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  1. I got my SGM and Penguin Adventure. Very good quality. I have been in the printing trade for quite sometime. Worked for some printing company's that due this type of printing. I specialize in finish bindery. So these game cases have had a lot of procedure to do this kind of quality. You have 4 color printing plus I think there was a metallic ink used for the silver. Then it laminated, if metallic is used thats a 3 day dry time because the lamination will come off if ink if itis not perfectly dried I'm sure it was gloss lam. Then it's back to the press for the matte clear spot coating. Another 2 days of dry time. Now the press sheets have to be made into the cases. This is basically gluing the paper on chipboard stiffener to make the cases. The manuals are printed on 80lb cover stock that is gloss UV. Which is very slick and a nightmare for folders to fold. So the bottom line is I would say conservatively that each case costs about 15 to 20 bucks apiece. So us getting these games for 50 bucks a piece was a bargain. Well now for the product. The game is excellent lots of levels and interesting interplay. The SGM is great. I notice a slight drop in volume on Colecovision using the SGM. But I don't think it's a SGM problem. I noticed that the sound is cleaner less distorted with the SGM. So I'm inclined to believe the internal sound chip on Colecovison AV modulator is being over driven which it would be loader but also slightly distorted. I'll take the clearer sound and turn the TV up a bit more. Good products Opcode!
  2. I got a notice from the Atariage store that my order statis had been upgraded. Went to my account and it shows item being shipped. This was on Dec 17. it had a tracking number with link to track package. Anyway all it shows is shipping label has been created. It's now the 21st and shipping status from USPS shows shipping label has been created. So I take it that there is no product to stick shipping label on.
  3. I loved my upgraded flashback unit so much that I built me a retropie unit using a raspberry pie 3. The only problem with my retropie unit is you have to use usb controllers. Got a Super NES and a Genesis style controller. I have Atari 2600 & 7800, Sega Master system and Sega Genesis Nintendo NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64. Plus Mame and Colecovision.on my retropie system. All work well, but I like my upgraded colecovision joystick which I can't use on my retropie system. So I'm thinking with this DB-9 board I can build a retropie unit that will work on with my Colecovision controllers. that would be cool for Atari 2600, 7800 and mame emulators and of course Colecovision
  4. I got a different count. a slow rotation was about a 5, but usually a steady rotation was 13. the fastest I got was about 38 Dave Reynolds
  5. I got 2 Colecovisions. bought them cheap on ebay. One worked ok but had bad power supply. The other works fine but no audio, just white noise. Anyway I replaced power switch on working colecovision and it helped clean up the picture. So I think I'll do the same thing on the colecovision that has no sound. maybe that will work. I'd like to have a backup unit. If it is the sound chip, can it be replaced?
  6. Because I was so impressed with my ultimate CV flashback upgrade. I decided to get me a Raspberry PI 3, and setup Retropie on it. This thing is petty neat! First thing I want comment on is, how great of a job the CV Rom Project and ColecovisionAddict did on restoring the CV roms. I'm building a retro console with the Raspberry PI. Staying old school. So it's does Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Sega Genesis, Nintendo NES, SNES and also MAME for the classic Arcade games. There are a lot of good you tube videos out there to so how to set it up. I got a couple of cheap SNES controller knock offs. Got them on Amazon for about 6 bucks a piece. I saw a video on setting up CV on retropie. Slightly inaccurate. The guy said you could only use your keyboard as joystick controller. Nope. With the new roms and upgraded CoolCV, I'm using joypad controllers and keyboard for number pad and to get out of game (right shift) + enter. I got on MAME the old Arcade games, Donkey Kong, Pac-man, Frogger, Q-bert, & Zaxxon. So out of all the other consoles out there, the Colecovision is the most faithful and best on those Arcade originals. I got a list of the emulators on retropie which I think run best and most stable. The number is the ranking 1best 7 worst 1. Colecovision (CoolCV & updated roms). 2. Atari 2600 3. Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) 4. NES 5. SNES 6. Atari 7800 7. MAME Mame is very picky. finding good roms is hit and miss. I have a Icade core Bluetooth controller that was designed for Ipad. It kinda sucks. So I'm converting it to usb using the Easyget zero delay arcade usb encoder. You can get it on amazon for $12.00 Also the Icade cores can be bought from Amazon for about $45.00. Come fall I'll get one those Edladdin USB Colecovision controllers. I'm posting some photos of those SNES usb controllers and the ICADE Core and the Easyget usb conversion kit.
  7. So how do you install this zip to retropie. I tried to add it using usb thumb drive. It did not show up.
  8. I got my Ultimate CV flashback back from Byte Knight last Wednesday. I finally got to put it through the paces. This thing is totally fantastic! It's basically ready to go. There is a slight learning curve. The video quality is great. This is what the CV flashback should have been. For those trying to find a good working Colecovision and can't. This is the route to go. I think you can still get the CV flashback on Amazon. If you were like me and got one for Christmas, 2 years ago, and was highly disapointed. Dig that sucker out and send it to Byte Knight and get the real deal. I'm using a mini wireless USB keyboard on the unit and it works good. You may want to upgrade the CV flashback power supply to a better one. It came with a 5v 500mA power supply. I put on a 5v 1000mA. The mini wireless USB keyboard you can buy on ebay or Amazon for under 15 bucks, China express. I put on a few pics of the keyboard. The Colecovision Expansion module #2 worked without a hitch. Steering was good on Turbo. The thing I liked about this is the picture quality. With HDMI output. Mine is hooked up to a 55" Vizio hi-def 1080p tv. Ladybug is now easier to play Miner 2049er better! Anyway that's my review of the Ultimate CV flashback. My advice. SEND IN YOUR JUNKY CV FLASHBACK UNIT, AND GET IT DONE!!
  9. That is actually black vinyl decal striping. The sleeve was white. I have found black fiberglass sleeve to use now. The knobs are wood with a metal screw shaft though wood knob and joystick shaft. Using aircraft epoxy. I fly high power rockets. So I like to over build a bit. It's all coated with finish epoxy.
  10. I was 22 years old when the Colecovision came out in 1982. What a great system! But those stubby joysticks were kind of a problem. But back in the day there were a few mod kits to change that. On was a long atari kind of stick, but you would flip the contoller out of your hand because of to much leverage. There was a ball type of add on that was perfect. Well 2 years ago I saw the CV flashback at Dollar General. I bought it. It was junk, but got back into the Colecovision. So I bought 2 old Colecovisions on ebay and between the two mad one good unit. But those stubby stiff joysticks. So I decided to make some mods. I had 4 joysticks to work with. Did some design ideas. Went to the hardware store, and Hobby Lobby, and WALA! made the perfect joystick. perfect length and great control. Perfect for playing Ladybug. This mod is pernament, for extra strength. So I'm thinking about offering this service. One would send in their Colecovision contollers to get modified. Price probally $30.00 for one $50.00 for two. I'm attaching some photos. So let me know what you all think. Got one next to origal Colecovision controller and asos showing what it looks like in the steering contoller.
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