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  1. Mega ST4 Turbo 16 - deal pending James
  2. 600xl - 512k upgrade. can come with 1050, 1050/w mspeedy, sio2usb - several options if your interested. 520STFM(4mb-marpet)(working Floppy)(pico psu) w/mouse Tos 1.04. 1040STFM(1mb)(working floppy) w/mouse Tos 1.04 1040STE(4mb)(recap psu)(Tos Sw 1.62/2.06)(Top case damaged)(Floppy or Gotek) w/mouse megaST(2mb)(Tos switch 1.04/2.06), (Floppy or Gotek) w/mouse - case complete but floppy opening cut. w/ or without megaST keyboard (mechanical cherry mx) MegaST4(16mhz Turbo on cpu) Tos 1.04 (Floppy or Gotek) w/mouse - case complete but floppy opening cut w/ or without megaST keyboard (mechanical Cherry mx) MegaSTE(4mb) (Started as MegaSTE 2) Otherwise Factory stock - very clean. Working Floppy. w/mouse Tos 2.06 Keyboard can be clean MSTE(expensive) Euro keyboard with cap adjustments(not as) Or missing F1-3 keys (least) or no keyboard is fine too. Monitors - for ST hi-res and colour are available. I have some tv/monitors that would work for 8-bit. These would be local pickup only. These are machines I have now. Pictures for any and all are available - ask. All have been tested, all working, none retrobrited, some darker than others. Basic cleaning on all. If psu re-capped its noted. OR I have recapped PSU for any ST - extra. I am offering this up to FB users and Forum users etc first. I am giving people first crack, but I am looking for market value, as I am selling to pay for my atari addiction Options or extras might be thrown in. This is posted at this point without pricing. Contact me and we can discuss. I am in the Toronto Canada area. Shipping will be done well - I have been doing this for years, I know how to pack. I have options to ship US domestically. All shipping will be extra with carrier you choose etc.. James
  3. No one is putting a gun to the buyers head btw.. lol.. Looking forward to selling a bunch of my machines.. I will do deals to local or forum guys.. but not crazy cheaper as I am trying to raise money to pay for this hobby!! James
  4. Thanks Peter, I am working on Hardware right now.. but will get to testing this out soon.. James
  5. LOL.. sorry other way around it will export DXF, but tinkercad will not import.. Sigh.. I will need to look at other software I guess Tinkercad is too limited. James
  6. You say anymore.. what happened? I am recapping 2 of mine in the next few weeks. I am willing to recap yours. Where are you? But understanding how it stopped working would be good.. Do you have pictures? James
  7. I was playing with Tinkercad.. and I tried SVG... did not work.. what it imported was the cutouts. I know it can import DXF.. but FPD does not export DXF? James
  8. Has anyone done the H80 Case cover and back plate in PLA? any STL files? Only thing I can export the FPE files as are .svg files which really does not help a whole lot. This is not going to be the prettiest.. but it gets me covers where as I am not interested in spending another $150 on case covers right now. OR I will just cut the cartridge opening in the original metal cover and use that for now.. and no back plate. I see someone did an H60 back plate on thingyverse, and I think I read that all backplates for mini itx are the same dimensions?? So could I use that?? James
  9. problem solved. I was able to contact wizztonics and they did have some info and DOCs.. I was missing a jumper under from the cpu to the megabus. This helped with blitter issue.. all better now. Thanks for the suggestions all. James
  10. Anyone interested the ST GUILD is back up. addresses are the same.. and if you had an account its still good.. I know because mine is James
  11. I am using the exxos multi test cart. It is on his store webpage. There are jumpers for the various types of ST.. but otherwise they are using the Atari corp ROMS.. as far as I understand it. James
  12. Thanks tf_hh I have this thread going on Exxos board - I have replaced both the Shifter and the MMU - both those chips work fine in KNOWN working Mega.. so thats not it. ( I in fact 1 at a time replace all socketed chips) BUT - after the suggestion of corrosion or bad solder joints. I removed the backplane and the lower plate and looked at the bottom. Although very clean.. well maintained.. I can see joints that have been reflowed? maybe a part or two replaced? also arrow marks on solder points that I guess were suspected to poor. My point.. this board has been through this before. On examination I do not see any BAD joints.. but I guess I could reflow the joints of the MMU and the SHifter?? would that be a suggestion before going at the 74LS? The 373s are F types.. which I hear are better. Can they be tested? or do you just RE-RE and thats the best way? James
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