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  1. Congratulations on your first release Clint. I know this one has been a long time coming and a lot of people have been looking forward to it. I hope you sell truck loads!!!! Long live RISC GAMES!!!
  2. The game is looking great Rick, keep up the good work man
  3. Its Fast Food 64 PC edition not the Jaguar rom. I said JagZombies 2. Not JagZombies 1. But it will also have JagZombies 1 included in the package just like the JZ2 Jaguar version has.
  4. Its Fast Food 64 PC version converted to Linux not Fast Food 64 Jaguar so the glitches you are going on about are not even present so nothing to fix there. Or did you forget I already made a superior PC version?
  5. What? This was 2 separate comments. The first being that I am developing ports for Fast Food 64 and JagZombies 2 FOR THE ATARI VCS. That can be launched from the VCS store. These are actually Linux games and have nothing to do with the actual Jaguar roms. The second comment was about Jaguar emulation on the VCS which is one of the things people have been curious about. Never said anything about selling the emulators
  6. I am making enhanced ports of Fast Food 64 and JagZombies 2 for the VCS. They will be available for purchase later this year in the Atari VCS store. Also both Virtual Jaguar and the Phoenix project run flawlessly in windows 10 on my unit. I did do the 32BG RAM upgrade and 1 TB SSD
  7. will just make this the ridiculous N64 thread. here is the N64 fart video
  8. Carl let me be the first to say that this is just stunning! How you manage to put out such quality releases and reprints and keep the price so attractive I will never understand! You the man Carl!
  9. This is just insane. lol. Hey lick it before you stick it
  10. LMFAO Well I have been proven wrong! It IS a thing! I hope he took that N64 out to dinner before he made out with it!
  11. You are correct. I have unintentionally derailed this thread. For that I sincerely apologize Phoboz, I will not comment anymore That was my point, not all of the other noise. NES was the blowing on the cart thing, not N64, but I guess times are a changing
  12. The only video I could find of anyone blowing into an N64 cart (despite it being the thing to do now) was this one. I thought since it was such a popular practice that there would be a lot of videos of people doing it but no, sadly only this guy and he never did get it to work.
  13. glad you are amused and sad for me. I'm sad for anyone blowing into N64 carts and thinking that is the thing to do or playing Super Metroid and calling it a metroidvania game
  14. oh..... IN THAT CASE I apologize I assumed you were part of the problem for the trend. Ok I was wrong Tom. I said people never blew into N64 carts, I underestimated the rest of the nation but around here we didn't and we still don't I have never seen it and as I said I know other people who have N64 consoles. I said the black piece was a dust protector. I was not wrong that is what it is, but if it makes you feel good then I will say I was wrong there as well, I don't even care anymore.
  15. No I'm not changing the argument I said blowing into N64 carts was never a thing and apparently you say it is. I guess it is NOW doesn't change the fact that anyone blowing into an N64 cart isn't really doing anything. I never bought a cleaning kit so I wouldn't know, I will take your word for it because like I said my carts always boot without any blowing or cleaning
  16. Because they are misinformed and you aren't correcting them.
  17. Wtf I know what the black piece is I told YOU thats what it was. It is a dust protector to protect the inside of the cart. Thats what I said. I never said it covered the edge connector. As far as the cart connector getting blown on sure man keep doing that. Its still wrong and is likely causing whatever games you cant get to boot as the edge connectors are rusting from spit. I have owned these games for over 20 years and the same system. I have never once cleaned my N64 (its pretty dirty on the outside) and I still dont have to blow in any carts. They boot every time. Btw alcohol can also damage the actual cart connector on the N64 itself. But do what you do man!
  18. I never said it protected the contacts. I actually said it protects the inside of the cart which is what it does. I am well aware of its function but nice try. So you are acusing me of not knowing something when what you just stated is exactly what I said?
  19. So what is the black piece Sauron? Is it a doo-dad? Its a dust protector. Thats literally what it is and that is what I said.
  20. So you were blowing on N64 carts then? We all just blew on our N64 carts because it was a common thing then huh? So it was a thing? Really? You are gonna sit there and try and tell me you have N64 carts that wont boot and you blow on them to get them working? Really? Whos full of it? Show me a video of an n64 cart NOT WORKING and you blowing into it to fix it When you say things like "people believe the moisture in their breath fixes it" it sounds like you don't believe the BS you are saying. I guess the black piece is NOT a dust protector then it's just a doo-dad. Black piece is just a doo-dad gotcha! Totally down with that
  21. Right it doesn't cover the edge connector of the pcb but in fact protects dust from getting inside the cart as the enclosure piece is nearly air tight. As I already stated before blowing on the cart connector doesn't do jack. If you or people you know THINK they are doing something special to get the cart working by blowing into it you are probably only scraping off the connector as you remove and insert the cart into into the n64. Which also has dust protecion. Little grey doors. The Nintendo 64 console is not a console that is famous for "blowing into the carts" because of these dust protection features. Despite apparently you and others trying to rewrite history. I have never known anyone to blow into an N64 cart and if I ever saw such a thing I would smack said person in the back of the head and ask them what they were on. There is no clue to be gotten as I have owned every single title available for the N64. I have had the system since September 29 1996 and not a single cart I have loaded has not booted. I also know other people who own N64s and blowing into the carts is not a thing. Its misinformation and apparently a new trend of useless blowing into the cart being started by people who are either too young to remember that N64 is quality shit and just works or older people who have forgotten and are mixing them up with NES and SNES. But if you like blowing into n64 carts by all means continue. Would be interesting to see an N64 game that just wont boot without it or an N64 game that wont boot at all. I do hope that when you find this elusive N64 cart that needs a good blowing that you first try inserting and removing and repeating a couple of times BEFORE you actually blow into it, because then when it magically boots you will have a clue as to what you just did
  22. Also Phoboz I apologize for getting so far off topic. Back on topic now
  23. Just for you Tom. This piece of black plastic is a dust protector that prevents dust from going inside of the cart. It you blow into the cart you are just blowing into the dust protector. So next time you disassemble an N64 cart to clean it you can identify that black piece of plastic is actually a dust protector. If you have cleaned the carts out by dissembly you would already be familiar with the main parts of the cart. Dust protector Heat shield Cartridge pcb Anyone blowing into an N64 cart is..... "Special" because they are literally blowing spit right back in their own face as they are only blowing onto a piece of plastic. Any semblance of an N64 game working from blowing into it is merely the edge connector getting brushed off from inserting and reinserting into the console.
  24. The black plastic piece right there inside of every single cart you just showed in your pic. Its SOLID BLACK CANT MISS IT. Protects the inside of the cart from dust. I guess you never noticed it all of these years. You DO SEE BLACK RIGHT?
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