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  1. The site's update looks nice but navigation may take some getting used to.  Used to always rely on the "my content" button before to get to topics/forums that I was interested in; that button appears to be gone.

    1. Albert


      Click on the "Activity" button at the top of the page.  That will open a popup with some choices.  If you click on "Activity Streams", you'll see more as well.  I'm going to clean this up, as it's a bit messy right now.  There's considerably more flexibility with this software to create and name your own "Activity" streams, but it has a (relatively small) learning curve .



    2. DuggerVideoGames


      Thanks, Albert!  After choosing "My Activity Streams", it gave me a list and found my recent posts in "Content I posted in".  Obviously, it will take a bit for you to polish up whatever messes you find and for users to become more familiar with the new layout; nevertheless, the site is more visually stunning now.

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