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  1. Yeah it can't go from easy peasy on wave 1 to total chaos and constantly being bombarded by alien shots on wave 3. The transition needs to be a bit smoother. And you didn't even see wave 5! It's hell on wheels! I feel like the 7th stage should be a constant bombardment of enemy fire and constant ships coming in both the background and foreground, but it needs to build up to this madness rather than just throw it all on the player at once. The only type of power up I can imagine is some type of smart bomb that appears in the play field for a short while that you can shoot and once shot it explodes and takes out everything on screen in that moment. I'm open to other suggestions for powerups, however I am pushing the limit with any new graphics added. There's a lot of graphics data crammed into this game.
  2. So I had heard some confused talk earlier about this game being like JagZombies. Since I know you own a copy of JagZombies, I gotta ask you, does this game feel a little bit better than JagZombies or are they both pretty much the same? I really hope it feels at least a touch better than the zombie game because I was truly going for a different vibe here. I mean I know they are both shooting games, but other than that?
  3. You see folks, there's no need to storm Area 51 to see flying saucers and aliens! Just fire up your skunkboard and the good old Jaguar.
  4. Good Evening folks, Here is the next public Beta demo. Please be advised that this is not a final version of the game and it is still a work in progress. For anyone who is curious about the story and why a stationary turret is seen moving to different locations allow me to elaborate: the neon grid stages in between are actually rifts in space time that transport your turret from one location in the universe to another. The first neon grid stage is a Sun. It takes you to the desert. The second neon grid stage is a moon. It takes you to the moon. The third is an alien world. It takes you to the alien home world. The aliens travel through the rifts in space time for faster access to our world. The timer seen in the upper left hand corner of the screen represents when the next window in the space time rift will open up, allowing you to use their own technology against them and gain faster access to the alien home world. Being a big fan of Star Trek and the Scifi genre in general, I wish I could take full credit in the development of the story, however I can not. I am in fact collaborating with another person on this project. The details on who that person is will be revealed in time. I will say this much, he is a REALLY GOOD artist who is no stranger to the Jaguar scene and he is making a full comic book telling the tale of Saucer Wars that will be included with the game. It is also possible that there may be future collaborations between me and said individual. There are even talks of reviving an old lost Jaguar homebrew project, but that's a discussion for another time and another place. In the meantime please play and try to enjoy what I have here for you to see so far. Just remember the following: I am intentionally leaving certain things out of these demos that WILL be in the final release. These things include different ships and features. The thought process here is I don't want to give away all of the surprises in the demos! Who wants to see a movie where the plot has already been given away? The following are known issues that are being worked on and ARE present in this demo, so there is no need to address them here: * 2 ships on the desert and moon levels sometimes display garbled graphics. Possibly 1 other ship has this issue on wave 4 (issue has been pinpointed and will be resolved in next demo) * Music on desert stage has TERRIBLE feedback/noise issues. (working on fixing this, it's my favorite song) * Difficulty has been increased to almost unfair levels in the higher stages. This difficulty ladder is a work in progress * If you are skilled enough to make it to the Alien Queen, she does NOTHING! She just sits there! I'm still working out what all will happen in that battle so as of now, that is INCOMPLETE. * Balloons Mode still does not work, just don't even select it. (it's literally just going to be a practice mode where you shoot balloons anyway, so don't get your hopes too high on that one) I do appreciate any genuine feedback given and I am working to be better receptive to criticism. Trolling will be ignored and reported as necessary. @Agradeneu, you seem to be the only person actually playing the game the way I intended the player to play it! This is a very good thing, and I look forward to seeing how you like the increases in difficulty and the adjustments to the collisions I have made. Just remember I think the difficulty is kind of unfair by the time you get to Wave 5 now, so I still have some balancing to do there. enjoy SaucerWarsPublicBetaB.rom
  5. SAUCER WARS (Mode 2 balloons is not yet functional in this demo, just don't even select it) SaucerWars_PUBLIC_BETA.rom
