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  1. That's a very good idea. That actually could work with the story elements I have set up as well. I will definitely keep that idea at the top of the list. Perhaps that could be the main game and the shooting and 1 on 1 combat could be secondary modes. But I agree, it's far too early to make any kind of permanent decisions at this point. Right now JagZombies 2 is being finalised and that is priority 1.
  2. how have you grown as a developer to take on a project of this caliber? Wow. First of all JagZombies 3 is only a concept drawn up on paper at this point. It hasn't been started on, but to clear the air let me elaborate. 1. I wouldn't be going it alone on the fighting game portion of the code. There is another AA member who I will leave anonymous at this time who has experience making a proven fighting game engine on the Jaguar. I have been working with him behind the scenes at trying to do some sort of fighting game on the Jaguar but up until this point haven't came up with a solid concept. This project would be the fruit of that collaboration. He has already told me that he is willing to assist in that regard so I would have reliable help. 2. As for my ability to "get the job done" Let's look at just how "complex" the fighting portion needs to be. (I'll touch on the shooting portions later on) If you have 10 characters in a fighting game let's say each character has 6 moves (just an example) that's 60 individual animations for moves. Each animation can be stored as a ROM asset and then pulled into RAM when needed to be viewed or from the players' perspective; when he or she executed their move properly. Once the animation has played it can then be kicked from RAM and be brought back again when needed. JagZombies 3 would likely need to be a 6MB game in order to hold that many animations. But pulling the necessary animations from ROM for each character in order to keep a vibrant highly animated game is well within my capabilities. I am already doing the same exact thing here in JagZombies 2. Of course collisions would also be a key factor in a proper fighting game so each character would likely need to have multiple hit boxes in order for the fighting to be fighting to be convincing and accurate. Where is my experience in that? Each zombie in JagZombies 2 actually has multiple hit boxes (I just haven't revealed that yet) The main hitbox is for the body and the secondary hit box for each character is for the head, enabling a head shot triggered animation when fired on. (again you just haven't seen it yet) So this process would then be adapted to serve as hit boxes for things such as limbs in a fighting scenario. Scrolling and animated parallax backgrounds would also be expected and as I have already proven in my many JagZombies 2 updates I seem to have the hang of that. 3. I worked for years with M.U.G.E.N. and fully understand how a fighting game is made and how it should play. I was the original creator of the M.U.G.E.N. character Falco (from SMB) and somebody else took my character file and updated it and claimed it as their own. (but who really cares? it really belongs to Nintendo) 4. As far as biting off more than I can chew and the scale of the project, that is merely a matter of perspective. In my opinion every single Jaguar game is a huge project. There is no "easy peasy" regardless of what others have stated, so why not try and do something different and better? I am not scared of a challenge, hell it could be challenging to try and replicate something as simple as 2600 Battlezone on the Jaguar, this is something you wouldn't actually know until you sat down and really tried it. Sure you can speculate and say "no way man, that can't be hard" but you really wouldn't know until you got your hands on it and actually tried. (I don't actually think it would be, I'm just using Battlezone as an example. Stick any other seemingly simple concept of a game into this sentence) 5. You must remember that this idea is not Mortal Kombat, It is not Street Fighter, It is not Killer Instinct, and it is not King Of Fighters. It is JagZombies. Therefore it can't and won't be held up to the same expectations as those games. It won't follow the same rules and it won't play the same way. What do I mean by that? Am I just making an excuse to make the gameplay subpar? Not at all. Super Smash Bros is an example of a fighting game and it is not like those games in it's style or mechanics. it has its own flavor, it's own rules and it does not follow the standard set in stone by the others I mentioned. A JagZombies fighting game would most definitely do things differently in that regard. How much sense would it make for a zombie fighting game to have fatalities if both fighters are already dead? There would have to be an entirely different mechanic here and that is just one of the examples. To my knowledge there has never been a zombie fighting game before so in the end whatever rules and mechanics I come up with could very well become the standard setter should anyone else try this concept in the future. 6. The shooting mode of the game. Well I think I've done enough shooting games now to be able to pull that part off. a 3/4 top view isometric perspective is simply that. A viewpoint perspective. I don't even expect making that portion of the game to be a mild challenge. So I'm not really sure why that would seem like a daunting task for me to accomplish. are there any specific potential pitfalls you see with this project based on your past experiences. sure I already see one potential pitfall based on past experiences. Don't over share while in the development stages, just get it done and then share
  3. fair point. I was merely making a suggestion. It is of course his game and he can do whatever he wants.
