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  1. I will look to see what version of FracIRC I have. James
  2. never used this one as far as I can remember, I do know that several of the IRC programs required a better AES than was in TOS. Maybe part of the issue? James
  3. Anyone know if a PCL3 printer will work with NVDI? I have a Deskjet 350 I would like to use. James
  4. None.. but thats what I have in my real machine.. LOL I know silly but 256mb simms were cheap. James
  5. These are my screens. The last one is the resulting boot.. Its not the HDD as I dont get that far. James
  6. Hey, trying to EMU my TT030 on Hatari. SO .. want to know about some of the switches. DO I assign it a FPU? if so which? I am going to have a 14mb/512mb Thunder lightning storm machine (just waiting on the extra 10mb regular ram) So if I want to set this up will Hatari be ok with it? I am just wanting to make sure I emu as accurate as possible. - Floppy does Hatari do 1.44mb floppy? I dont see an option for that. James
  7. Well now what I did because my one ISP was giving me hassles, I moved everything over to our new ISP (for streaming and Video conferences.. better band width) but this ISP seems to put restrictions on what you can do.. nothing is easy anymore.
  8. OK, seems to be also now an issue with PORT FWDING with my HITRON 4582 modem. SO not sure if the BBS software is even getting the chance to answer at the moment. WOW.. I have DMZ I have downed the Firewall, nothing gets through. James
  9. Sorry, my point was not the correct line syntax, it was that the Lantronix UDS will only accept 1 command at a time.. NOT a string. James
  10. So what happened to JP and Triads is exactly what I was getting. I have found another issue, I can edit the INIT string.. the issue is.. the UDS-10 will not take a STRING.. it will only accept individual commands.. SO I cannot put ATS0=0,v=1,E=1 THose are the things that the BBS software says it needs.. NOW the UDS-10 does understand all those commands.. but it will only accept them one at a time. James
  11. If anyone has time, I would appreciate if you would attempt to login. bikerbobsclubhouse.ddns.net,10001 I get it to connect, but no login, no idea why.. what its waiting for.. whats missing. Any ideas? James
  12. Well I have ForeSight up and running really well.. except no one can connect remote. I cannot seem to figure out what the issue is. ForeSight wants ATS0=0 so that there is no auto answer. IT wants the RING~ It wants ATV=1 so that it gets the Full responses. I have those set. I THINK. But I am not getting any joy. James
  13. Baudrate The unit and attached serial device, such as a modem, must agree on a speed or baud rate to use for the serial connection. Valid baud rates are 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (default), 19200, 38400, 57600, and 115200 bits per second. This is what the UDS manual states.. So my bbs program must be set to a specific baud rate. Say 19200 I set the UDS to 19200 That works!!! - but what if the caller via Telnet is on a machine at @2400? My UDS according to the above does not negotiate slower speed? James
  14. Hey all, I am wondering if we can get some hard text up on this. I would like to understand how this works better, and having a page to refer to for anyone new might be nice. I personally am USING Lantronix devices. which take the serial communication and translate that to telnet com protocal to be transmitted over the net. Something on the other end either converts it back or just receives the telnet communications. The biggest one issue I am having with setting up a BBS - is connection speeds, negotiations. etc. The lantronix says it can set a maximum 115k speed. On an ST I am looking at 19200 but on a TT030 I am looking higher on the first port. Possibly I might look at doing my board long term on a Dell D610 laptop that runs Linux. I can do com port EMU on Hatari with Linux, and could get TT030 speeds. But more to the point. The Lantronix device does not do any negotiation on the serial side I think. It is looking for a specific baud rate, and does not move speeds up or down based on performace. Many BBS with MODEMS - put out strings at higher then lower speeds to negotiate with the receiving modem to get a response - but of cource we are doing their through telnet now.. so is there any process like this anymore? Point to my question is this.. I set my com port on the Atari to 19200 - I set the Lantronix device to 19200 - Can someone call me at 9600? or 4800? or 2400? OR MUST it be a 19200 communication - OR is all of that pointless - because the serial communication takes place on each side of a telnet connection.. and only the baud rate on each side matching is what matters. BUT - If someone calls me with an 8-bit computer that com program is set to 2400baud. so 2400 to the telnet - to me at 10/100 network speeds - translated to 19200 for my end. Does this work? or cts/rts would be required.. does the flow control here matter?? SEE my points?? how does different speeds effect things?? I have heard baud issues with the Fuji net. Lucy esplain to me what is going on?? James
  15. Wow, this has been a lot of fun looking at all this stuff. The last few bbs, Turbo, and Transcendence both seem to be derivatives of ForEM ST. So I thought I would go back and look at ForEM ST. I found a full manual for ForEM ST 2.0 but I also found a .zip forem337.zip - now nothing in the zip file says "hi this is ver. 3.3.7 of Forem" .. so no idea. Anyone know what the last version of ForEM ST was? Any docs later? SO, on to my question. I am in Hatari today playing with ForEM ST and the old? way of setting it up was to change the file forem.opt now there is a sysgen.tos program that asks me a lot of the same questions to change things.. but it saves to an options.dat So.. is forem.opt even read anymore? The big issue I am having when it runs is, it wants to access drive A.. everytime no matter what I set the default to. I am setting the default in sysgen.tos. I could change it in forem.opt, but that brings me back to the question if it is reading forem.opt then why am I running sysgen.tos at all? James
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