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  1. You would think it would be a matter of firmware right? Yeah.. that joystick port thing.. grrrrrr. But to get PUFF BBS running you have to have one. James
  2. Dropcheck this is a board you are making? or you bought one and want to test it? how did the tests go btw? If you are making it.. it would be really helpful to have one of these that supports the FULL Hayes AT command set.. because so much of the software back in the day was designed for it. Part of the issues today using Lantronix devices and some of the other wifi or wired "modem" devices is they only support a limited what they think they need command set.. and thats most certainly not true on the BBS end. James
  3. Well.. everything back together.. the display is not as bad as it was. The display in composite is bad in the U1mb menu.. bad.. but in the atari screen not bad. In S-video much better in both. But I think connections etc.. are better now and I can live with the composite and the S-video is of pretty good quality. SO I can use headers and output to Component? Would that be better than S-video? I am going to consider this part of the build successful now.. if I can do something to improve video later.. so be it. Thanks to all who contributed and put in suggestions.. it was frustrating.. I guess a so so connection somewhere.. the display is "better" Oh can I use that Stress tester for Altirra for real hardware.. would that be a good way to BURN in the computer??? James
  4. OK miswired the colour signal into the UAV.. that has been correct.. BUT . BOTH UAVs.. work fine.. good UAV rev Ds.. but not for my 1088.. which is still messed up.. and its not the UAV.. but it is going to the video circuit. So something feeding into the UAV is not right on the board.. How to I isolate that? James
  5. Looking at Sugerland's pic a few times this afternoon got me thinking.. I screwed up putting the IN into the circuit.. I put it next to the other wires.. so I was putting it into the other ground. SO.. BOTH UAVs.. work fine.. Which is good for this thread.. good UAV rev Ds.. but not for my 1088.. which is still messed up.. and its not the UAV.. but it is going to the video circuit. James
  6. Its ok, I am having the same fun.. I need to back through UAV threads.. IS there any CAPs or something else I could have touched?? how do I troubleshoot the COLOUR portion of the circuit? James
  7. Last 3-4 posts in the 1088 build have the pictures. I was going to re-re the pins.. but then thought wait.. i have a bunch of spare sockets.. so i doubled up. Then installed. Looked ok.. just b/w .. but this was the uav from the 1088 that i thought might have been bad.. so.. maybe it was.. but when i put the uav that originally come from that machine back in.. b/w as well. So i did SOMETHING to the 800xl somehow because both uav give same result. The colour pot seems to range from .5v to 9.3v moves fine but dont remember that large of a voltage range. James
  8. Need help again. Was troubleshooting what I thought was a bad UAV in a 1088xel.. SO I removed it from there.. installed it in my Great working 800xl with UAV. Plugged it in.. and instead of bad colour I got no colour B/W .. thought the UAV from the 1088xel must be bad. - Reinstalled the good UAV that was originally in the 800xl.. just B/w.. I have lost all my colour somehow. All connections are good.. only thing I did was remove and reinstall UAVs.. I need a hand. Running out of energy for all this. Thanks James
  9. managed to screw up the 800xl now.. no colour. Out of energy for this for now.. very frustrating. James
  10. This is what I am referring. SO I have the first pictures for the XEL need to desolder.. pic 2 is the best I have managed so far.. and pic 3 is what I need to end up with to test in other board.. or at least get the header out. James
  11. lol.. no funny how no one gets that.. the header that connects the line of the UAV to the board.. in any other machine I have to use wires.. and the header would touch components on the board.. so I have to remove the 5pin header.. put the wire bus in .. or solder direct or some kind of jumper.. then if I am putting it back.. solder that header back in. I just tend to find my de-solder skill is ok to salvage a component.. but not if I want to reuse pads again and again.... James
  12. nothing backwards ,all joints now checked, values of all transistors checked. orientation etc.. at least 5 x now.. looked under all sockets that I could see for anything jammed. I did have issues with the U1MB - but nothing from that could have effect on the video circuit right? Otherwise seems to be fine.. computer has run for hours.. with crap video but otherwise fine. LSI chips swapped for 800xl - Chips from 1088 work in 800xl and produce fantastic video via UAV in that machine. Ran Ms.Pacman cart (good colour changes and missile/pl gr) 24h plus all is good. it has been suggested I sub out the UAV.. put the one from the 1088xel in a known good (800xl) machine.. just hate desoldering.. but if thats the next step.. then so be it. Suggestions? James
  13. Fantastic to read these posts. I love how everyone pitches in and helps a project. I think when I get to this 3.2g sparta is a more than likely possibility because of the Memory conflict issue you find so often with these in Dos X. So this is helpful for me. Thanks James
  14. Does the ANTIC on this board get hot? I notice mine is oretty wsrm...hmm
  15. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IaKNpNNhiXePkRFJEb-vpXRWeXNTjI_T?usp=sharing Google drive folder to video of program running and a few screen shots. James
  16. I have another UAV that was ment for my 800- I could set it up.. the only think I have to do is solder and de-solder the connection pins.. I am much better at soldering than de-soldering. I will get the program a try tonight. Have to pickup my new to me Dell 2007FPb. Looking forward to it for 8-bit and 16bit I think. (Buying it more as a backup) James
  17. sigh.. I wanted to do my bbs "thing" on the 800 incognito.. but looking like that is not going to happen. i guess I will either use my 800xl U1mb or 1088xel .. hmmmmm Yes that was the software I wanted to check out too Kyle, but as I understand it.. its heavy use of the extensions makes it pointless unless those load. James
  18. Jeff you mean Basic XL? decided to go that route rather than XE? and are you running through the Side2 rom area? as per post #8 of this thread? James
  19. Anyone else have an idea on my video issue?? can I do more post more pictures etc.. I have no idea what else to do .. everything seems to be fine.. all checks suggested have been done.. I am at a stand still. James
  20. The Missing Manual is great.. that was what I was thinking. Checked all connections again.. added solder to any suspect points.. cleaned with IPA .. removed checked and replaced UAV. Everything seems fine. Is the 13pin RGB just like an ST output? James
  21. Unfortunatly no luck. Q9 is oriented correct and I am getting 8.89v with my Multimeter. to the pot at the c36/R26 junction. I checked all pins. OH moved the LEDs around.. they are working.. DAMM they were hard to desolder. I am going to pull check the UAV.. and replace. James
  22. Thanks Michael, I was never suggesting that it was something you should do.. I always considered this a community effort once you started getting this out there and that people contributed. I was just surprised the amount of things that Mopar told me.. and I thought.. hmmm I never read that anywhere or saw that anywhere.. its out there.. you just have to sift through things to find it. I look for ways to contribute to the community - I am a hardware hack guy - I love doing the mods, making them work, making the machines better.. I dont even use that much software on the machines. I loved this project (1088xel). So if doing something like a "setup" rather than an assembly manual would be helpful, I would do it and share - at the moment I just am not aware how to "setup" everything myself. Ok.. will look into the Q9 thing.. James
  23. Just putting it in this thread, it is elsewhere on AA.. but copies of the PUffBoard were found. James
  24. please share! I would like to see that. As far as I am aware (and I have been looking) it is not. James
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