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  1. Hollywood lacks originality nowadays.  They're always remaking something.  I have an idea for an awesome show.  A TALKING CAR!!!  Justin Bieber plays as a cop who gets shot on the face.  What?  No, I'm not remaking Knight Rider.  Shut up and listen.  Bieber gets shot in the face and is dead; a talking car replaces him and solves all the cases.  See?  Different from Knight Rider.

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    2. malrak


      Can't wait to see the fan edits where Justin gets shot in the face, screen fades to black while happy music queues, and the credits roll. 

    3. GoldLeader


      As long as it's all about the car and what's-his-nose is only in the first episode,  I'm in!

    4. DuggerVideoGames


      GoldLeader, Bieber is only on screen for 10 seconds and then he's done.  When you use the real thing, you gotta get it right in just one take!

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