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  1. Lol I just posted a topic asking about boxes similar to these. This thread didn't come up in my preliminary search! I like the idea of these but almost feel like it would be better to just put the original box in a protective plastic box. Still cool, though.
  2. Hey all, I've been super busy with college lately but being in a different area has let me pickup some cool Atari stuff that I normally wouldn't have been able to get. Anyway, I got some boxed 2600 games today that are in pretty decent shape. I know plastic box covers exist for a lot of old console game boxes, so I was wondering if anyone on hear had any suggestions on where to get some for 2600 game boxes. If there's a specific place that people from AtariAge get them, I'd want to keep supporting that person/business. You guys know best!
  3. This is a pretty slick app! The only thing I would add/change would be two minor things: 1) Fix the Atari 2600 picture on the drop-down menu. It looks a bit odd and cut off, at least on my phone. 2) The 2600 has a HUGE catalog of games so adding a search function to find the specific game's manual you're looking for would be really beneficial, especially as you add more games. These are just two small things, though. The app itself uses the updated Google interface so it's very clean. It also doesn't require any special permissions, which is something I am fond of. I like how you used the Atari font style too. Overall, I really like it. Kudos to you, tschak909!!
  4. BZachLaLonde

    App Idea

    Yeah this is exactly what I do with Google Drive. You can even sync it locally to your phone before you leave your house so if you go into an area without service, your spreadsheet will still be accurate and updated.
  5. The Gemstik was a Gemini product. I have a CIB Gemstik that I took pictures of so you guys could check it out, specifically the legal/warranty/patent stuff on the back.
  6. Hahaha well $40+ per game isn't that bad! Well I don't have any Atari related posts like this, I did find this on Craigslist once. Apparently they're quite desirable, those special PSN names.
  7. Whenever I'm pondering things like this, I ask myself why I'm doing it. I know that sounds stupid and obvious, but here's an example: many people sell their collections and such to 'get money they need'. But then you have to determine what that money will be spent on. I think it's a totally legit and mature thing to do when people sell their collections for the space and money a baby requires. On the flipside, if that money is just gonna go into your back account to slowly get chipped away at as you go out to eat and buy random knick-knacks, it's going to be a sad day when you realize you've sold something near and dear to your heart for random, arbitrary, and disposable things. There's also the time and effort you've put into your collection to consider. Many people spend years and years amassing a collection they're proud of. Do you really want to let it all go? This is not to say that you're reasons aren't good. I don't know what projects you're working on, but if the money you'd get for your collection would really put a dent in the cost of them, then it may be worth it. This is especially true if you don't play them anymore. That was a lot (sorry!) but I just know from experience that people sell their collections for money upfront and then really regret it later on. TL;DR - Ask yourself this: "Is the money and space I will receive from selling my collection worth it, even with the amount of time, money, and emotional value I've put into it?" If the answer is yes, do it and have no shame! If not, I'm sure your collection will be happy
  8. Before you do the AV mod, you could also use something like a VCR or DVD/VCR combo as an intermediary device. I hooked my Atari up to a combo unit that has HDMI and that unit was able to boost the weak signal from my Atari enough to make a significant difference.
  9. That sounds decently fair. There are only two recently sold listings on eBay and they were for $52.23 and $76. I'd say between $50 and $65 is a good price. It's all about finding a buyer. You could also head over to the marketplace here on AtariAge if you're looking to sell it. Either way, good luck!
  10. Is there any way we can get that contact info so we can try to get recompense as well?
  11. I haven't gotten anything with tracking info either, though this sounds a little promising. I'm hoping everyone ends up getting what they bought.
  12. I wasn't trying to sound condescending either, I just know some people who don't know that one of the switches controls color.
  13. Congrats, that Mangia was one heck of a find!
  14. Have you flicked the switch from "black and white" to "color"?
  15. I agree. The last time I went to a flea market I spent about 40 bucks and got like 19 or 20 games. Paying around 2, 3 dollars is what keeps collecting from becoming a chore and a drag.
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