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  1. So last month I was getting my 1088xel working from the build, and I had an issue here and there, so I used bits from my 800xl - with u1mb, UAV. Last night I wanted to loan it to a friend because he has a Soldered 800xl (Taiwan) board that we will have to yank out 3 chips to put in the above items. Went to turn it on.. power light on keyboard.. but nothing else.. NOTHING.. not a flash on the screen .. garbled anything.. nothing. So subbed out the U1mb. no Subbed out the UAV nothing. I would love some suggestions. Power is getting to the board.. the keyboard pwr light is on. I guess I will now use the 1088xel to sub out major chips into this one.. see if I broke something.. I put it away working fine.. sitting on a shelf.. something broke. James
  2. what is the model? I have multiplies of this same drive.. I have had 2 that were not working.. and now work. Did this computer come to you never opened?? or have previous owners been in it. In a megaST - which this drive is in sometimes.. the cable does NOT twist.. in other machines it might.. it will not do any damage to the drive -- but I will tell you.. you get no response at all if plugged in the wrong way around.. Have you tried it both ways? NO cable and just the power plug in.. power on - will usually light up the drive light at least.. if your not getting that.. then maybe its dead. I can give you further advice if you see any life. James
  3. on deaf ears eh flash... lol.. well one the great things about the 8-bit scene there are more than enough devices out there to get the job done at a pretty reasonable price, and still many people interested in making more devices, so maybe this is yet to come James
  4. ebigguy - this is the same for Side2? or that is a seperate device for this? I know getting the OSS stuff was talked about in another thread. Was the side2 addressed there? I am guessing since I need a modified sparta that rules out U1mb or write this modified version to the Rom, and the BasicXE (what I would want) to the one of the available car: slots. James
  5. well I was being polite.. as for why you cannot register.. maybe try a VPN to get to Atari-forum if your domain is blocked. James
  6. John DeMar, Robert Dolan, Richard Gortatowsky and Steve Grimm are the names I can associate with QMI and its products. BB/ST specifically seems to be Steve Grimm.. but not sure if others contributed. If anyone has seen or heard of these guys.. they were back in the day all up in the Rochester NY area. The real shame is QMI stopped making products back in 89 - im sure they felt there was little of no future for their stuff.. I really like their DeskCart! and I am trying to get it working (RTC).. talking to John DeMar I am sure would help. You could program other things into that cart add UIS III for example or your other favorite item.. I think an RTC/accessory cart is still a very useful idea. I have several and would love to get the RTC working beyond 2000. More software than hardware. Anyway.. BB/ST did get out there.. DeskCarts! they had a high res tablet, several other great products.. But most of their info, contacts, any sources etc.. seem to be gone. James
  7. IF you are someone who can look at a Chip datasheet and tell me if the chip can do post 2000 years.. can you look at the above? I see there is 2 bits for the year Y1 and Y10 - nothing stating where the date starts? or what its assuming.. I have several of these devices and I want to know if its worth playing with. https://www.digchip.com/datasheets/part ... RS-pdf.php Picture of the cart - RTC chip. https://ibb.co/1nGyL3j Peter and others have written software that will trick the software to get the right date.. I know there is some software that I can put an address in and hopefully the "get" and "set" will work for this chip/Cart I would like to use this.. I have seen several other post they have one of these.. but outside of the ForgetmeclockII etc.. I have not seen anyone try and get this one working.. I dont know how to read the data sheet for it to tell me what I need to know.. is this Y2k compliant ( I think not) and what address or how do I use one of the programs out there to "trick" the TOS into displaying and using the correct time/date. James
  8. thanks Lastic, but I have been on Atari-forum almost as long as Atari-Age.. I am in all those threads. James
  9. that sucks.. wish people have something better to do. James lol.. I keep wanting to finish with /s
  10. well I will say this.. this ForeSight bbs is very much a polished product .. despite the fact that it did not get out of Beta. It was also developed late in the 90s. which leads it to have many more features and stylings like those of the very popular commercial bbs' for the PC like Mustang and Syncronet etc. In fact I would say there are almost too many features.. it makes it confusing. Todays use of the BBS is as a fun diversion, all the crazy networking, and message options are cool when you are trying to keep someones interest as opposed to them calling a PC board or going on the net.. but today.. too much. James
  11. Ok, tried one more thing.. SO .. I think this is a driver issue.. maybe a cartridge power issue??? I found a Kingston Traveller 8gb stick. - Its was found - now that at the moment is being used for something else.. so it could not see partitions as it was an 8gb partition. BUT - after I swapped it out and put the sandisk mini cruiser back in.. it see its.. sees 2 partitions and i can install the devices on the desktop.. But - I cannot access them.. I try and click on the icons.. nothing. SO.. something in the way Kingston makes their drives these drivers or this cartridge likes..
