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  1. Well Russ, congrats on the Base XE.. I was going to look into that myself but found that XE does work work with the OSS bios extension on the U1mb.. so I would need a real cart. I do not have XE or a 5 in 1.. so I cannot go there at the moment. Let me know please if you decide to do this.. I have been looking into putting up something different and Unique - no one was running 8-bit forem.. so I was going to go that way.. but not if you are. As for your passion to continue to make bigger and better.. I really think you should just focus on working - and well done. NO ONE is interested in 9 message bases now.. let alone more. All those games you seem to be all excited about.. 1 - 2 people in the community play them now.. thats it. I have been calling bbs' faithfully for 3+ years now.. and I have NEVER played a game - besides starting one and thinking.. this is a waist of time. My favorite is SFHQ.. because it is colourful, the menus are great, it works well, and its unique. Many of the others are a close 2nd. I HATE Carina. But Mousenet for example has done wonders with regular Express! 1.0 If you are not going to do the Forem ST.. please pass it on to me, since you got it working!! and I will work on that. Since you are the only Forem ST board James
  2. yeah only time I can get both screens to look clean and sharp is if I turn the pot so its monochrome.. looks fantastic. BUT no colour. So .. something is still wrong. James
  3. now I see the background - BUT if I adjust the colour pot so that the bios screen looks good the Atari screen is MESSED.. if I adjust so the atari screen is good the bios screen has a red halo around lots of the images, words etc. What about those two power LED?
  4. Assuming this post is correct.. I did my settings as per the bottom one in red. Also just did all the checks from pin to pin.. all connections are present. James
  5. ok.. successfully booted.. but there are issues. 1. no LEDs lit at the 555 - no 5v no ON 2. got the machine up and running composite video at the moment. Adjusted the POT so the screen was a nice blue. Updated the U1mb to XELnoGOS.rom This is what the XEL screen looks like.. Remember the ATARI screen is as perfect as composite gets.. with this at the same time. Ideas? James
  6. Ok to post questions here? Trying to run BBCS II - BBS program.. set device to 850 with modem.. to receive calls on port 9000- which is the port that is set in the router etc.. This is what happens when I call - the program does not look like it has responded.. but since the Altirra is locked up.. not crashed.. I am not sure what happened.. ideas?? Had someone else call same thing. The issue is not on connect, but I would assume it would see port 9000, when you are connecting.. the client gets nothing on their end. If they disconnect.. THAT LOCKS UP THE EMU. James
  7. I did get my Prize btw.. THANKS so much to Darkforce and to EXXOS!!! James
  8. Russ please contact Steve @ [email protected] I told him you are having issues. IF you have a registered version of APE: He will help. 90% of the time its the drivers. James
  9. YEP.. totally agree John I was looking at that (see another thread where I asked about editing basic code) BUT - the more I read about AMIS the more I think, its not unique.. its just OLD - one msg base.. and no flavor and any Flavor I add wont amount to much. SO I am moving on to.. Bulletin Board Construction Set II - Antic publishing.. might be interesting enough to get calls. - Have to see if that will work with the UDS - not basic, and not sure those routines are modifiable. FOrEM XL(prefered) or XE - XE I can find .. but for the life of me I cannot find an Image anywhere on the net of Forem XL - though I found many posts around where people said they ran it back in the day. My only thought here is to run something thats different.. EXPRESS PRO! is fantastic and runs great etc.. but we have 3 or 4 of those bbs. I currently do not see any BBSs running either of the two above systems. I did test out EXPRESS! 1.0 APE version yesterday.. works perfect.. no hitches issues etc.. SO I could run that and modify it to make Biker's Clubhouse. This could be my fallback plan. I would love to run Steve Carden's last effort he called it TCP/IP express - not sure what other than dealing with the net was updated from Express PRO! I saw some posts from people asking about buying Express PRO.. seems like the guy who currently owns it is quiet. James
  10. Yeah Jeff that is exactly the system I am playing with and getting it to work. BTW I am using it through APE at the moment. It does autonegotion for you, so pretty fast conneciton. I want to use the UDS though.. so going to try a non specific Express! and see if I can get that working.. I think the one I would like to run because no one does is FOREM.. XL or XE James
  11. Well Bob Puffs bbs is not basic and is compiled code, so dongle it is. Not hard to make - just debating how to grab the signal from CD. James
  12. Ok so using a UDS-10 I need to pull a single signal physically (bummer) to wire into a little dongle? wonder how the original looked? would not have thought you were cutting open a cable end. james
  13. Hey guys. Looking for something that WE KNOW works with an 8-bit and a UDS device. All this is - is a test of the UDS device.. make sure it will handle incoming calls. After that I am going to play with other bbs software. I know nitelite and PUFF BBS require some sort of hardware to use.. (dongles) Any others?? Anyone tried AMIS - one of the original BBSs? Says works with a Hayes but I have only got a weird audio tones when I have set it to auto answer.. But I am not sure I have the no-ip.net setup correct so that people reach the UDS device. James
