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  1. If you read through the thread I think you will find it does work on most SDrive type devices, I cannot say for sure what the MAX difference is.. but I think your pretty good. DOCTOR? what do you mean update?? as in adding more that are missing? James
  2. Thanks.. I thought it needed the header the interp and the z3 file?? But thats fantastic.. I will work on it. James
  3. Hopefully .. glad I found this thread again.. I did not realize so many people responded.. I now have some work to do to figure out how to do this. I am sure I will have more questions.. for now.. I will dig into it. James
  4. Is ST Guild up? I cannot connect have not been able to for months. Anyone else? James
  5. I have some lines on one of my PSU.. or at least thats what I think it is, and I am planning to re-cap. The other seems really good.. but if the MB serial is any indication its older than the first one. So I know yours is new old stock.. not sure how to know .. when old is OLD. James
  6. Yes new Lightings.. and I am ordering 2.. one for a buddy. I dont think its the early version.. I have been told it has been updated. OH they are also coming out with a lighting you can put in ANY ST! kind of cool. The microCosmosEX stand alone outside the machine.. but you have to get in for the IKD so I tend not to move it to the ST.. (have to open the case) with the MSTE I just intercept the keyboard plug. James
  7. I got a Qnap from a friend last night.. its not a super modern one though.. so great as a media server but not for a VR server.. but maybe it will allow me to put a common VR on the qnap and then access either at home or at work .. for those days when its slow and I want to test. I also have a USR modem.. that I could hook up to my 4mb STFM and then test the software on that. I dont have mass storage for that machine yet though.. But once I get my VME lightning .. then I can use my COSMOSex and move it to the STFM. To run the BBS I dont need 16mhz and Blitter etc.. anyway. James
  8. No thats cool.. and maybe what I will do is use windows 10 VRbox.. run Ubuntu or whatever.. then run Hatari.. and do it that way.. its still on the windows pc.. just within a EMU to run the EMU James
  9. Well Vir Com Port was a bust, not really freeware.. OH well.. STEEM does seem to allow more outputs.. I did notice on a few of these virtural com port porgrams the ability to read and write to a file like Hatari wants. I guess the first point of all of this is see if I can get TCPSERV4j working on a windows 10 machine.. then figure out how to get the emulator to talk to it. James
  10. Cool, thanks Dgnadt.. I did see your BBSs listed in the documentation. What I am running into now is trying to test.. play with various BBS softwares on an Emulator STEEM OR HATARI.. NOT easy.. not like an 8 bit on Altira or something.. I got Foresight past the cfg.. to get the msg bases "wiped" but when I ran the program proper.. it would not work as it refused to do anything if it could not initialize a modem.. and I have not figured out how to get either of those programs (emulators) to emu a modem.. So.. I will have to setup a machine as pure - play with BBS software tester.. I have the .47.. so thats the last.. OK.. cool. James
  11. So to fwd my own topic.. Hatari - works best in Linux.. On a Windows machine I could run a VR Linux box.. and then try and run Hatari in that. Hatari needs to communicate with the serial device via an open file. Others seem to see this and know etc.. works.. tcpser4j seems to work in linux well and with a program socat you can create a link between the File Hatari needs to read and the tcper4j (modem) Now I also found a program Virtual Com Port - its freeware.. and as far as the windows device is concerned and any software its a real com port. SO if I could configure TCper4j to work in windows 10 and see and use the comport created by VCP - I have communications for an old school term program.. now how do I get Hatari or STEEM to talk directly to the port.. OR how do I modify them to work with tcper4j - this last one I think.. would be easier.. but no one with either emulator seems to se networking like this as an interest. Frustrating how far behind the ST is on this than the 8-bit. James
  12. Hey guys, many of you know me from the boards and also here on AA I have knocked around running a BBS hell since I was 12.. but thats not why I am posting. I am a user of hardware, and I love to get old computers running for a purpose. Now I am looking at learning programming etc.. I did basic back in the day. But really what I am interested is getting to use my hardware for something that would be fun and on going. Now we have a ton of 8-bit bbs.. and I log in.. love em.. EMU on 8-bit is really great.. and allows people to EMU so much stuff accuratly. On the ST we have Hatari and STEEM.. and as far as I know neither of them are able to network through an emulated AT command set on a windows PC. Hatari in fact does not have a Windows developer. Found an article https://breakintochat.com/blog/2012/12/13/telnet-to-bbs-within-hatari-emulator/ that uses a couple of programs.. and you will see in the comments a fellow got it to work for outgoing on a pc with windows. I have to admit at the moment its not clear to me what I would have to change.. but what I would like to accomplish is this.. using this directory http://software.bbsdocumentary.com/ go through and test the software.. find something that people might enjoy using.. or something that just gives us something different than express.. I agree with Tillek, that the Atari BBS world does not need more of the same. The one I am very interested in at the moment is called Foresight. It actually had networking between Foresight systems.. was mid-late 90s. Written in GFA Basic. A lot of the software REQUIRES a responsive modem.. or it will not continue.. now I have a modem.. just not hooked up to a land line.. and on REAL hardware I could test it.. but it would be a lot quicker and easier when playing with different programs to test on an EMU... James
  13. Was looking at this on the BBS Software Directory.. looks really interesting.. so I am following the thread as well. Besides Tillek wants to see some different software used for any new board.. I like the idea of the nested msgs. Also looking at a bbs called FS ForeSight.. not sure what the final version of that was.. trying to contact the author.. found his contact on Twitter. Looks like something different anyway James
  14. Damm your killn me.. not that many people log on.. Draw Bikerbob dammit! James
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