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  1. This fork of the software works with the original Nick Kennedy serial SIO2PC does it not? I just pulled mine out and want to start using it with a windows based interface. thanks James
  2. I just pulled mine out to play with it. My QWERTY keys (specifically) do not work. Have to open it up.. bummer.
  3. I'm going to ask this here, and please direct me to any thread or forum that might better answer this question. I have an original SIO2PC that I made.. 20 years ago? I want to test it, see that it works. IS there an original circuit diagram that I can check my work against? Does this software work with the original circuit? or what do I need to use? I have plenty of old PC/laptop hardware around with 9 pin serials.. I even have a T40 dock with a 25pin port (which is what I originally built it with) Thanks James
  4. Is your BBS still up? tried to log in today.. nothing. No Connection?
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