  14. Ok.. so figured out 56.. That is receive with active DTR And full verbose modem mode. This sounds right to me if i want to use it for both outgoing and incoming. So maybe my issues are pr: connect atari. I think i am going to open the cable (home made) and recheck connections. This used to work fine. James
  15. So I was just on Parttime with my UDS-100 - took me a few tries to get online.. But when I did.. this is what I got. So that is not good. This is my device installer page.. all the settings are as per your PDF. I think everything on the UDS100 side is ok.. I think this might be an atari issue.. but not sure. So I am using a STOCK 800xl at the moment. Booted my BOBterm.atr via APE PR: connt is the first device in the chain. But could not get things to work using SpartaDos G or X 4.2? (cart) Only using the does on the Bobterm ATR did it seem to load the R:handler properly. Now looking at your PDF and at the UDS manual.. it is saying connectmode for modem with no echo is C6.. you had 56 in your PDF.. is that correct?? James
  16. yeah.. but his point is.. its NOT doing that. I think he knows what its supposed to do by his letter to Lantronics.. what he is saying it aint happn. James
  17. I have no idea if he is having issues making connections and disconnecting them in the command mode _The Doctor_ his specific issue it getting it to respond to commands from a remote connection. To either connect.. OR disconnect when the command is coming from an external connection. I am going to be doing this with my UDS100 as well. Will start with JPs config and go from there. James
  18. Nezgar, when ended up with all those BBS Express's did they get archived?? Can those be run?? either with serial numbers hacked etc?? Just asking.. I am playing with BBS software right now.. so at the moment kind of my thing. That was a great thread.. Hope that software was archived. James
  19. SO to sum up on this thread.. is there now a complete ish archive of all this software?? I am playing with BBCSII right now.. and would love to play with others.. BBSing when I was a kid was my favorite thing to do on the computer. More than playing games. We have several people who I know through following threads are also big collectors, but I would like to make sure its available somewhere?? Geezer were you not going to make a WORKING Puff ATR? would be fantastic to have an archive of working BBS softwares. I have played with AMIS, which I seem to get running.. but at the moment I cannot get my UDS100 to respond to its "waiting for a call" It runs.. sees the PR: so assumes there is a Hayes comptible modem there.. but I have not successfully logged in. SO - Nitelite.. anyone played with its hardware requirement level? Geezer your diagram of the dongle.. what does Ring refer to? where is that point going to? James
  20. No Jeff, if you were able to update.. the device is good. Its in the configuration of the device. I just went through all this with UDS and MSS devices. SO.. here is the thing to note. A UDS device is a END device a MODEM.. an MSS is a SERVER device. You have a UDS - SO.. you need to use a STD (ATARI wired) MODEM cable.. - NOT a NULL modem cable.. BUT - since you have people calling and their typing shows up.. ITS WORKING.. so the cable is FINE. IT is in the configuration.. - ON AA - go to clubs - you will see BBS GURU's club.. look in there.. you will see a configuration posted for a UDS10 from John Polka. Follow that. John uses his to run bbs's The 1100 is just a faster device. If you can run deviceinstaller see the device and telnet to it to see the config.. its working.. - its just getting the config correct. James
  21. Found this Ftp of DOSs if anyone finds stuff in it we need to make a complete collection. http://glia.no-ip.org/repositorio/programas/ATARI/DOSes/ James
  22. Anyone know of a good CompactFlash Image to use with the Side2 in Altirra? (or easiest way to create one?) James
  23. Just wanted to post a thanks. This is very cool, I really had not done much with Altirra since back early 2.1 erra, I am playing with 3.9 now.. wow.. so much you can do. I really love my real hardware.. but testing some hardware setups or programs etc.. (I am playing with BBSs) SO MUCH easier in Altirra.. super cool. I find it interesting that EMU on Atari 8-bit is SOO MUCH futher along than the ST.. When dealing with BBS stuff the 850 is in there.. with a modem device already setup for telnet emu.. fantastic!! Cannot do that with STEEM or Hatari. I am sure its in the docs, but when I want to save a "SYSTEM" config I have.. I use profiles? Also looking at firmwares etc.. and devices and being able to EMU my real hardware system .. I cannot seem to get the system to boot with a U1mb and a Side2 (even if no cf device has been configed) I am not positive but I thought in the U1MB firmware if I did not have a PBI device setup I could still use the SIDE2 as a loader.. just not a HDD.. but any combo of U1mb and Side2 is not working.. Note I have loaded the latest Flashjazz firmware in the devices. Ultimatefirmware for the U1mb 512k and Side2oss (allowing oss cart images?) for the side2. James
  24. Ok I am using No-ip.com.. they have a program I can download and run as a service in the background on the windows machine. the Router is a TP60 Archer TP-link.. it does port forwarding.. I did this years ago and did not need all this.. but I was just creating a domain front for my at home server. Now with the port forwarding.. I know I can set the external port to whatever I want.. 8000 for example.. but how do I know what port the UDS is operating on?? in the Device installer program?? James
  25. You have your DDNS.NET addresses - anything special needed on the Atari end? How is the ports assigned? James
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