  4. I'm not specifically talking about the tiles. I am specifically talking about the trees. His trees are also at the same isometric angle. There wouldn't need to be any change to his engine in order to use them. In regard to the tiles, there are flat squares of grass here too that could be adapted and used as well. The characters and creatures may need to be looked at a little more, but he could still pull it off and have a much more impressive looking game in terms of visual style than what's been presented here in the proof of concept video. as far as needing 16X16 they can always be resized or scaled down. In any case I'm sure the game will turn out great and people will love it. It's nice to see phoboz filling the RPG gap on the Jaguar, I'm merely suggesting he raise the bar in the visuals if there is no rush on releasing the game, because why not? If you were the one who designed his sprites and tiles I am not trashing your artwork. These graphics DO look nice and well made. But they look nice for a GAMEBOY ADVANCE game, a Sega GENESIS game or a SNES game, not a game on the Atari Jaguar. So this doesn't mean the sprites and tiles presented here are bad at all, it just means that I (among others I've read elsewhere) would like to see something more realistic in regards to visuals for an RPG on the Jaguar. I look forward to seeing how the gameplay turns out regardless of the graphics style. I think with enough time and work put in this game could really be something Jaguar owners have been longing for all of these years.
  5. To be honest the graphics look a bit like NES graphics. These visuals leave much to be desired. Even with randomized levels you can probably pull off much better looking sprites on the Jag. If there is no rush to release this one, I would recommend you hire a pixel artist. Or check out some of the great graphics provided for free use online. For this game you should really check out Reiner's Tilesets. The sprites here are of much better quality and fit your theme. https://www.reinerstilesets.de/ check out the 2D graphics tab and environments, animals, creatures and humans. There is a lot there and as I already stated these graphics fall in line with your theme
  6. Actually... Its going to be called JagZombies 3: Necro Brawl. The plan is to make an entirely different type of game. It's going to be a 2D fighting game in the style of Mortal Kombat with shooting game elements. You will select your zombie and fight head to head against a ladder of 10 other zombies until you reach the Batlord. The game will also contain a "shooting mode" similar to the first 2 games in spirit but work a bit differently. The shooting mode will be 3/4 top view (think cannon fodder or Syndicate) and you will help guide civilians to a safe point in each area by shooting a path through incoming zombies. The reason why the plans for this game are already drawn up is because there are events that are going to take place in the final level of JagZombies 2 (the Cathedral stage) that lead up to this. I put myself in the mind of the generic zombies getting shot and realized these were just normal people who never asked to be zombies and I think that angle can be played out nicely. So although I do appreciate your brainstorming of ideas and I will take notes on them, a very different sequel has already been drawn up.
  7. The screen flashes red both when the zombies hit you and while the "facehugger" spiders are on the screen
  8. Well in any case you caught something I missed because that was NOT on my list. I was too focused on the creatures I never even noticed that wasn't doing what it was supposed to be doing. I should be able to fix that too, its just supposed to be a simple effect of each shell flying off screen but obviously we have an issue here when you rapid fire they are wigging out. I never noticed because I was focused on what I was rapid firing at (the spiders) so never even looked down there. I appreciate you catching that.
  9. Oh shit!!!!! I didn't even notice that!!!!! Um thanks! Yes I see it!
  10. Do you mean this: Or this:
  11. Im very confused. I was assuming you were talking about the spider with the zombie head at the begining. When you fast forward to the 1:22 mark this is the spiders that fall from the ceiling and latch onto the screen. If you look up at the ceiling there are 3 spiders crawling accross the ceiling. Then shortly after 3 spiders latch onto the screen and slowly drain your health (Just like the AVP facehuggers) you shoot each one and they receive a bullet hole and fall downward, ie falling off the screen. This series of events I just detailed are nothing like what you just described. You MUST be talking about the giant spider with the zombie head. So the confusion im having is why you said the 1:22 mark? The zombie head spider sounds exactly like what you are talking about (and yes its jacked up) but that's not at the 1:22 mark... Just to clarify you are talking about the last video I posted right? Help me out here because if you're talking about what I THINK you're talking about I can fix that, but if you're talking about the screen spiders then I'm really not sure what you mean.
  12. The endless hallway was kind of the theme here so although unrealistic it was what I was going for. We can slow the speed of the hallway down to match the oncoming zombies here, I'll try doing that next. As for the "roaches" I assume you mean the spider with the zombie head at the begining and not the spiders that latch onto the screen? If this is what you are talking about then I'm guessing you mean the "get hit" animation that plays when you actually shoot it. His mandables are up in the air attacking then you shoot and hes standing straight. So although it's not actually resetting it does look off. I noticed that too. This will need to be replaced by a similar animation, possibly with the creature in mid-attack and flashing red.
  13. fixed the scrolling glitch here and added a new enemy. this turned out to be a very busy level.
  14. Its not a Youtube glitch. It's the game. I know whats causing it and its on my long list of things to do. Its should be a simple fix but that issue is task #39 on my list and I'm on task #9. and no I'm not being a wise ass. I actually made a list to tackle this thing as it seems to be the easiest way to manage everything.
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