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  1. I was thinking that too but we can't really be sure without someone having tested it. I'm surprised one of the talking heads on Youtube hasn't tested that yet.
  2. Hey guys, Has anyone tested whether or not you can use an hdmi-splitter to have both the Super NT and Mega SG connected to the DAC at the same time?
  3. I'm really hoping that 128MBs has some impact on other cores as well... That would be amazing if it could add more power to the 486 core!
  4. NT-Mini questions: Has anyone gotten XBOARD games to work with the 7800 core? I can get Donkey Kong PK to run - but without Pokey Sound. Other Pokey games work just fine, but it seems XBOARD/XM stuff is another animal. Has anyone had any luck getting Melody games to run with the 2600? Homebrew for Atari systems is so damn exciting these days. It'd be great to somehow get those things to work. I wish I had a PCB factory to make some cart adapters with!
  5. I would love to get on whatever list is next (even if that isn't for a while) for the next run. Also, if you are selling the ROM file itself TEP I would definitely buy one - I'd be interested to see if it works on the NT MINI Jailbreak.
  6. Ditto on wanting to buy that Pokey version. I have a few Pokeys but may try that Pokey ONE thing as well.
  7. Finally bit the bullet and bought one... I can't resist having a FPGA 486.... Only problem is I really slept on getting the expansion boards! So many exciting developments with this thing!
  8. Newsdee do you mind if I PM you about how to get started with this MISTer thing? I have some questions on setup and what I would need but don't want to clog this thread. One random question that everyone might want to know: So there are these MIDI sound-modules that were popular around the DOS era. They work in Dosbox via a MIDI USB connection. In Dos you needed some kind of UART Card to get them working. I'm wondering if there would be a way to get the MISTer to read the MT-32/SC-55 and function as the old hardware did. Don't know if anyone has done this yet but it does interest me.
  9. Thanks Newsdee, That looks awesome. Sorry to keep hammering out questions but I have a couple! Can this potentially run like a Roland MT-32 or SC-55 in any way shape or form (I have the original units). How do you install games? Does it function like a real 486 once you enter the core? Do you know if GOG.com games would work on this puppy? It is looking like I need to figure out where and how to buy the components to this thing... but I have no idea where to start. Thanks!
  10. Hahaha you won't regret it.... What a great ride this is!
  11. Definitely not close to fair but to the vast majority of average people that is how it would be. Back before the days of easily accessible information unless you had a vested interest in AV you probably wouldn't have known about the jumps to component and RGB. Even after our first component TV sometime in the 2000's, it still wasn't common knowledge which input was best until a lot of trial and error.
  12. Keatah can you share your source for this? That is incredibly interesting. I'd love to see CRT's in some kind of manufacturing again.... Especially given that my poor PVM is on the outs (brightness issues... hoping it isn't the flyback but it probably is). 2200 is about the price of a new high-end record player (Technics). I'd also be willing to bet there would be a lot of arcade operators willing to put down some money into new CRT's. Personally I would pay that much for something that "could" last me decades... Given that my ASUS PG279Q cost me a little under half of that and is already showing signs of death at 2 years old. Imagine an Analogue interactive FPGA TV?
  13. Whoops! Sorry about that! Wow that looks really cool too! I never knew about that particular arcade system!
  14. By PGN I think you mean Neo-Geo Pocket and I couldn't agree more. What an underrated little system that was!
  15. Given the success of Neo-Geo on the Switch now I think people would go for this.
  16. For anyone with a MISTer and the relevant upgrade modules.... How does the 486 core run? I've seen a few videos of proof of concepts here and there.
  17. I have a hope that the creators of SD2SNES will see this and make something happen. I can't speak for everyone here, but having one concise solution to backup my library on as well as mess around with hacks/overclocking/translations would be awesome. Given the success of the Super NT interest must be at an all time high now. This would be a great opportunity for them.
  18. At this point I think I'd take whatever we get. I don't know enough to understand how difficult these things can be to replicate but it would be awesome, on a number of fronts, if someone were to make that break-though. From a preservation standpoint I like the idea of having some kind of FPGA implementation of all of the chip games because these things do have a lifespan (although admittedly who knows what that will be). I also like the "theory" at least that if someone can manage to FPGA the special chip games maybe that would somehow translate to some epic hacks or homebrew. It makes me wonder what the homebrew/hack scene of today could do with something like Doom FX. I've mentioned this before but it would be nice to be able to overclock FX games without having to mangle a cartridge.