  12. I have been trying this through facebook, through Atari-Forum - on MEgaST on STE - I still have an STF and MegaSTE to try.. but I cannot get the STORAGE driver to load. I have not tried the mouse.. which I have usb.. or keyboard.. maybe that would be worth it to see if its the usb keys. I have a Sandisk 1gb key.. formatted to 2 487mb partitions Every computer I own sees it.. has not issues with this.. But the STE boote up with the .ST image provided in this thread.. gives me a NetUSBee Root Hub.. but does not see any of the drives I have. I also have some really nice small 128mb thumb drives from days past.. but it does not see any of those 3. Out of ideas. James
  13. How were you able to take a picture of your screen.. mine goes by soooo fast I cannot read what it says.. I am having the same issues as 256 colours.. I cannot get the storage drivers to load. James
  14. seems a few boards are down at the moment. James
  15. yes.. what happened was I forgot to deactivate it in the first place. It was a 512k machine.. so it saw the on board 512 and one bank of the upgrade. I then deactivated the on board - lifting the 2 approp resistors and running them to 5v - and then NOTHING.. What most people say is - if it cant find memory in bank 0 .. then no boot.. so it could not see the 512k and I guess could not find the 2m on the upgrade either. Removed everything - back to 512k. So I have returned the upgrade to Exxos.. hopefully its found that one of the memory chips is faulty and I get another.. because if thats not it??? I guess I have a 2.5meg computer James
  16. Well speaking of ForeSight.. I really like it, and I have decided I am going to work on it.. and work on that being the one I put up. I have been able to get in touch with Brian Hauer author, so that has been helpful. To be honest it almost puts itself up.. but I do need to figure out how to edit the menus and screens etc. FDT - I have still not found.. though I would like to. maybe we could get someone to OLD SCHOOL crack it.. so its not in DEMO mode? who knows. I am working on the bbs on STEEM at the moment.. soon I will be transferring it over to the real hardware and the UDS-100 for the modem.. and then we see... (crossing fingers)
  17. Yeah.. Got Foresight up and running.. but I cannot connect even locally because it wants to take the modem off the hook and of course I have no modem connected to the STEEM EMU. Its a pretty good looking BBS - lots in place.. apparently really easy to install lots of DOOR games.. Menus I can create in 4-5 different graphics formats.. I can also have up to 9 different screens per menu so that it will use a random screen each time you access the menu.. kind of cool. Some of the instructions were sparse.. for example you use the Function keys to change pages or exit certain programs in setting up the bbs.. but no where is that mentioned.. I just started pressing keys and figured it out. used as an .ACC an ANSI font is installed for use in the bbs - so that the menus and screens on the SYSOP side look good. Interesting, and it does look better for sure. Brian Hauer TSO software I contacted through twitter.. he says he gave someone the SOURCE.. but I have not found it anywhere.. just the .47 wide beta. This would be a cool bbs to get up.. one thing I wish a lot of these guys would have done was a LOCAL - I dont need a modem connection mode. Or get source so that some changes could be made. I dont think I have seen one around.. and it is customizable enough to keep me busy. James
  18. actually it was in the archive of Foresight BBS.. working on getting that running right now.. looks like it might be an interesting bbs. I will have to move it to the ST to really test it though.. since I cannot get a EMU to work at the moment with the modem. James
  19. Whatever happened to this? Was there ever a version found that was not a demo? James
  20. found this in a number of BBS related things.. WHAT is FZDS?? I have seen FSE two way chat. protocols... I cannot find any real information about them. No idea what FZDS stands for itself. James
  21. Posting here, as this was my thread to start.. and I am doing some stuff.. trying with STEEM and Hatari. I think I might have figured something out with Hatari with TCPser and a Null-modem program.. Might work. Steem allows output to a file, or to a real serial port.. I now have 3 lantronix devices - UDS on here might work if I test on my older Pentium 4 machine running windows XP - But on the WIndows 10 machine I type this one, I still have not found anything to do it with STEEM.. we will see how the Hatari idea pans out. In the mean time I found this looking for stuff. http://traveller.gxis.de/ Lots of BBS stuff on there.. in fact - if you read this is his BBS files section from back when the bbs was up and running. James
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