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  1. 2600daptor does. It's what I'm using with the OTG to get paddles to work. I don't own the other as I have a Visiondaptor, which I use on my Pi for original Colecovision, Intellivision, Ti-99, and Genesis controllers
  2. Click the 2nd link Fluxit posted above. Then download the file that's linked in there (sdcard.remo.2019....) Unzip it Click the 1st link Fluxit posted above. That first post has instructions, but you can scroll down a few posts and see an embedded video on what to do. That should get you through it. You're basically burning an image to a microSD card like you would burn an image to a CD or DVD years ago. Then you just copy in the games to the specific folder. I forget exactly off the top of my head, but I think the video goes over that. Then pop it into the Retron77. In terms of size, maybe someone else can answer as to whether the community build image has a size restriction, but honestly, ALL Atari 2600 games....every one ever made....take up only a few MB. So any size card is going to be wayyyyy overkill for the Retron77. Stick with the cheapest card you can find and you'll be good to go.
  3. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/281462-retron-77-community-build-image/page-10
  4. Well thank you to all involved in figuring out how to get around the Retron 77 paddle problem. Just tested my OTG and new 2600-daptorII, and my cleaned paddles work perfectly. New high score in Kaboom to boot! lol I mean, at this point I should've just got the damned daptor and gone through my Pi to get my 2600 back, but it's still cool to physically pop in a cart and have some faux woodgrain on the table. Oh and whoever the hell makes the daptors is a god damned hero. I also looooove my Vision-daptor on the Pi.
  5. Schaweeet. Daptor and cables ordered! Now I can finally see how well I cleaned those damned paddles! I appreciate the info
  6. Thanks. The power so far has not been an issue for me *knocks on wood*. I had a long enough microUSB cable already so I'm glad I don't have to hunt down an even longer micro-to-USB-A cable and buy an adapter. Sweet on the paddles!! So does that mean cartridges will work too in this scenario, since the ROM dump is essentially using Stella and not Hyperkin code as well?
  7. I'm confused about two things. 1) I know the jitter of original paddles on the 77 is supposedly caused by Hyperkin's code, so is the recommendation viable because going through the daptor+microUSB means the daptor is handling control translation, bypassing the faulty code? 2) If the above is true, then would my setup work with the OTG cable? I power my 77 via a microUSB cable plugged into a USB Type-A 5V/1A charging port on my TV. No AC adapter. So would paddles and power for the 77 function through the OTG?
  8. Resurrecting this because it's the only solution I can seem to find online. Hopefully someone can reply to this... I understand what was done here, but I'm unclear how to actually recompile the cpp file. I assume you edit via a nano command though, yes? Regardless, what are the odds of someone posting their edited cpp file?? LOL Cause that cursor is driving me nuts and I hate having to plug in a mouse to move it all of the time.
  9. Not a stupid question at all. Sometimes the easiest stuff is overlooked. At first I tried a USB cable to the 5V/1A USB port of my TV, as from what I read online, the RetroTINK only needs 1A. It powered on, but just to be safe I grabbed a 5V/3A AC adapter and used that too. Same deal.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, I actually partially sorted it. After looking around for a solution, there seems to have been none with that being the prevailing reason. So I grabbed a Retron77 and used the Community Build here to solve my 2600 problems. Now I'm just trying to return the TINK to the guy who makes them for a refund. Oh well.
  11. I just installed TI-99/4A into my Retropie system and it runs fine except for 2 issues. The first, and main issue for this post, is that once TI-99/4A loads, a big fat black mouse cursor is stuck at the top left of the screen. Is there any way around this? My second issue is something I think I can handle. I'll find out at some point this week. I had an NES controller for the quick test I did and it was not working well with the emulator. In Parsec, ship movement via d-pad would auto fire simultaneously. I have a Vision 2600-daptor that is supposed to also work with TI99 joysticks, so I'll see if that doesn't fix it. Just figured I'd mention it here just in case someone else thinks I may have done something wrong to cause that. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this and try to help out.
  12. I stumbled on this thread and thought I'd share my experience. I got one in the mail last week. I have a new 4K TV with only RF and HDMI and wanted to hook up my 2600 and TI-99/4A. Turns out that the TV is VERY strict on the in-spec signal it gets and if the hertz or resolution (not sure what's the issue) is off, the TV just throws up a "Mode Not Supported" and you're done. I'm actually trying to contact Mike (the inventor/seller) to do a full refund for mine. So I wish you all luck that if you're using it on a modern TV, that your TV isn't a giant PITA that mine is. LOL Oh, and my TV is the Samsung Q8
  13. We're definitely on other ends of the spectrum. LOL I appreciate and love a real CRT, but I love modern tech too. My gut tells me that if you gave those guys an LCD back in the day and crisp graphics, they'd fall over themselves for it, but that's just me. I appreciate the suggestion and that indeed might work, but unfortunately I don't have a white wall, or a free wall, for that kind of setup. Lugging out a sheet....nah, just too much of a PITA. lol
  14. Excellent information!!! Definitely something I wish I ran into beforehand, because I will bet money that's my particular issue in a nutshell. The TINK is designed to get this old tech onto new TVs. That's the point of it, so I kinda wish the designer provided this caveat. If anyone here runs a retrogaming YouTube channel, this could make for a nice video and warning to future ganers researching this topic in general.
  15. I have to say I agree with you in theory here, but it is definitely bot easy to do. It's easy to find someone say the device worked great, but on which TV models in what kind of setups...not so much. Plus, the research leads you to believe it'll just work. It's only after that you find that a dew are having issues. Basically, even doing your due diligence in research can kead to a false positive.
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