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  1. basic off option maybe? Our "option" keys would be very grateful to you, knowing they do not need to be (o)pressed so much during mount and boot sequence.
  2. this is cool! but is there a way to upload own image? i can't see any upload button/file selector.
  3. i second this. swap images/disks would be very handy indeed. When swapping mounted slot with not mounted slot you simply move the mounted disk to desired location. This is probably not the right thread for FN improvement ideas, but i'll add two more anyway 1) can we please get basic on/off switch with a push of a key in FN menu? - It's few lines of code. Since Basic is enabled by default on stock XL, and most of the programs do not require it, one need to hold Option key pressed for quite a long time if there are few atr images mounted. Sometimes it takes 30-60 seconds in my case. http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tutorials/tips 2) would it be possible to increase number of hosts? With the growing number of publicly available hosts, the list gets full quite fast and one needs to remove some hosts in order to try new ones out. to all Fujinet developers: you are doing amazing work. keep it up! Marco
  4. you are very welcome! maybe just extract .com and .doc and put it in a dos atr bundle of your choice. html viewer was not written for command line DOSes though, but should work in SpartaDos (I am huge fan of SDX nowadays). Been using BiboDos 6.4F for many years as it was very popular in Europe (also supported XF551 drive/DSDD disks). Maybe I will rewrite HTML viewer/converter to run as command line tool and make it faster. btw, It had built-in support for 80 columns by Itay which was very nice feature. Will check out the bug reporting thread for sure. thanks!
  5. received my Fujinet just this week. What an amazing device! great job, @tschak909 and the rest of the team. Been playing with FJ and so far I am very happy about it despite few issues. I understand many features are still in development, so no biggie. Few suggestions for files to be put on SD card: - SECTCOPY.ATR - selection of few good sector copiers, my favourite being Copy2000 (supports 360k disks on XF551 and can copy/format flawlessly atr's via SIO2SD device) HTML13.ZIP - simple html viewer/converter I wrote some 20 years ago (html was way simpler back then, haha). It's not the fastest viewer (no read/write buffer) but did the job back then. There is also a doc file attached. Marek SECTCOPY.ATR html13.zip
  6. I'd be interested in one. $50 would be reasonable price.
  7. received my copy. It's awesome, lots of interesting articles from Atari world. Great article on POKEY (The C distortion in POKEY sound generator)!
  8. @800_Rocks check this out: http://turgen.sourceforge.net/index.html not sure whether it supports audio tracks but looks like a powerful cassette SW for 8bit Ataris.
  9. hi Darren et al, is this book still available for order? I checked kickstarter page but could not find a button to pledge... thanks, Marco
  10. link is broken. here is working one: http://atari.panprase.cz/?action=detail&co=6607
  11. oh ok, so there is side B on #136. good to know, seems like my floppy disk came corrupted. Will download side B from abbuc website. thanks!
  12. Hey Annomatik, check my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1X9LkEKsIg i jumped on the BBS train just a few weeks ago. Still a lot to explore for me Fire me a PM if you need any help or have more questions about the setup. cheers, Marco
  13. I received my copy yesterday as well. It looks great! Love the 40 pages printed magazine + nice cover and the game Another Pong. However, i can't read side B of the disk - might be there is only side A published?
  14. keep it up! always good to see a new game on 8bit Atari
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