  19. Leods if you are into NES, have you ever tried Retrousb's NES wireless gamepad? A lot of people dislike the clickyness due to the mechanical switches... but I love it. It must be the fastest wireless controller I've ever had. You also don't have to deal with pairing the damn thing every-time. Really makes me wish he would make a SNES version.
  20. Super fast response to PM and a pleasure to deal with! Can't wait to assemble this Vectrex controller!
  21. Something about scan-lines done right seems to give the pixels more depth and presence. At least to my eyes.
  22. You know I kind of feel the same way about moving mine around.....Also: For some reason you mentioning the built-in DAC made me picture a "Voltron-like" situation where the Analogue console merges into this giant DAC casing.... That is definitely not how they will do it but the thought amused me.
  23. Got my Super NT in.... Man the build quality is really staggering here. I thought I would miss the Zeus Stained Tears Aluminum (I forget who said that but kudos for that comment) a lot more. It looks absolutely stunning in action. Some random thoughts: 1) What is the wizardry behind the sound quality? Linus Tech Tips talks about the sound somehow being broken down in a more "authentic" way that is somehow more true to the original composers' intentions... Can anyone else verify this? No other review mentions this that I've skimmed through. 2) Would it ever be possible to overclock Super FX chips via the Super NT itself? Not talking about FPGAing the FX chip itself.... Just an overclock so I don't have to mod Super FX games myself or pay through the nose. Speaking of that, it would also be cool if I could somehow apply translation patches through the NT itself (that is a bit of reach). 3) Can't wait to see how the Analogue DAC is going to look/function. I wonder if it could be adapted to do multiple consoles at once (even just Analogue's stuff).... 4) Whatever happened to those cart adapters for the NT Mini? I have some fringe 7800/Atari homebrews that I can't seem to get working (Draconian comes to mind). 5) Can't help but wonder what Kevtris is going to tackle next... I would buy the hell out of whatever comes next. 6) Personally speaking here, I would buy "boutique" options of the consoles they do make. Include the DAC onboard/alumnium body/a triple threat Sega (CD/32x included)/a super decked out Neo-Geo/a decked out TG-16/some kind of crazy Atari hyrbid. Who knows, an expensive all in one console of all of Analogue's stuff? It would look absurd but I'm getting tired of having 12+ consoles that need to be hooked up. 7) It is a damn shame they don't make CRT's anymore. An FPGA Vectrex would be awesome. I wonder if there could be a way of using a more modern display that could replicate the contrast ratio. Sorry for the ramble here and if people have already mentioned this.... I stay on top of this thread as best I can! EDIT: Here is the video in question.
  24. Mrnarse I hate to hijack what you said for something "kind-of" related but I wanted to bring up a point about Neo-Geo. I've seen a few people gripe about the potential for a Neo-Geo FPGA citing prices of carts.... One of the most interesting thing about Neo-Geo right now is that it is one of the few retro systems you can actually buy a lot of the ROMs for. It isn't heavily advertised, but a lot of the "ports" actually come with the original ROM. This is especially the case on GOG.com. Theoretically, this could make it one of the most viable solutions and you could have one of the only "official" flash-cart/ROM systems. Makes me wish Nintendo/other companies would do the same. Having official releases on either a system or a flash-cart is just great in my opinion.
  25. Your mileage may vary substantially with these things but they do have Extron Units that output 480i for pretty reasonable prices (50). You will need either a passive or active converter to get it to VGA or RGBHV. They also have Extron Units that do 240p.... but once you get into 240p output things quickly get crazy price-wise. http://retrorgb.com/240p.html Fudoh has a lot of excellent information on the Extron units (he also talks about the 480i options and talks about a way to get a pseudo 480p mode out of them). http://scanlines.hazard-city.de/ I got both of the methods above working and was amused, but either method isn't perfect. Both methods presented with some kind of moving line of distortion (like a rolling scan line maybe?). Wasn't too noticeable unless the screen was moving but a perfectionist will not like it.
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