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  1. LOL.. sorry other way around it will export DXF, but tinkercad will not import.. Sigh.. I will need to look at other software I guess Tinkercad is too limited. James
  2. You say anymore.. what happened? I am recapping 2 of mine in the next few weeks. I am willing to recap yours. Where are you? But understanding how it stopped working would be good.. Do you have pictures? James
  3. I was playing with Tinkercad.. and I tried SVG... did not work.. what it imported was the cutouts. I know it can import DXF.. but FPD does not export DXF? James
  4. Has anyone done the H80 Case cover and back plate in PLA? any STL files? Only thing I can export the FPE files as are .svg files which really does not help a whole lot. This is not going to be the prettiest.. but it gets me covers where as I am not interested in spending another $150 on case covers right now. OR I will just cut the cartridge opening in the original metal cover and use that for now.. and no back plate. I see someone did an H60 back plate on thingyverse, and I think I read that all backplates for mini itx are the same dimensions?? So could I use that?? James
  5. problem solved. I was able to contact wizztonics and they did have some info and DOCs.. I was missing a jumper under from the cpu to the megabus. This helped with blitter issue.. all better now. Thanks for the suggestions all. James
  6. Anyone interested the ST GUILD is back up. addresses are the same.. and if you had an account its still good.. I know because mine is James
  7. I am using the exxos multi test cart. It is on his store webpage. There are jumpers for the various types of ST.. but otherwise they are using the Atari corp ROMS.. as far as I understand it. James
  8. Thanks tf_hh I have this thread going on Exxos board - I have replaced both the Shifter and the MMU - both those chips work fine in KNOWN working Mega.. so thats not it. ( I in fact 1 at a time replace all socketed chips) BUT - after the suggestion of corrosion or bad solder joints. I removed the backplane and the lower plate and looked at the bottom. Although very clean.. well maintained.. I can see joints that have been reflowed? maybe a part or two replaced? also arrow marks on solder points that I guess were suspected to poor. My point.. this board has been through this before. On examination I do not see any BAD joints.. but I guess I could reflow the joints of the MMU and the SHifter?? would that be a suggestion before going at the 74LS? The 373s are F types.. which I hear are better. Can they be tested? or do you just RE-RE and thats the best way? James
  9. wow.. that flamed out.. feel sorry for him. Other stuff he has done has been great. Tough one. SO did he not know that what he was selling was a rebranded $10 item? maybe someone sold him a bill of goods? no idea.... James
  10. Trying to repair a Mega. Using a diag cart.. I get a T4 memory error.. removed all socketed chips and reseated. Same issue. These plcc chips do not play well with a std PLCC chip puller.. not liking it. So would prefer to not be swapping chips in an out all after noon. If anyone has suggestions as to what to test next.. very open to ideas.
  11. This worked great. Thanks so much. James
  12. Eiffel 3 adaptor.. full with both joystick ports $18 euro.. cant go wrong. James
  13. Hey guys a 1.04 machine not pp improved has the clock bug.. but looking around I cant find a tos patch .. I thought it was just patched in TOS? or is it up to the individual software? Control panel reports year 28. I am using an UltraSatan.. used MEGASTE most of time and this is fixed.. I thought I knew this. James
  14. This one is using a linksys power adapter from an old router 5v 2amp barrel plug. One of the cards I was using fine on cosmos was using your drivers PP and it just lost the driver install.. no idea.. re-installed driver to card.. booted up. Wondering if going back and forth to the PC something is reading.. or checking.. maybe a virus checker or something and removing the boot loader? weird. Now that I have one card working again.. going to get another working and re-try 2 cards. If I have 2 cards say 2 partitions on the 1st and 3 on the 2nd. will it automatically do C,D on 1 and E,F,G on the other? Jame
  15. not the same device.. This was released to the public.. back by jookie I think in 2013. IS there a github for it? James
  16. I have a rev. 4 UltraSatan by retrofun. Retrofun.info is gone.. It would seem the person that was doing this has moved on. I have no manual, etc.. not sure he did anything more than the jookie project. Anyone else using this device? Thanks James
  17. Hello all, sorting through old disks and programs.. I have an A&D Universal Item Selector. Ver. 3 I would like to know if anyone has a complete dump of this.. the one I find is an already installed version. I am looking for a copy that has UIS_III.dat on the disk (this is the file that is corrupt for me) This is the program file, that gets converted once you program in your name and serial number. By Chance anyone? James
  18. what about the NTSC vs PAL thing?? some of these are EUROPEAN.. so they will be PAL versions.. anyone know which are which? James
  19. Yes the pigwa is really nice.. and large.. with lots of com and exe and xex etc.. is there a ZIPPED up version of it?? looking to LOAD up an AVG cart or something.. and play something.. or an S-Drive.. that type of thing. Are there images that people are putting on all these new S-Drives? James
  20. Posting.. on this old post.. well because its my post. Looking for archives (AKA a zip file as inclusive as possible) or programs for the Atari 8 in ATR and in XEX(or whatever) executable. I appreciate those that posted.. but what I would like to find is say the Holmes.. but download it all in a zip?? Thanks James
  21. not sure what it was, but I reseated EVERYTHING.. I checked all connections were not touching other things etc... and it fired up again.. SO .. YEAH! thanks for those who made suggestions. James
  22. time for the service manual and the schematic I guess. James
  23. Thanks for the luck madi, looks like I am going to need it. GTIA was not the issue.. that was swapped out for the known good one in the 1088xel. James
  24. no.. there was not sound. - I did not try the Start buzzer.. I will see.. but not hopeful.
  25. power supplies - 2 different used.. checked on 3 machines, so thats good. No click.. no nothing.. So when I built my 1088xel I was having some issues (in the build thread) So to rule out things.. I subbed some of the main chips with this machine because well both are socketed. GTIA - CPU.. U1MB even UAV.. When this machine went back together - it was tested all seemed good.. screws back in the case.. on to the shelf. First time out last night.. nothing. I am going to boot the 1088xel up again (not had a chance yet) - if thats all good.. then I will change out the GTIA first.. because I think NO video signal at all has got to be related. See where that gets me. James
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