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  1. You dont have to pay $100 or more for a game. You just have to shop around. If you just want the game there are options: 1 loose carts no boxes or manuals these are about $30 on ebay 2 only get the 5 or 6 games you want. Surely you don't need the GD for that. 3 if its the all mighty Atari Karts or Rayman or something like that you are seeking find reproduction carts. They are easy to track down and the prices are comparable with loose cart prices. 4 get a SKUNK and flash the games you want. The Jaguar GD is an archive device meant to store and play the majority of the entire consoles library, if you are only wanting 5 or 6 particular games why would you need THAT? Like mentioned above if somebody DOES let theirs go you are going to be paying waaaay more than what you would for either loose carts or repros. You seem as though you just want to causally buy a Jaguar and then are hoping somebody will just casually sell you their Jaguar GD. Neither of those items are casual purchases in 2020
  2. Well, looks like you got it going then. did this eliminate the slight lag?
  3. yes because black is the standard color for transparent. You need to convert with XnView
  4. God I want a big fat JUICY burger today.  🍔

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. joeatari1


      Is it made from that juicy Shaq meat?

    3. retrorussell


      Carl's Jr.'s Super Star with cheese always fills the bill for me.

    4. bluejay


      That's what she said

  5. the scrolling background SHOULD be 2 pictures. Both 352 pixels wide and both side by side in order to create a true scrolling effect. I just played your build from this morning and noticed a slight lag in the scrolling. Is this background 4 bit or 16 bit color? also is there something we can't see active underneath/behind the background? Changing the background to 4 bit and making sure those 2 background pics are the only things there and moving can help eliminate that lag
  6. No. Just NO. Leave me out of this Lawrence. Also leave Jaguar Sector 3 out of this. Thank You
  7. I am DONE getting absorbed into negativity. I cut part of my thumb off at work today and had to go to the hospital. On the way back home the thermostat went out on my car, which is now on the side of the highway. I am convinced either Cupid is pissed off at me or I have manifested this train of bad luck on myself by getting absorbed into drama and negativity. Im gonna stay positive and just focus on my projects from now on

    1. Stephen


      That sucks man - hope you are OK.  I'll send positive vibes your way.

    2. CyranoJ


      Lots of people realising they've been duped by a scumbag, coming together and apologizing seems like a positive thing to me.

  8. Caves of Fear on Hidden Palace https://hiddenpalace.org/Caves_of_Fear_CD_(Prototype) You can also find a few other Jaguar prototypes on this site. Enjoy
  9. If you mean KA Aircars, the version of AirCars with ESRB rating I have it. As far as Beta Phase games goes I'm not sure what happened to them. Their domain is still owned by them so I think they just need to pay their website subscription and everything will be back up. I don't think they have actually disappeared yet
  10. PM sent regarding 2020 Wave 1 Games CARTRIDGE releases.
  11. No they have not. There are 3 copies left.
  12. My God Jennifer Lopez hasn't aged well at all! I thought she was going to throw her back out and be forced to call Life Alert. She would make a great actress for a Golden Girls reboot. Shakira is still Shakira and is impressive as ever. It probably wasn't fair to JLO for Shakira to open up the halftime show as she could have never performed as good. Oh well, we are all getting old.

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    2. NE146


      lol wtf.. you must live in Oppositeville.


      Anyway, everyone is young once. Everyone gets old, unless of course you die first. THAT SAID, everybody dies. :)

    3. ls650


      When you turn 50, let's see you do a half-time show at the Super Bowl.

    4. Keatah


      I just had to check and see what ugliness awaited me. There was none.


  13. Yes. They will be numbered. Example, FR-1/25 which will mean Final Run 1 of 25
  14. Today's episode  of Picard wasn't very great. It was 45 minutes of backstory. I understand that it's necessary, I just wish there was more plot for the actual episode. Hope next week is better!

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Personally I appreciated all the back story. 

    2. Flojomojo


      I appreciated the two dad jokes. 


      1. Can you keep a secret? (leans in close) So can I. 

      2. What's brown and sticky? A stick. 

  15. Okay! So I will be doing one final cart run of Saucer Wars. The special going away price will be $30 and the number of carts being done for this FINAL run is 25. After that the game will no longer be available on cart. The eBay listing has already been removed. If you want to get your hands on this Out of This World adventure, click the link below. Offer only available while final stocks last! https://py.pl/SIVob
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