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  1. Wow I dont even recognize most of what is on that. I just want to get my basic XEL to boot! Looks fantastic though. I have built all that I can for now.. waiting to get a pic programmer and then we will see about booting this thing up!! James
  2. Just to give everyone who contributed closure.. The U1mb board is sturdier than I thought. Works just fine. Now I just have to get a joy2pic to program the pic chips (that all my other programmers wont.. LOL) So.. the build is on hold until I can get some chips programmed. James
  3. There are a couple of boards that are slow in the works. I have some words that a group might be working on a memory board for the megaSTE. The fellow that does the MonSTer boards says he will do a batch in the future.. when .. not sure.. and there is also an accellerator board being developed that would up it to an 020 and allow full allowed memory on the MegaSTE. Just have to have patience.. which I have difficulty with.. lol James
  4. Right at this exact moment?? no.. nothing to add memory without HACKING.. to get TT expanded ram in the Mega STe. That is also what I am waiting to do. We have been working on different things.. some people are working on an accellator that will have memory on it.. but its a pure DIY.. they are not going to build it. Others have stopped production. Nothing at the moment. James
  5. ME??? I dont play games on BBSs at all.. I just want to call to call.. James
  6. I bought 2 of those Vonets wifi bridges on ebay.. neither worked.. stopped trying. James
  7. Thursday 3:37pm.. still no connection. James
  8. YES I will be getting one.. been waiting for a better shipping deal James
  9. YEAH. I hear you all on this.. I bought a Universal TL866 programmer than I could do GALs PICs Eproms up to 4mb - Supports over 4500 programmable chips.. and it cant do ANY in this project James Whats the cost of the Stickpic? either as kit or finished?
  10. They have all been tested and they all are good. James BTW.. what is it that the PIC chips picked for this board cannot be programmed with INDUSTRY standard PIC programmers.. Seems I now need one of these JOY2PIC.. to get my 1088xel going..
  11. ok.. after figuring out how to look at this without twisting my brain this is where I am at. So I have tested all the points I thought I messed up.. SO far .. knock on wood - once I stopped messing it up.. I got all the right connections tested and they work!!!! When I first contacted lotharek I showed him Pic 1.. frontside.jpg see the two that I pulled the pads?? Then he sent front P5 header.jpg back to me.. Saying that the pin7 of the P5 header goes to A8 which he says is the pin highlighted on the A8 location mask.png pic. His diagram to me shows pin7 to IO.. and lastpic.jpg shows the trace from pin7 up around 13 between it and 15.. i have checked I caused no bridges and to the point near the battery I get a good continuity check.. BUT I do not to the indicated A8.. I cannot see the traces under the battery.. can anyone confirm where pin7 goes to?? NOW - since I am getting a good signal on pin7 past the header.. I did not damage it from the desoldering.. so .. no matter where it is supposed to go.. if it oringally worked.. then it still does because I did not damage it.. SO do I just go ahead and plug all this into the board??? Can I do any more damage?? James
  12. Wish there was a way to edit something later.. but there is not.. the earlier pics show the wrong pictures.. Except for the diagram.. The pics I did.. so these are not from Lotharek.. just making sure no one is thinking he is sending out incorrect stuff. James
  13. OK.. just realised my last post picture was wrong.. here are the correct pictures. James
  14. Yes.. thats correct.. x1 is system clock and x2 is pal burt.. (I am ntsc - Canada) but they are both in the board now.. and soldered.. thats no biggie right?? James
  15. Question, what solder in x2 but socket x1??? I accidently solded in x1.. any issue? James
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