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Marco/GMG, active in 8bit demoscene during 1993-1998. Games: co-author of Dynakillers (2 to 3 players deathmatch, game in VBI, real time sampled effects). Demos: Wanted megademo, Alpha, Implosion, Orange Road Intro, Risa Zla Intro, Robot Assault, Street Fighter 2 Demo, Bristly Hedhehog, 9 in 1, 5 digit Pictures


8bit HW: Atari 800XL (Ultimate 1MB + QMEG 4.04 + SpartaDos X 4.49c); Atari 800XE (Ctirads' 576XE half meg RAM expansion cartridge + Covox); FUJINET, Lotharek's SIDE2 Cart (8GB CF HDD, RealTime Clock, SDX 4.49); XF551 disk drive; 1050 disk drive with Happy 1050; Lotharek's SIO2USB Biggus Dickus; Retrogaming's SIO2SD; SIO2BT; UniCart (SD/SDHC HDD); ICD P: R: Connection + Wifimodem; XL12, XC12 cassette recorders with Turbo2000 modification.

16bit HW: Atari 1040STE (4MB RAM, TOS 1.62, Ultrasatan - SD HDD, PP HDD drivers), Atari 520ST (1MB RAM, TOS 1.02, GOTEK FDD/USB), Atari Mega ST 1MB

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