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  1. So a japanese ac adapter that says pro pow will work on a us system that says pro pow? And any ac adapter that has 5v? Does it also have to be at least 3A?
  2. Is there an alternative to the official ac adapter for a US NeoGeo AES?
  3. I'm looking for the best way to play all the high dollar games on the original hardware. I'm all about investing in gaming but 1000 plus for certain titles makes it difficult. Is the Neo SD PRO a better solution?
  4. Is there a list of mvs carts that work with the phantom one converter? I cant seem to find a definitive list and I'm guessing this is the place to inquire. I'd like to know if newer games like sengoku 3 would work.
  5. Just in case anyone else runs into a similar problem this is how I got my tiny arcade working.. My tiny arcade came with an micro sd card, full of games and demos, and wouldn't load anything. So after reformatting the card and downloading all the programs from the link on the tiny circuits website then copying all the files to the reformatted card everything works.
  6. Just curious if anyone has experience with these. When I turn it on I get the tiny arcade title screen and then it starts searching for an sd card and thats it, it never loads anything. I've looked at the micro sd card and it has games and demos on it so I'm a bit stumped at the moment.
  7. I mostly figured it out
  8. Vidiot1981

    Sega Saturn

    Does anyone have or know where to get Saturn bin and cue files besides darkwater? Is there a tool to combine multiple bin files? Ideally looking to play Hyper Duel and Psychic killer Taromaru.
  9. I think old Dell laptops are super reliable and overall great machines
  10. I missed this one as well. Actively looking for this one.
  11. Aside from ebay you might have some luck here- http://club100.org
  12. Can I get a picture? I wanted a pc vr gaming setup but recent events have thwarted my plan for that so I need something affordable. What's shipping to area code 52404?
  13. I'm certain I've signed up multiple times and I still haven't received an email. Hopefully the email isn't necessary to purchase a copy.
  14. This looks great and sounds fantastic!
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