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  1. How many levels are there at this point? Are all of the levels so short?
  2. TrekMD was there???? Did he have a table or was he just attending the event? Also did you say taking a video of taking the video? Lol
  3. also I did ask VladR if he would show the game at PRGE but, well that didn't work out because he didn't bring his laptop to flash the game.
  4. Point well taken, however I don't feel I have "attacked" the said reviewer at all. In fact my message was very positive. I simply said people should try it out for themselves and not pass judgement based on a single man's review. I also didn't state any untruths in my post, the video is hateful and infused with over the top profanity. I also made no reference as to WHO I was talking about as you just did in your post. It's all good 👍
  5. I just thought I would share my experience at the last one of these things I went to. I also paid for electricity and there was none at my table. They resolved it the same way for me that they seem to have done for VladR here. They ran one of their drop cords from an outlet in the middle of the floor and they wouldn't allow me to use my own drop cord only theirs. So..... Thats kind of weird he had the same exact thing happen to him. So I totally believe him that this nonsense really did happen. Im glad he got it worked out. Also I noticed that people in real life are much nicer especially when you are meeting them in person vs meeting them online. I hope Albert and Vlad do talk and make up. I think that would be great actually. And Vladr Im shocked at that dusty Jag! I made sure both of my Jags were shiny and fresh before going out on public display. Grab a wet whipe or something man! Lol
  6. Yes it does bare a small resemblance to F-Zero X. However if you're going for a Stun runner clone then F-Zero X is not the game to model it off of. That is more of a true racing game than Stun Runner. VladR has already mentioned RPG elements and shooting so I guess the real question is will this game focus more on shooting (like StunRunner) or racing?(like F-Zero X) On a side note one of the things that made that one of my favorite games on the N64 was the random track generator. VladR do you think it would be possible to create a random course generator for this?
  7. The game looks absolutely amazing Sporadic. Great job and a nice name too!
  8. Good afternoon folks, I am pleased to announce that although I will not be attending PRGE this year, Saucer Wars will be available to play at 2 tables at this years eJagfest! That's right 2 people will be showing off the game not just 1! I encourage everyone who will be attending this event to give the game a go and form your own opinions rather than believe hatred and profanity infused video reviews. I won't reveal here who the 2 people are that will be showing the game, but if you are privileged enough to attend the event, you won't be able to miss them! The comic book will also be available to see firsthand. I do hope everyone has a great time at the event and I look forward to hearing your impressions of the game! To everyone else, don't forget to check out our JagDeals page and have a great weekend
  9. Everyone in the Jaguar section REALLY loves each other! Its such a beautiful thing to be a part of! 64 bit powaaaaaaaa!

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      Beware the curse! 

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  10. Hey guys let's focus on the game here guys that's what everyone here came to talk about. Let's not get side tracked in all of the foolishness. I apologize for getting off topic and talking about burgers (although I do genuinely love them) What will be the name of this game Vlad? The VladR Project Racing?
  11. Ok. How about another screenshot? Just one more! I want to see the ship. Im confused about the environment in the previous screenshot, I guess will need to see video to entirely understand the scene. Also whats in the box? What are you hiding in there? Lol
  12. Lol. Har har Good stuff mate. Anyway we need to get back on topic and as far as I know Orion and Dr Typo are the ONLY people in the community who have made 3D, textured, polygonal game engines for the Atari Jaguar. Orion being Osmosys from his compilation on Jaguar CD and Dr Typo on like 3 things. Regardless of how much others may beat their chest arrogantly and pat themselves on the back NOBODY (including you Mr Stavely) can lay claim to doing such a thing. So if VladR actually CAN pull this engine off (WITH SOUND DAMN IT) it will be quite an achievement for the Jaguar homebrew community. I think VladR should be more encouraged to do so and get more support instead of all of the hate that some of us around here seem to crave and live for. The classic saying of if you don't have anything positive to say then keep your mouth shut comes to mind here. HOWEVER With that being said VladR even I must point out that at this point even I am starting to get kind of antsy. Im not gonna clown you or make jokes at your expense for other immature members with no life here to har har at, but I will say this: I feel like you could at least give a screenshot or 2 or hell even 3 at this point. I have offered to upload video for you and my offer still stands. It does seem that the Lynx has distracted you from this project, I get it that can happen sometimes just remember there are still people who want to see something come out of this. Also I call bullshit on the FPS. If you get this working the most will be 20-25 FPS. Prove me wrong
  13. Lol naw man just spreading the LOVE like everyone else. We know I wasn't looking at any of YOUR games because you don't have any. LMFAO Asking for a friend? Lol you don't have any of those either lol stop playing!
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