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  1. With just 1 day and 21 hours to go, the auction is still at €710,- and 500 views.
  2. We're now at €710,-, 450+ views and 34 followers!
  3. The auction ends in 4 days! eBay Auction -- Item Number: 281990017109 We are now at 400 views, 32 followers and one formal bid of €700,- (about US$800.-)
  4. Recently I got hold of a batch of Atari games from my uncle in the US, one of those turned out to be Atlantis II! That actually quite surprised me, such a rare game in such an unusual place. Anyway, I want the game to end up in the hands of a caring collector so I put it on eBay. This way everybody gets a fair chance to win the item. Click to go to the eBay ad eBay Auction -- Item Number: 281990017109 ! There are pictures showing the weight of the cart, bare PCB and the game plugged in an Atari. It was quite a hassle to convince the whiners ( ) over at the Atari 2600 section of AtariAge that this was real, you can read through the whole topic via this link.
  5. Allright, it's on eBay! I'll post this in the marketplace here as well, so everybody can get a fair chance to bid on it. Click here to go to eBay! Happy bidding! I secretly hope it ends up at somebody from here
  6. Thanks for all the kind words, lads, I really appreciate it. I'm working now on the photos for the eBay ad, chances are I put it on later today. The label went back on just fine BTW, no damage done. It really was as easy as heating up the cart and carefully pressing the label against the shell.
  7. Here you go! I've looked up some images of ceramic packages, those are a lot lighter grey and have a rougher texture. This clearly is black smooth plastic, although it is a bit hard to see on the photo because of the harsh flashlight light.
  8. Well... here it is! The moment you've all been waiting for... I've uploaded the video to my Google Drive, due to limited permissions (it seems) I cannot embed the video in a post, so click here to watch the video. So... OMG IT'S REAL High-res pictures of the PCB:
  9. Allright. I've done it. I've opened the cartridge. The label came off rather easy, no damage made I've filmed the whole process as well, all in one take. While I was at it, I've also shot some high-res photo's of the PCB.
  10. Today I've weighed the cartridge on the scale of a friend of mine, are these results typical for Atlantis II? The scale measured 53 grams one time, 54 grams the other, so the weight should be around 53.5 grams.
  11. I took a picture of the cart connector, that was harder than I thought, haha.
  12. I think the damage to the cart label is just caused by me and my nephews using it when we were kids Anyway, to be honest I'm quite curious now too what actually is in this cartridge. I think I'm semi-competent enough () to pull the label off with a hair dryer and open the thing up. My only concern is that I think this will reduce the value of the cartridge because it was opened, but on the other hand it then is proven definitely whether this really is Atlantis II.
  13. Not to sound rude, but I think you're missing the point of my topic here. I'm not saying "OMG guys buy my Atlantis II!! MOAR MONEYZ!!!" but I'm looking for advice on verifying the authenticity of my finding. I'm glad you're around actually, because apparently the images I've showed here are not sufficient to convince you that my cart is the real deal. So, what would be needed for you to see that this really is Atlantis II?
  14. Thanks! I will wait a couple of days for more suggestions and/or offers to trickle in, but to me eBay sounds like the right choice as well. About the colours: my Atari was modded a long time ago so I can use it on the composite input instead of the antenna input, but it seems that the parts have drifted or something. The colour channels don't seem to "line up" properly, everything kind of has a red or blue border around it, both PAL and NTSC carts. Maybe the Atari is trying to tell me I just have to buy a new one
  15. Great to hear! Do you know how to check the cart itself without opening it? I've found that repro carts usually have a black blobbed chip instead of the metal shielded chips Imagic used. I've poked the cart with a magnet and it clearly was attracted to the middle of the cart, I could even very slightly wobble the PCB.
  16. Hi! This is my fist post here on AtariAge, this seemed like the right place to ask for advice. I recently got a couple of Atari games from an uncle in the USA (to relive the old times :-)). One of these games was Atlantis, but with a typed Atlantis II sticker stuck on the box. Some Googling later, it turned out that this is the very rare competition version of Atlantis with a different scoring system and a lot faster gameplay. The game in general seems to be a lot harder than the original Atlantis. I guess that's why I've never really got that far into it Anyway, looking at the prices these things seem to go for on eBay, we've decided to sell the game as my uncle said he isn't really that attached to it. I've asked how he got the cart in the first place, but he said he could not really recall that, unfortunately. I would love it if this game ended up in the hands of a caring video game collector :-) I however want to absolutely make sure this game is the real deal. Looking at some older topics here, the main differences with the original Atlantis are: -Atlantis II sticker on the box (check!) -Different, much slower scoring system (check!) -Different font for scoring system (check!) -Faster moving enemies (check!) -Slightly higher cartridge weight (not sure, I haven't got a proper scale) I've taken some high resolution photos of the box, cart and the cart in the Atari (in B&W mode only unfortunately, my Atari is a bit crusty. This is the same for all the games I plug into it): So, is it safe to say this really is Atlantis II or are these some other things I can check?
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