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  1. I'd be interested in one. $50 would be reasonable price.
  2. received my copy. It's awesome, lots of interesting articles from Atari world. Great article on POKEY (The C distortion in POKEY sound generator)!
  3. @800_Rocks check this out: http://turgen.sourceforge.net/index.html not sure whether it supports audio tracks but looks like a powerful cassette SW for 8bit Ataris.
  4. hi Darren et al, is this book still available for order? I checked kickstarter page but could not find a button to pledge... thanks, Marco
  5. link is broken. here is working one: http://atari.panprase.cz/?action=detail&co=6607
  6. oh ok, so there is side B on #136. good to know, seems like my floppy disk came corrupted. Will download side B from abbuc website. thanks!
  7. Hey Annomatik, check my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1X9LkEKsIg i jumped on the BBS train just a few weeks ago. Still a lot to explore for me Fire me a PM if you need any help or have more questions about the setup. cheers, Marco
  8. I received my copy yesterday as well. It looks great! Love the 40 pages printed magazine + nice cover and the game Another Pong. However, i can't read side B of the disk - might be there is only side A published?
  9. keep it up! always good to see a new game on 8bit Atari
  10. SpartaDOS X. on a cartridge. real time clock. subdirectories. large ATR support. 128/256/512byte per sector support. file timestamps. allows to easily configure external RAM (512KB/1MB). VERY low memlo. FILE TIMESTAMPS. batch files. quick boot. HDD support. APT support. command line parameters. high speed SIO routines. the list goes on... did i mention file timestamps? This is the DOS that rules them all. The ONLY drawback for me is that it cannot read 360k (DS/DD or Quad) disks formatted by BiboDos 6.4 - it just reads 707 sectors (ataridos double), and not all 1427. And boy i have tons of these from 90-ies...
  11. thanks John, you have a great BBS. Keep it up! I wish more people are using BBSes but well, it's a thing of the past... I am still very curious to explore the world of BBS, since this is something i was not able to do when i was young. I am still struggling to download anything off any BBS, but i guess i am just doing something wrong. thanks for kind words... yes i spent a lot of time (and fortune) to get proper picture for my 800XL (tried several LCDs, upscalers, video cables, etc.), until i settled with this configuration which works the best for me: - UAV built in 800XL: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260267-the-uav-rev-d-video-upgrade-thread/ - Atari to Svideo cable (friend of mine built it for me, but it can be bought from Lotharek's site as well): https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=198. The trick here is to use svideo and not composite video (yellow RCA). I use USB powered speakers for sound - Ambery svideo to VGA converter: https://www.ambery.com/vitoxgacoscs.html - i tried and experimented with many other upscalers/converters from ebay, but this one is the best, hands down. - VGA cable from ambery to LCD - 17" LCD with VGA input oh, and the session was captured by iPhone SE. Not the best video capturing device, but works ok
  12. Hey James, i'm using this wifimodem: link ~ 31USD, Atari CX-87 cable: link ~ 20USD and ICD P: R: Connection bought off ebay for ~50 USD (it's similar to Atari 850, providing R: handler). Wifimodem has a firmware that allows to have several addresses stored in phonebook (ATP command): see the complete listing of commands here: https://github.com/bozimmerman/Zimodem so far i tried Bobterm and ICE-T, going to give other programs a try, but i like ICE-T the best so far just because of 80 column support, which is godsend in case browsing on non-atari BBS'es. Also the speed is amazing, you can scroll back and forth through the text with OPTION/SELECT keys. Amazing software. Kudos to Itay Chamiel.
  13. Yesterday it was my 1st time on the BBS from Atari 800XL machine. I'm having a blast! going to explore these sites soon... http://sfhqbbs.org/ataribbslist.php and also would like to give plato a try. are there any other tools/games to try? anything that uses telnet/modem connection? ah yes and i recorded also a short video of ICE-T connecting to BBS: https://youtu.be/K1X9LkEKsIg cheers,
  14. very interested in Volume 2 of this book. 800xl was my first computer, so volume 1 is not that appealing to me... anyway, good job with this book, it looks fabulous!
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