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  1. yes.. what happened was I forgot to deactivate it in the first place. It was a 512k machine.. so it saw the on board 512 and one bank of the upgrade. I then deactivated the on board - lifting the 2 approp resistors and running them to 5v - and then NOTHING.. What most people say is - if it cant find memory in bank 0 .. then no boot.. so it could not see the 512k and I guess could not find the 2m on the upgrade either. Removed everything - back to 512k. So I have returned the upgrade to Exxos.. hopefully its found that one of the memory chips is faulty and I get another.. because if thats not it??? I guess I have a 2.5meg computer James
  2. Well speaking of ForeSight.. I really like it, and I have decided I am going to work on it.. and work on that being the one I put up. I have been able to get in touch with Brian Hauer author, so that has been helpful. To be honest it almost puts itself up.. but I do need to figure out how to edit the menus and screens etc. FDT - I have still not found.. though I would like to. maybe we could get someone to OLD SCHOOL crack it.. so its not in DEMO mode? who knows. I am working on the bbs on STEEM at the moment.. soon I will be transferring it over to the real hardware and the UDS-100 for the modem.. and then we see... (crossing fingers)
  3. Yeah.. Got Foresight up and running.. but I cannot connect even locally because it wants to take the modem off the hook and of course I have no modem connected to the STEEM EMU. Its a pretty good looking BBS - lots in place.. apparently really easy to install lots of DOOR games.. Menus I can create in 4-5 different graphics formats.. I can also have up to 9 different screens per menu so that it will use a random screen each time you access the menu.. kind of cool. Some of the instructions were sparse.. for example you use the Function keys to change pages or exit certain programs in setting up the bbs.. but no where is that mentioned.. I just started pressing keys and figured it out. used as an .ACC an ANSI font is installed for use in the bbs - so that the menus and screens on the SYSOP side look good. Interesting, and it does look better for sure. Brian Hauer TSO software I contacted through twitter.. he says he gave someone the SOURCE.. but I have not found it anywhere.. just the .47 wide beta. This would be a cool bbs to get up.. one thing I wish a lot of these guys would have done was a LOCAL - I dont need a modem connection mode. Or get source so that some changes could be made. I dont think I have seen one around.. and it is customizable enough to keep me busy. James
  4. actually it was in the archive of Foresight BBS.. working on getting that running right now.. looks like it might be an interesting bbs. I will have to move it to the ST to really test it though.. since I cannot get a EMU to work at the moment with the modem. James
  5. Whatever happened to this? Was there ever a version found that was not a demo? James
  6. found this in a number of BBS related things.. WHAT is FZDS?? I have seen FSE two way chat. protocols... I cannot find any real information about them. No idea what FZDS stands for itself. James
  7. Posting here, as this was my thread to start.. and I am doing some stuff.. trying with STEEM and Hatari. I think I might have figured something out with Hatari with TCPser and a Null-modem program.. Might work. Steem allows output to a file, or to a real serial port.. I now have 3 lantronix devices - UDS on here might work if I test on my older Pentium 4 machine running windows XP - But on the WIndows 10 machine I type this one, I still have not found anything to do it with STEEM.. we will see how the Hatari idea pans out. In the mean time I found this looking for stuff. http://traveller.gxis.de/ Lots of BBS stuff on there.. in fact - if you read this is his BBS files section from back when the bbs was up and running. James
  8. Yep... thats a fancy smancy PC bbs.. need to get back to the atari roots.. There are lots of BBS softwares, some require a lot of work.. (maintenance) for the 8-bit and 16-bit. I am playing with a lot of it. Unfortunately what we really need are more callers. We have more wanna be sysops (im one of them) than callers at the moment. James
  9. So I won a exxos 4mb memory upgrade in the Dark Force BBS draw. I tried to install it in a 520ST - it seems to me bank 0 on the upgrade is dead. I am talking to Exxos about it. That aside - I can get it to work as a 2.5mb upgrade - 512k on board and bank 1 on the upgrade works 2mb. IF this is my worst case and I cannot get any exchange etc.. what do I loose.. I guess if this machine was ever wanting to run desktops and NVDI etc.. then this will not cut it.. but for games and regular TOS 1.4 work .. should be fine?? Just throwing it out there.. James
  10. I found Steve Grimm , I think, I have contacted him. Fingers crossed. James
  11. Well he was on in June.. I am looking for some chips Chandler if you still have them. I wanted to PM you but you have that feature turned off. James
  12. Veg Guild - LMAO I kill myself. Sorry Tillek.. Thats what happens when the Veterns get too old. James
  13. So today doing my rounds Basement - down Part-time - down Vet Guild - down Tried several times, hope all is well, I remember Tillek saying he lost a drive on Veg Guild, not sure why the other two are down.. had tried friday as well.- John? James
  14. So Hawaii, is an Oasis 4.7 BBS - some super cool features and functions. I figured out why I kept loosing my info. I have my account now.. I have asked the SYSop if he would be willing to share the bbs software with others.. as far as I am aware there is no copy of Oasis 4.... anything in any archive. His seems to be running very well.. smooth and attractive in Atasci. So its important to have it saved. Anyway.. hope some more people call.. love to discuss on the board or here.. what you think about it. James
  15. does anyone log into Hawaii BBS??? I have tried.. I get in.. I create an account.. log off.. try and log in again.. no go. Anyone?? James
  16. Yeah.. whats with that?? someone really wanted to do something on the Darkforce.. hmmmmm James
  17. yeah and I have logged in like 10 times this past month I will donate if I win again! James (But I knew you would reply!!! LMAO!)
