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  1. "That's as funny as a screen door on a battleship!" Back to the Future is my favorite movie series ever. That's my Star Wars!
  2. Some tips for you guys: you get an extra life at every 10k points. You cannot have more than 3 lives icons in the corner, though. So no matter how many points you have, you will never have more than 3 extra lives.
  3. [Unleaded]: 357,940 pts Cleared all 8 levels twice and felt like I was about to do it a third time. Had 3 lives on this level and failed. Those slow-moving bombs (if you beat the game on unleaded, it moves to premium the next time you're at stage 1) are so cruel when they're in the top row. 🤬
  4. I never noticed the 300-100 pts difference in stationary stomping and moving stomping that Ikrananka pointed out. Very interesting! I generally just stomp everything while moving from right-to-left or left-to-right (easier to do than stationary stomps, in my opinion) and then move up a level. I still complete the levels quickly. On later levels when everything starts falling sooner, I try to manipulate where everything falls by hanging in the corner and waiting for an item to fall. Then I move sideways and move up a level. I still stomp a lot of enemies as long as it doesn't look too difficult to do. It's really all about using good judgment and picking your spots. Friendly tip: if there's only ONE WAY to go up a level, then you do that ASAP. Don't screw around with stomps if it looks difficult and you can get up quickly. If climbing up doesn't look possible yet, then hang around in the corners and wait for items to fall there; if you're lucky, the creepers above you are also moving to the corner and then it's easier to climb up the only way up the middle. That's been the biggest difference in my improvements since last year in this game. Don't miss the extra-life bonuses (the items that you can grab). You're going to need them, because you will make mistakes. There were times I lost 2 or 3 lives on one level, then went so many in a row without losing a life.
  5. Definitely took well over an hour. Felt like it was about two hours, give or take about 20 minutes. I was getting bored after just 400k, and it felt like an eternity to get another 400k after that. I didn't quit, though. I genuinely ran out of time on the Spain level in the picture. I was SO CLOSE to the finish line, too! Passed the million just mere seconds before the game over. At this point in the game, there's so much gear-shifting coming out of the tight turns and with all the cars the margin for error is very small. In fact, I only crashed TWICE on this level and got a game over.
  6. The Canada and USA tracks were my favorites. Regularly passed 40+ cars on those.
  7. I think it shows up for the first time on phase 16 or so, and then shows up after every bonus level from that point on.
  8. 998,840 pts. Quickly hit the print screen button at the start of this level to capture the score before rollover. This late in the game, you're still getting extra lives at what appears to be every 10k points. Got my iPhone out and zoomed in to take a pic when the score rolled over. You see the first digit appears to be a pipe after the rollover.
  9. 215,960 pts. Should have done much better. Stupid deaths come in bunches.
  10. 149,130 pts. Holy crap, I'm so rusty! Lost almost all of my lives on phase 13.
  11. And yes, I know what it means. You just never hear anybody use that word anymore. 😁
  12. Regularly getting between 19k-22k now. Getting near 30k is going to be tough, but I'd love to see somebody pull that off. You need the game to be very generous to you on the first two fruits of the level. I've had as little as 800 pts on the first two fruits and as much as 2,800 pts (3k is possible, but you need those blue chompers to cooperate on that second fruit).
  13. Judging by the remaining time and fruits, you probably would've had 20k. Nice!
  14. 32,700 pts. Definitely skill 2. It says NORMAL at the bottom of the screen while I'm playing the levels. Difficult game. When I get the narrow building with the flying things, it feels difficult to find an opening. You pull off to the side waiting for the windows to open and the flying things just come over and knock you down anyway.
  15. 25,600 pts. I'm assuming it was skill two because I pressed 2 to start the game. First time I ever tried this game.
  16. Going to play in a moment and post a score soon. Was so busy this week and had to deal with a backed-up drain since yesterday. At least it's finally resolved today. Ugh.
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