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  1. The reason was right in the question.. $25 extra .. I use Sandisk CF.. IS there a list somewhere how this disk swap button works?
  2. SO CFII is $30 for a DIY and CFIII with F type chips is $55.. IS there a real reason to pay the extra 25? whats the difference.. is the CFII poor in performance compared?
  3. That is cool. $100 after shipping.. I will try Fuji after a floppy of 2 first.. see if I get it to work. OMG I have had all this on the shelf now for so long, I have to figure out how to use some of it all again. I also am 2 revisions of firmware behind at the moment.
  4. Ok cool, not really thinking I am going to be going Rapidus, but its a good board anyway. Anyone have a spare board already printed?? OR a CF3 std? I can build no problem. I will check with Brewing company maybe he has a kit for these done and I can build from there. James
  5. Holy smokes, took me this long since my last post to actually fire up the 1088xel. Its working fine, and the Fujinet is also working and Dr. V you were of course right.. blocks the audio out. I guess I will get a floppy drive working. I need to do the CF card thing.. I did not get one when I started this.. guess I figured I had the SIDE2 cart.. but I think the CF card would be good. James
  6. Still trying to find stuff for this.. if anyone is following. The 2.5.1c is great, as the last version I can find, would love to know what is different from 2.2 or 2.3, but nothing with it. WHAT about a manual?? anyone? for FoReM or Turbo?
  7. gave it a go tonight.. nice... not bad for an early bbs. Bikerbob
  8. a piece of plastic the same size would work fine.. do the hole a titch on the small size and the screw will thread itself. Bikerbob
  9. Anyone been able to get this one working on your ST? The latest version seems to have an english version.. but every time I click on the .TOS in MED resolution it flashes and drops back to TOS. Hmmmm Bikerbob
  10. Mine is back AGAIN on the UDS-10.. but working on the WIMODEM again. FoReMST requires the autoanswer - it will not do a ATA with a Ring. I wish I could verify that the modemdat.txt was acutally being used because I dont feel that it is. Bikerbob
  11. So did this 8-bit BBS project die? Bikerbob
  12. Rick are you good with GFA basic? IF you are interested in working on Foresight BBS I would love to work on it with you. I was never able to get it to answer the "modem" in its compiled form. But it is a very good BBS.. you can edit many items once compiled. and there are doors etc..etc.. I run bikerbobsclubhouse.ddns.net:1040 on FoReMST .. I am having issues with that at the moment.. again with the "modem" device.. wether that be a UDS serial device or a Win232 modem. But I love to tinker as well.. I have been playing for a while. I am in if you want to work on some stuff. All work on regular STs .. usually you need at least 1mb.. I assume you will get up to 4mb on that 520?? Bikerbob
  13. going to reply here.. Think this is easiest. Not sure how to do it on the bbs. not sure what I managed to do, but I cannot get the bbs to work with this now.. it will load, initialize, and when it gets to the point where it looks to wait for a connection.. it goes right into "HIT RETURN" without anything from the other end.. Bikerbob
  14. I just purchased as well... love em!! Looking forward to trying. Would you be interested in posting a thread on the tools or tutorials you used to write it? I am interested in doing one myself. James
  15. OK, well I have given up on the wimodem232 for now. Love it.. but I cannot seem to get it to work with FoReM ST. So back to the UDS10 - which is working, but will tell you its only connecting at 300 baud, you will find it much faster than that. All should be good.. there is something finiky about the modem setup.. I will still work on it. NOW ON PORT 1040 - YES - got it off of 23.. which was being hammered by hacks. frustrating.. anyway.. PORT 1040. back up now. James
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