  18. Necro Bump found this article.. So it did get sold. https://www.atarimagazines.com/st-log/issue27/194_1_REVIEW_BB_ST.php James
  19. Well as some of you might know him around here I picked up Russ Campbell's stuff. Mega 2 - populated to 4 mb.. Mega2 bottom case with a top with a mega4 badge. it has one of those small Pc PSUs in it.. I have seen the video.. seems to work fine, fits on the tray. ICD ADspeed 16mhz in it. I have not run the software or sysinfo yet. Had a SSDD 354 floppy OUCH! - had to go. I have a Sony 920 around that I put "in" it but of course the cover does not want to fit now without cutting away. It also had a Viking Video card in it. gives you 1280 x 960 on a ECL monitor (specifically) I am not really interested in going that route with the machine so that card et al will be moving on. This machine required some clean up some shrink wrap some hot glue and its got 1.4 in it, so pretty much go. This has the potential to be my MOD machine. Many more upgrades with DIP CPU than PLCC. 1040 STE - with 4mb, an exxos TOS switcher. This is not a collectors items.. lol.. Top case from a different machine. changed badge, but that cover is still broken, but good "enough". The MB was SCORCHED.. at the jumper for the TOS.. several traces were destroyed. There was also an attempted repair that was incorrect. I first had to figure out what the repair was trying to do.. then removed it. Then started following the logic.. found the traces where they were going and made the appreite jumper connections. Header pins on TOS switcher were also badly butchered, so removed damaged sections and solded in new pins. Machine fired up.. seems to be working now. A win! Retro Fun Ultra Satan - did not get a psu for it, but those are easy to find 5v 1amp. With 16gb sandisk microSD.. so thats good. This will install internal in the Mega4. NetUSBee (Lotharek) not tested yet. One colour 1224 and one mono 124 monitor - Already had these, and I use NEC lcd screens now.. so really only want 1 just to test machines. - need to find homes. A bunch of commercial software - Some interesting things is a Deskcart! (now have 2) a Backpack cartridge - almost the same as Deskcart! but no battery backup. Both work - I think the Backpack cartridge might only work on certain TOS as I was not able to get it to work on the STE. A hardware freezer - that allows you to dump commercial software and run a backup through the cartridge - it must be present to run hooks into cart port and video connection. Some 300+ floppy disks - a lot are old ST magazine cover disks repurposed. MOST have little of nothing of value. There was a number of nice software titles that most likely I could get dumps of already online.. but I will go through them and see if there is anything I can contribute to Atarimania. A small lot of 8-bit stuff. a 600xl upgraded (still needs RF out) 1050 with minispeedy - not tested but I am pretty sure it works. Atarimax sio2usb dual(sio in out) Basic XE and Action! carts to go with my Basic XL. I want to learn how to program again.. I really am a hardware guy.. little software skills. A couple of boxes of 5.25 floppies with stuff on them.. almost no commercial software. One of the boxes is an INDUS GT carry case! I have INDUS drive.. now I have the carry case.
  20. https://blog.troed.se/projects/atari-st-picopsu-replacement/ You will find a ton of great projects on troed's site. he is also very much around and active in the community. James
  21. I have done the Pico as well.. it works.. except you are now using an external powerpack.. but does the trick. James
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