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  1. Ultrasatan works as a hard disk, so you can use software developed/adapted to hard disk. And the gotek (flashed with HxC firmware) works as a floppy drive, so you can load ST and MSA (and some STX) images like if they were real floppies. There are tons of games adapted to hard disk, but they may need extra ram, and some games are only available in image format (so you need to write them in floppies). Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
  2. If you want to play games, you would need a DB9 joystick, as most of the game can't be played with other control. The others need a mouse, so you can look for an atari-compatible mouse, or buy an ps/2 or USB mouse adapter. An RGB cable (if you live in Europe), or an S-video (for USA) is a good idea for connecting to LCD TVs, but it's possible to find some problems on image sync (blinking), so you would need a scart-hdmi adapter. And if you don't have a computer with FDD, usb floppy emulators are the best way to enjoy 95-99% of the games/programs from this wonderful computer. Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
  3. I think both approaches are valid for preserving our beloved software, and they have different target. Forensic technics target two kind of users: - People who wants the software as it was distributed. - People who are starting with this computers, and they think this technics is the easiest and cheapest way. In the other side, disk images and HDD adaptations users prefer them for convenience and speed. I think that all of us are a mix of those three behaviours, and one of this aspects prevails over the others. I prefer HDD adaptations and images, because most of them are easily found in the web, they can have corrected some bugs, and I can enjoy fast with them. When I was young, I could spend 3-4 hours playing a game, but now, my real world life (job, wife, son, friends...) only allows me to play 1 hour or less. The problem arrives when any of the approaches rise in excess, and you start to disregard the others conducts (you become a "tali-fan"). This is a big problem, because nobody has the true reason. And I am sorry, but I don't think floppies would last to much time. Floppy industry have almost close, and finding new goods (those created now) would become really difficult. Some of the floppy emulators (gotek, hxc...) started for professional use (expensive industry machines which cannot be updated easily, like plastic extruders or HPLC), and we discovered them, so their creators adapted them for the new market niche. So maybe this emulators will last more time, at least until these machines will be replaced. And I am sorry, but our machines will die soon or after, despite the care we put on it, because nothing can stop aging. FPGA machines (Mist, Zx-UNO...) or emulators would be the only way our descendants could play with our beloved machines. ParanoidLittleMan, don't listen to those "tali-fans". Your efforts are loved for lot of us, as you provide us with great solutions (adaptations, savestates, cheats...). And you are always helping us, using your free time, usually without profits (maybe you don't remember it, but I contacted you about using your ST HD driver in Mist FPGA). Maybe some of those "tali-fans" would help as you did to me, but most of them only want the praise of the community, and they act as retro-cops (defenders of the true retro-hobby). Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
  4. Saint, are you using PLA or ABS? If it is PLA, you have to be carefull, as this material is very hygroscopic (it absorbs moisture from air). You can try to remove it with an oven (electrical, as flame oven produce water), by putting an small amount in aluminium foil, and heating it to 75-80°C (170°F) over an hour. The only problem is the low glass transition temperature (Tg) of the PLA (around 65-75°C, depending of the additives), and you would see that the filament sticks slightly, but you can solve it by flexing the coil. This method is also suitable for other materials. Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
  5. Received mine last tuesday (it took only 4 days from UK to Valencia, really short time), but I couldn't test until today. I only found I problem, and I can't... because my wife kidnapped my Lynx and she doesn't playing!! After joking, thanks SainT for developing this amazing piece of hardware. It comes in a good package (well protected) and ready to work. Enviado desde mi Moto G (4) mediante Tapatalk
  6. I am not an expert in hard&soft, but I think that it is the battle Simulation of hardware vs emulation. I enjoy with emulation, but IMHO, I prefer the feeling using MIST
  7. Great cart!! I've been following this topics, and now I registered only for congratulate SainT for his development, and express my interest in this cart, but I think I should wait for biggest production, as I don't expect getting one of the firsts batches. My Lynx start to be nervous for jumping to my hands. I read you were thinking in outsource the production, and someone named Krizz, but you can also try to contact with Lotharek, as he also produces hardware for other old machines, like Atari ST, 800XL...
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