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  1. CatPix and Black_Tiger, thanks for the help! I was really expecting the cd starting screen, not a white screen. I will return the console.
  2. Hello, I just bought a PC Engine Duo console for myself, with original NEC AC adapter, original RCA cable and no controller / no games. When I turn the console on, with no Japanese cards / no disc / no controller, I can only see a white screen. Is it normal? This is a refurbished console, the seller informed me that he replaced the capacitors and also the lens. Additional information: - I also tested it with an US Turbo Chip. I know it's not compatible. I was expecting some kind of screen with an error message, but I can only see the white screen. - I have here also a Turbo Everdrive version 2.5 (I just bought it, to use with this console). I formatted it in FAT 32 and I put some ROMS in the root. I selected the Everdrive switch to PC Engine. I inserted it on the console, and when I turn it on, the Everdrive flashes in red for a brief moment, and I can only see the same white screen. Do you think I am doing anything wrong when testing this console? Do you think it's defective? The seller accepted the return of the console. I only want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for any help. Luiz Bonaccorsi
  3. Hello, Do you know when the SGM will be available to purchase here on AtariAge? I am interested in purchase one of these, if someone has one of these available to sell, contact me in private. I love Colecovision, and I want to play the new SGM games being released. Thank you,
  4. I love the original AD&D Treasure of Tarmim game for the Intellivision, and I am looking for a loose Tarmin cartridge to play on my Aquarius...
  5. Dust cover factory ready for production... Always at my side, the love of my life - Angelita Reinhold http://www.bonaccorsi.com.br/imagens/angelita.jpg
  6. Oi, Toninho, Que legal ver você por aqui! Abraços e tudo de bom! ------------------------------- Hey, little Tony, Nice to see you around! All the best!
  7. Definitely I will check this option! Thanks a bunch for your suggestion! Luiz Bonaccorsi
  8. Hey, Shawn, Well, I don't care beeing bonaccorsi the second, that's fine I think I don't have anymore my ancient e-mail for the first account... Anyway, if you think it's a good idea, send a word to Albert about it, and I will wait for further instructions. Nice to see you, Luiz Bonaccorsi
  9. Thank you, guys! Thanks for your kind words about my wife and I It's good to come back after a long absence! Live long and prosper! Luiz Bonaccorsi
  10. Hello everyone, Here is the link of my games and consoles for sale: http://stores.ebay.com/bonaccorsi In these eBay listings you will find some Brazilian games for Atari 2600, Intellivision, Master System, NES, Odyssey and PC. Mention the word "AtariAge" on the eBay Best Offer comment, and I will accept any offer with a 15% discount over the regular eBay price For more than one item purchased, wait for my eBay invoice, with combined shipping. -------------------- My wife Angelita is also accepting orders of handmade dust covers for any classic console. You can see some models here on this other AtariAge topic (posted by my friend Antonio Borba): http://atariage.com/forums/topic/230406-felt-dust-covers-for-atari-consoles-handmade/ She accepts suggestions and can make custom models as well. -------------------- Thanks for your attention! Luiz Bonaccorsi
  11. Hello, everyone, I always wanted to play the Atari 5200... When I was a kid, it was a dream to me to play this console. But it was never released in Brazil, and too difficult and expensive to grab one... Now I am an old man, I have two of these 5200 systems, plenty of games... and I still can't play, because all my controllers don't work well! I am felling so frustrated... I know everyone complaints about these controllers... they are a horrible design! The start button don't work in almost all of my controllers... And I truly hate the "fire" side buttons... They looks like jelly... When I fire on something, for me it's important to hear that wonderful "click" that means "destruction is on its way". On the 5200, I can't hear and feel anything... Please, let me know what would be a good solution for this problem. I know that the 5200 Wico is good, but it's hard to find... Is it possible to fix these original controllers, with new parts? To make the side buttons more reliable? To make all functions works well, with no need to clean the contacts every 2 days? Maybe I can ship my 557 faulty controllers for a specialist, and have 2 of them returned in good working condition? Thanks in advance for any help, Luiz Bonaccorsi
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