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  1. I had just done a McWill update and everything was working great. It ran fine for a few hours and a few on/off cycles, then I couldn't turn the Lynx on. I assumed the MOSFET has failed, ordered a couple, put it in and then POP, TP18 blew up real good! Perhaps I didn't purchase the right MOSFET, or just a coincidence? This is the MOSFET I ordered from Digikey: NDT2955CT-ND NDT2955 MOSFET P-CH 60V 2.5A SOT-223-4 Assuming nothing else blew and I have the right part, I've heard there was a zener diode I should be replacing as well, but I don't know which one or it's value. I, of course, need to replace TP18 -- what part is that? Thanks in advance to you all.
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  3. Please add me to the list for one with case.
  4. Please add me to the list for lynx 2 version. If tracking is extra I'd like that as well.
  5. BillC: Do you happen to know what voltage (+12?) is needed for J1/4 - would like to see if I can get the motor to spin at least.
  6. Yes it is. Even if it wasn't, it should still spin on startup.
  7. Nezgar: >does the mech turn the centre spindle at all when initially turned on? No spin, Power LED is on > Do you get boot error instead of BASIC "READY" prompt? No boot error, just the "READY" prompt -- listening to the power up audio, it's the same regardless if the drive is on or off >If so, that would indicate 1050 CPU, ROM are OK and passed self test, just not communicating with the mech. No such luck >If not, something else is wrong, and you'd start by swapping out the main IC's one by one: 6810 RAM, ROM, RIOT, CPU. I don't have another drive to swap stuff with yet BillC: Thanks for the info
  8. After a significant amount of image searching, I was able to find an image which matched my drive, however, the drive still doesn't work. My symptom: No drive activity at all when putting a disk in the drive and closing the level. Things I've tested so far: Voltages at T13 (+5), T14 (+12) 74LS00 Voltages and grounds on all chips I attach an image here for the next person in the same position:
  9. I received an untested 1050 drive from eBay and found the floppy connections were all disconnected (J1,J6,J10,J11,J12,J14,J15) There are no labels on the connectors themselves to indicate which "J" they should go to and the colors don't match what was shown in the 1050 service manual on page 27. See below the colors associated with my connections. Can anyone post their connector setup if it is similar to the one below?
  10. Stargunner: Good point, I should look where I can host a large file. gozar: I want to include as many languages as can be supported by Linux for development on the Atari.
  11. I have not done any development in Linux for Atari and I'm wanting to write some programs (games or utilities) and I'm wondering if anyone has ever set up a virtual machine via Virtual Box or VM Player? I don't want to duplicate effort if it's already been done, Why a virtual machine? I have multiple computers running multiple OS's and I want to be able to develop on whatever machine I'm currently in front of. I also want this pre-configured environment to be freely distributed, which is why I will not be using Windows. (I may use Mint so that it will look like Windows for those who have not used Linux before.) Constructive ideas and suggestions appreciated.
  12. I'm interested as well. Please message me details of coast to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks in advance.
  13. Thank you. I just looked at that manual just now and thought: "Not so standard voltages"
  14. Hello fellow Atarians. Does anyone know what voltage is used by the 850 interface on it’s serial lines?
  15. I see this was quite some time ago Moonsweeper; did you ever do any testing?
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