  6. Balloon mode still not functional yet. Just don't select it SaucerWars_PUBLIC_BETA.rom
  7. Yes as you progress different ufos will move vertically and horizontally and even diagonally. The latest build I uploaded should feature a silver disk on wave 2 that moves up and down. Some footnotes. Since I uploaded the last build my playtesters and I found some bugs. They have been addressed and fixed as of this writing. Bug 1: if you press and hold down the fire button when an enemy ship is firing on you the screen scrambles and hangs up with tearing. This has been fixed and will not be present in the next downloadable build Bug 2: (I actually discovered this one) if you hold down on either left or right on the dpad and continue holding once the level has shifted all the way over the ships, projectiles and other objects will continue to scroll in their respective direction allowing you to cheat the game and just wait out the level. This bug has been corrected and will not be present in the next downloadable build. Also a few other things to note. You are supposed to be able to dodge projectiles once they are fired on you by quickly moving in the opposite direction be it left or right. This may appear to some as a bug but I did this to give the player an advantage because you can not destroy the projectiles once fired. I am very fond of this and have no plans to change it. A couple of the playtesters have been complaining about their lasers overheating too soon. Again this is an intentional mechanic I built into the game on purpose. I didnt want players spraying fire like the starship Enterprises phasers. Allthough it is possible to tweak them to last longer (well as long as I want really) and I probably will adjust them I dont really want to give the player too much play so the adjustment will be minor. I wanted this to be something that frustrates the player and they constantly have to keep an eye on. Granted not to the point where it pushes them away from the game but enough to be slightly annoying. So there is a Goldilocks zone I need to find there. The idea here is that hopefully the player will come to the conclusion to rapid fire the button instead of hold it and once they hear that overheat alarm sound they take their finger off the button. Personally I think it feels right but there's always room for a little more play. I have also completely redesigned the hud so the information being displayed has a more intergrated look. This is thanks to all of my playtesters, all 3 suggested I do this. The energy and shields bars are now displayed at the bottom inside of the dash and the score is displayed on an LCD type window screen at the top. This new HUD will be present in the next available download.
  8. SaucerWarsBeta.abs Now with abductions! And Z order thing fixed.
  9. Yes next step is to get the rest of the enemies working. Then saucers in the background abducting people that you have to take out. (Rescue people) Then I gotta fix the wonkyness on wave 7. Then add the boss gameplay and somewhere along the line add the balloon shooting practice. The music on the western level lags too. It HAS to be that song so I will need to resample it or something Also needs z order subroutine like JagZombies so UFOs that are closer do not appear underneath the ones that are further away.
  10. SaucerWarsBeta.rom Mode 2 is not functional yet and if you select it the game will break. You will need to reset the Jaguar after selecting mode 2.
  11. Wow you guys really overthink stuff around here. Clint you wouldn't need the specific graphics assets from these sources if you wanted to recreate Mortal Kombat on Jaguar. You could use the source code and adapt one of many M.U.G.E.N. .sff files to this source. Literally EVERY Mortal Kombat character has been ripped for use with M.U.G.E.N. as well as all the healthbars and hitspark effects. Most of the .sff files are pretty small in size and usually in 8 bit 256 color. Although, I wouldn't want to invest the time in reconstructing such a project either. Even with all of the graphics assets readily available it sounds like a PITA. There was a guy here before who was heavily into Mortal Kombat and M.U.G.E.N. coding. He was a Jaguar fan. I don't remember his name but I'm willing to bet if anyone would be able to get this type of project going, it would be him
  12. I don't know what you mean either. I just want my color changing led rotary controller for the awesome price of $100. Or have you since INCREASED the price?
  13. Right. And shit games require a certain kind of controller.
  14. Awesomeness. Are you still offering them at the generous price of $100 per controller? Man I can't wait to get one. You should totally do some with those reproduction Pro controllers from starwander. That would be smart! $60 for the pad $3 for rotary dial and parts $2 for color changing led $1 for plexiglass You could swing those for $200 a pop and it would totally be a bargain.
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