better machine (mostly for games at that point!). The custom hardware in the Amiga just felt like the right choice. Nowadays it's common knowledge that the Amiga was actually the next Atari!
  8. For me.... Coco Atari 800 800XL 130XE STe (for 3 days!!!) Then returned and paid the extra for an A500! A2000 A1200 - 68030 / 68882 10mb and 160mb hdd The Amiga was a favourite of mine for years, and still have the 1200. Such a capable machine and years ahead of anything else.... but so badly marketed!
  9. I've just modded my 400 for S-video out... Its pretty much implemented the extra bits that the 800 has and on a little breadboard. I guess your board could be a better diy build with an etched board....the arrangement of the ladder looks strange though... I lifted A103 to mount my board so RF will no longer work. I suspect the mod you show has the ladder resistors lifted, so no RF for you either.
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