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  1. Highlander Freezes on me too much to beat it. Figured it was just that bad.. Other games haven't given me issues though admittedly with some other projects going on I've only spent a few hours with my Jag GD so far, and figured I'd wait for updates to really test the CD stuff.
  2. I find it weird that QR codes failed for some. You aren't stretching it to 16x9 are you? I'm using a CRT and it scans easily.
  3. SainT mentioned many posts back that it's something he put together from an asset pack.
  4. I've been fine with my $99 Best Buy Insignia 720p lcd set. It does have the HDMI power issue but I've posted in these forums about the HDMI switch that solved that problem for me.
  5. Yeah I don't mean a file repository (though that could be part of it for PD titles), I mean more of a database of links and instructions on how to properly acquire currently available PD, freeware, and paid roms, all in one place for this and other systems. I really should have said free to obtain in that case. I'm an end user, I'm not distributing anything.
  6. I'm really interested in a good place to find homebrew that's free to distribute (and that can be rightfully purchased as a ROM) for any systems here. I too feel lucky when I track down a buried forum post with a download link, and I'm sure I'm missing many. Versioning can also be tricky as they might have the original in the first post then an update with big fixes buried in dozens of pages Looking forward to what Al's working on!
  7. In general with flash carts, ODEs, and other niche devices that read SD cards, I've never had an issue with SanDisk. I've had a Kingston that didn't work on something once, and Samsungs that gave issues. Everything I use now (I have at least couple dozen flash/ODE devices) is SanDisk, unless an SD card came with it, in which case I trust it is compatible and haven't had issues with even generic ones that were pack-ins. Anything running disc images is using SanDisk Ultra, except one device using an Extreme, which wasn't entirely necessary but helped reduce video stutter on games by one developer that even stutter worse on disc due to trying to communicate with the drive a needless amount. My Jag GD is using a SanDisk Ultra, and I seem to have had the pretty standard experience, with the same issues confirmed regularly by others on certain games. I did have Highlander crash once but I don't know if it was crash-prone to begin with (seems like one that would be). As long as you're sure you got a genuine SanDisk, I think you should be good on that end, and anything else is likely Jag weirdness.
  8. Faster is definitely better. I'm using a SanDisk Ultra and the games that work for others work for me, still a couple that don't or have issues but I seem to be getting the best experience currently possible.
  9. I think it has been covered but I'm not restaurant great on the technical side.. I'd imagine it uses some of the existing power, especially with games that work with or without it. I believe it can overlay better graphics on what is getting generated normally. I'm not entirely sure when it is in it's own exclusive game mode for games that require it. It seems like if it could work in it's own, requiring a CV just for controller input and power, (maybe RAM which is cheap) seems like an odd requirement... I would like to know more about what's going on in the CV vs the SGM2 when a game requiring the SGM2 is running. Also the same for one that doesn't require it but it's enhanced by it. What is handling what and what percentage of the game is being handled by each (roughly, as games would vary)?
  10. It does make me question how this would handle the pause toggle I've got installed on mine. I had someone else do it so I don't know the details.. It pauses SGM games fine, but with so much including the video output going on in the SGM2, would it work or just crash things? It has no effect on the Atari adapter but that also is basically just an AV passthrough while this actually needs the CPU going if I understand correctly.
  11. Sounds like I need to start looking for a second CV! My consoles are divided into a modern room with HDMI and a retro with CRTs. I also think original games need to run through a CRT to look as intended, but that's a personal taste thing and not a discussion I'm trying to start here I would be interested in anything that could decently convert 480p to component or something without much loss. Already got the Phoenix for playing CV in the HDMI room lol, would be great to find a good HDMI->component converter for the SGM2, but not something I've looked into. Then I could easily switch between the two outputs to play it all on CRT (I know HDMI would cover it all, but I want the original signal when possible). Looks like there's plenty of time to figure it out, but if anyone has a device to recommend, I'd love to hear about it. Otherwise I'll have two CVs takin up space, 3 if you count Phoenix lol. I'm excited nonetheless even if I'm just dragging it between rooms!
  12. I tried @Saturn's method above, and those options existed exactly as stated, but the output was exactly the same as I posted before - same error, same place. Does anyone know a good program for making bin/cue files that have worked? AnyToISO always matched redump on other systems, but redump doesn't have info on this title. It also seems to think it is purely an audio CD. I also only used it on discs with more standard layouts. I used to use cdrwin for bin/cue, but it doesn't seem to support that format anymore.
  13. Yeah, I'm just surprised no one has a tried and tested method of ripping standard discs so I can be sure I'm doing it right. I'm not new to any of this software at all, but anything I'm trying isn't working. Discjuggler is a fresh install with no changes. I'd appreciate anyone else's step by step method of getting it right, it seems people are doing it but I've not seen anything that 'definitely works if you do it this way'. I'll keep trying, though I'm running out of things to try, and get nothing at all from cue or ccd.
  14. Hmm, 'default' and 'eventually' don't typically go together haha, so I'm wondering what I might have done different. I just installed Discjuggler 6 - well, 6.00.1400 to be precise. One difference, this is the first one that gave me any response on the tool. Wasn't CDI broken? Was that fixed? I missed it if so. Anyway, for Simone, I got: Opening Simone.cdi... valid CD image. Found 2 sessions, 6 tracks. Writing track 01, session 00, 7 MB... Writing track 02, session 00, 2 MB... Writing track 03, session 01, 1 MB... ERROR: Data signature not found Writing track 04, session 01, 161 KB... Writing track 05, session 01, 161 KB... Writing track 06, session 01, 152 KB... CD ISO has errors, this *WILL NOT WORK*. Using a Discjuggler 6 CDI. I emailed the author, who told me there's nothing special about it and it should work. They also mentioned they sent an ISO to SainT for testing a while back, but hadn't had any confirmation, and suggested I follow up here on the forums. While this is a cheap-on-purpose game, they (RISC Games) have an upcoming bigger title I'd like to be able to play as well, so I'd like to see their stuff working on the GD if possible. They hadn't been able to get a GD yet to test on themselves. So either I'm using Discjuggler right, and this game needs tweaked in some way to work, which the author seems they'd probably be open to, or I'm not using Discjuggler right. I did ask if there was any intentional lockout, but they assured me there wasn't, and the fact they sold the game for $6 and provided SainT with a copy tells me they are cool with getting it on the GD (at least for those that bought that disc, I'd let them comment beyond that). WIZZARD77 - when you say eventually, what happened at first, and what caused things to start working?
  15. Did anyone ever figure out a reliable way to create images from discs? I was attempting to convert Simone which was a small release for a few bucks, in a sleeve, on eBay. I don't have a working Jag CD drive so hoped this would work. They may well have intentionally prevented it as well. I've tried CloneCD - both Game and Data modes I've also tried AnyToISO which can make bin/cue files. In my experience using this for CD-I stuff, it matches the redump database when I use this. Those are just however standard data CDs with some audio tracks sometimes. No matter which image I try, I just get the 'opening filename.cue' or whatever, then back to the command prompt - no errors. If anyone has found a reliable way to make images, or has any info on getting this one working, I'd appreciate it.
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