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  1. There ya go John, I now have it working.. although the firmware I have on the module in the modem at the moment is not my favorite, I have now done something that will not allow me to program it. I need to wipe it back to factory I think, and then program again. Have to figure that out. SD is send data and RD is receive data.. they are hard to see but RD is flashing in the picture. RI is ring indicator, and although lit.. it really should only flash when an incomming call comes in. James
  2. where can I get the latest version? on the SyncTerm it is still showing 1.1 as the latest. James
  3. So my build is now done. Here are the pics. The first is the original Avatex 1200 modem cleaned up so as to take the new parts in places. The 2nd is my TTL to RS232 (FULL breakout) 3rd is the ESP board soldered onto a project board. 4th is my soldering. 5th the back of the RS232/TTL 6th is the placement.. and 7th is it all wired up.
  4. Well looking like Chicago is going to work. So we are looking at flights - wont be driving. I will be unavailable the Saturday night and Tillek I will be using the room reservation you used for me. I will need to PM you about it. Now I just need the border to open up. James
  5. I dont even see "connect" from the UDS .. ATS0=1 and that allows a connection between the telnet portion and the serial portion. Maybe I need to set ATE=1 to get full verbose. maybe that would help. I wish we were all able to gather and look at the screen.. we would solve these things in 20mins. James
  6. Yes I have that.. and my 8266 modem.. so I might try those... it does work with the UDS-10 .. except it reports everyone is connecting at 300 baud.. I know it works MUCH faster than 300.. so is it really a problem?? guess Im ocd. James
  7. Sorry guys.. I am at work and I cannot log in to make changes.. but the board is not answering again with the High Speed message. I am playing with the Forem.opt file. Everything to do with the modem the program does not like the UDS-10 and the going through the telnet.. the issue is the UDS is not reporting anything to the program .. there for as far as it can tell you are trying to connect at 300 baud. My Port is 19200 - the program max is 19200.. I set the mimimum to 9600 today.. but the UDS-10 does not negotiate a speed.. and it also does not report a speed to the ST.. saying connected at ??? if I have the UDS-10 set to 19200.. I dont understand why the ST does not see a 19200 baud device there.. Nothing on the TELNET side should have anything to do with this. Very frustrating and ironic how 8-bit bbs seem to work around this np.. and the newer fast strong 16bit.. SHATS the bed. James
  8. we will see.. she says she can find some fun stuff to do. The evening of the 12th her birthday I am not hanging with the guys though.. lol Lets see what happens with the border. James
  9. Well guys I am thinking that Midwest is not going to be for me. I think if I go to a VFC this year it will have to east. 1 - MID west is on my ladies birthday.. and Chicago suburbs is not doing it for her. 2 - and more likely the main reason - I have little confidence that the border will be open in September will no quarenteen restrictions, and I still need to be at work when I return. East is Oct 8,9,10 - NJ - not far from NY and other outlet malls etc.. and not on a birthday.. so I can pull that off. Also Scott Adams of Adventures International is a speaker and I am a huge Text adventure fan. I hear some people I know have a problem with the VCF east organizers , but for me at the moment.. thats the easiest one for me to get to.. or I just wait till 2022 James
  10. Well I got my Wi232modem from the CBMstuff guy Jim.. I cannot get it to connect to my wifi Router not found. James Got it.. seems for that wifi unit I was TOO close to the router. All good now.
  11. OH is that the hotel this is being held at Ron? I guess we are all booking our own rooms?? Bummer I was not staying up on this. James
  12. WOW.. is this PSUs??? whats going on there man??? So sorry to hear.
  13. I was not on Syncterm btw.. it was Hyperterm (windows xp) with my ESP2866 modem. James
  14. I was on SFHQ.. using my wifi ESP2866 modem. I was using RAW.. seemed to work ok. with HW FLOW on. I tried to download a SCifi text file.. did not understand Zmodem.. maybe you cant use that for txt file.. timed out.. I went to download ANSIterm.. got about 50% through.. using Zmodem and errored out.. to the point where the only way for me to stop or disconnect was to unplug the modem. Sorry. James
  15. Oh is Veterns back up?? I missed that in all this conversation. James
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