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  1. I mostly figured it out
  2. Vidiot1981

    Sega Saturn

    Does anyone have or know where to get Saturn bin and cue files besides darkwater? Is there a tool to combine multiple bin files? Ideally looking to play Hyper Duel and Psychic killer Taromaru.
  3. I think old Dell laptops are super reliable and overall great machines
  4. I missed this one as well. Actively looking for this one.
  5. Aside from ebay you might have some luck here- http://club100.org
  6. Can I get a picture? I wanted a pc vr gaming setup but recent events have thwarted my plan for that so I need something affordable. What's shipping to area code 52404?
  7. I'm certain I've signed up multiple times and I still haven't received an email. Hopefully the email isn't necessary to purchase a copy.
  8. This looks great and sounds fantastic!
  9. I would love to get a fully playable EOTB for my beloved Lynx.
  10. Bought a Jag game, Saturn game, and a gp 32 bundle. Everything from communication to receiving the items went well. Thanks!
  11. I think it's very interesting to see what the Atari Jaguar is really capable of. And if someone has the technical knowledge to showcase and explain this that's pretty cool. If I could I certainly would but I'm currently tinkering with making 2600 games so it's a bit beyond me at the moment. This system has a very special place in my collection and I play it frequently so to see someone attempting to push it to it's limits is exciting. And if there is ever a playable version of Road Rash on the Jaguar it would be absolutely amazing and I'd have to buy it!
  12. I'm currently playing through the Serious Sam collection on 360. Recently I've unearthed my NeoGeo pocket color and have been playing Metal Slug and Cotton as well.
  13. For me it's a very mellow green area but to each their own.
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