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  1. 11 hours ago, DarkLord said:

    Quick question regarding the TOS switcher for the Mega ST...


    As this has come up countless times - will it work with an accelerator board such

    as the AdSpeed or T-boards?


    In the past, there's always been a conflict which will not let them work together.


    It's why I don't have TOS v2.06 on they Mega ST that I use to run DarkForce.


    Oh, before anyone mentions it, I won't give up the accelerator for this computer,

    it makes the BBS so much "snappier" that I wouldn't give it up.


    Thanks (and thanks for supporting the Atari community)!  :)


    Hey, I have an Adspeed and a Wizztronics TOS switcher Compatibility Plus that works together. I did try it with Lightning ST and cloudy.. but Adspeed would not allow the IDE to work.   



  2. BTW, no idea how many times I did try it, or if it was me changing some setting to something that allowed this to work.. but the specific setting that allowed the UDS-10(0) to work was connect D6 and Disconnect 81.. no other combo worked.



  3. So I get them working .. both the UDS-10 and the UDS-100.. and then decide it would be cool to see the Amiga on the BBSs .. so plug it into the Amiga and the main power CAP on the UDS-100 blows...   Guess it was an Atari only device.. CRAP!!


    $2 Cap.. I cant buy anywhere right now local.. Either wait or figure out something else to add to an order to Digikey.. :)


    There is 5x mss-100 on ebay right now for $100 for the Lot.. maybe I do that.. and then have some to sell off later to get people into BBSing :)



  4. Posting separate topic for this.


    I am trying to get Lantronix UDS working.. (separate topic)


    When I load the terminal programs I have.. and I have a bunch..   EVERYONE so far changes my keyboard to a EURO QWERTZ keyboard layout. But sysinfo says US TOS 1.04 or US TOS 2.06  


    Anyone had anything like that happen?



  5. 4 hours ago, swatcop said:

    @Colleton I have considered doing this exact upgrade to my Mega ST2 but honestly have butterflies in the gut about doing it to a perfectly functional specimen...  Do you have a BOM for the sockets, caps and resistors?  Also, are these the RAM chips you used: eBay Listing


    PS: I like your idea on the PSU replacement :) 



    Mega ST2.jpg

    Is that your machine in the picture swatcap? if so.. what files did you use for your USatan?   I have one I might install internal as well.. not a Lotharek so I need to change the slots (mine is microSd)   but otherwise support looks good.



  6. I have a MegaST2 that never had the holes put in for the 2nd bank.. so I cant do it that way even if I wanted to.  I could do Exxos upgrade.. but thats it..   But I will use this one as a games machine. 2mb is all you need for games.



  7. So I have 3 devices. 2 UDS and 1 MSS  - MSS seems to work fine as far as I can tell.


    Both UDS have the same issue on 4 different systems now.   8-bit Atari 16-bit Atari (2) and Dell D610 laptop with real serial port.


    It is DDUUPPLLICACATTIINNGG every character I type.. BUT - I am pretty sure I only see it on my end.. because I was able to log on to Alcatraz .. now any of JPs boards no.. but Alcatraz accepted my name and password and in the menu system as well..


    I have factory reset everything many times..  ATE and ATV I cant see having any positive effect because then I dont see what I am doing.. but I could try ATE0


    Connection I have tried 56 and D6


    Disconnect I have tried C1 and 81


    But both devices going bad the same way???   Also there was different serial cables (MSS nullmodem) involved so it is not the cabling.


    pretty much out of ideas.



  8. Back to the original Topic... 


    UDS-10s .. how do they DIE? 


    I have 2 a UDS-10 and a UDS-100 both doing the same thing.. double output of my input. I have an MSS-100 no problems. I have tried this on 8-bit, 16-bit and my Windows XP laptop with HyperTerm.  All I get the same thing.


    I do have the 5.8.5 firmware in both. Setting are as shown above - I have tried settings in the past from the Doctor, from John, from DarkLord,  none change the condition - the devices boot, do their own diagnostics etc.. I am at a loss on this. 



  9. So I know that John's guide is for 8-bit and I am doing this on 16bit.  above is supposed to say on 56 now. 


    So DarkLord sent me his setup by email. going to try that tonight. see where that gets me.  REALLY I want this to run a BBS.. so the setup for the 10 more than anything is for receiving. not calling.



  10. So just made up some floppies with prosystem.


    Construction boots fine, I get to buy the ship, format the player disk is drive 2 (option) format completes, screen goes black. NOTHING. game is done.


    Are versions 1.2 and 1.3 official?   I used to own this game, kicking myself for throwing it out or whatever in the late 90s - but here I am. EMU or Hardware FLoppy or ATR.. I cannot get this to run.




    zip archive here in this thread Version 1.3 format disabled.zip   worked for me. Many others all gave me the issues listed in the above 6 posts.   YEAH!! :)

  11. 32 minutes ago, Bill Lange said:

    In Altirra, make sure the emulator is not in Warp Speed mode. Check under the System menu that Warp Speed is unchecked. That should slow the clock down.


    In the Quick Start Guide mentioned above, in Step #4, you need to hire a crew and purchase food.


    Bill, thanks for the reply.. but this is happening on real hardware or Altirra.. so thats not an issue.. though I made sure I was only emu at 100% anyway.


    As for your 2nd point.. the same point you made 2 posts ago.. I never get there.. I die within the first menu choice I make in the game.. PERIOD



  12. So through this thread and another Omnitrend's Universe thread, I have found 1.1 , 1.2, and 1.3    - In the early ones I have to do all the disk swapping.


    In the 1.3 ones I have run so far.. both on Altirra and on real 800 incognito.. I die before I can do anything.. The clock up in the top corner, I have no idea how its supposed to count.. but it moves fast, and by anything I understand in a date/clock is moving months or years at a time. 


    Anyone help me play this??   I think I could dump the ATR back on to floppies and try it that way.. but not sure if something else is going on?



  13. OK, got ya Bill, but I had not even been in the game 30secs??




    Managed to get to the system report.. I dont start with any crew.. it says crew 0.. how does that happen??



  14. Hey guys.. is there any indication in game what version of the game your playing??


    Also I have a PDF of the manual , and it talks about Atari  version allowing you to use 2 drives.. I am using SIO2PC.. and I follow the directions but the version I have will not allow 2 drives..


    SO my question is.. am I running an older 1.0 or 1.1 or something that does not have multi drive ability?  OR???



  15. Working on an Indus GT - same mech - tandon.


    I am getting a G5 error - which is a read error.   If I get the diags program running and switch this drive in.. so I can test.. many of the tests pass. But the track Zero sensor I cannot get to work.


    In fact it should say move in or move out.. but I am just getting msg no feedback from sensor? or is disk inserted. SO I figure the sensor is bad.. is there a test to make sure I am replacing the correct part?


    I have a bunch of 1050s around.. I am thinking maybe swapping a mech out.. except the part of changing the indus controller card.. so.. maybe swapping a zero sensor in?



  16. YES, , one thing I would say and agree.. try and keep all 8 the same.. trying to mix chips does not mean they are bad, but might not work together.. my experience in this thread.


    To those that were following.. 8 new ram chips in.. machine is good.. mmu was not an issue.



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