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  1. Hmm that stinks that they aren't the same on the inside, so it looks like a gamble, assuming any of the others in that case work the same way. Guess I got lucky. I bought it with the pure intention of hitting its button every time I turned the Phoenix off or on. Annoying but woulda allowed me to play without wearing out the HDMI port. To my surprise, that wasn't necessary, and it just made the Phoenix work correctly. I just searched on ebay for Tendak HDMI Switch and see many with this case, but none that look like mine exactly... Good luck! If someone finds another that does the trick, please share!
  2. Hmm it seems like it is no longer available, and even the image on the link from my order is a newer model with external power option etc. - still unavailable - here: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0747LKQQT/ However, just searching for HDMI switches, I see many that look like exact clones - same case, button, lights. I imagine they're all the same guts from one place branded differently for different distributors. However, I can't guarantee that. I think finding one that looks like mine, but possibly different branding, would be your best hope, but can't say for sure other than the one I have. They're cheap enough to try a few lol.
  3. I don't know anything about the situation, but it sounds like the issue comes from running it in an emulator rather than real hardware, and occurs after the game code has been read from the image to the emulator. Since this is sending it to real hardware, it probably doesn't have to worry about that. If there's no issue in just getting the game data to feed to the Jag as expected, it should work better than emulators.
  4. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    If you buy the Steam version, you can find the ROM plainly in the folder, which was done intentionally... however, as mentioned, good luck getting it to run anywhere, especially with all the sound. You can of course just play it in the steam emulator it is packed in, but I get that isn't the same. It at least lets you experience the game though!
  5. The thing about 50% included carts in transit, likely mine that want to me at the time, etc. Newer ones will come with firmware so it will be harder to track aside from updates, and some don't update.
  6. Just to be clear, they need to be in the .ccd format? As opposed to ISO, Bin/Cue, etc.? That seems to be the format what I have so far is in. I'm not converting my own yet, but do have a lifetime license for Clone CD and wanna know how when needed!
  7. I'd be very interested. I have two systems with power supplies but I want spares, and who knows when these I have will go.
  8. No problem, was hoping this might help at least one person! Let me know if it works for you as well. I'd imagine so, but I'm the only example I have that I know for sure used this. I just leave it set on input 1, no cable in input 2, and the problem isn't there, power button on the Phoenix is all I need to touch.
  9. I'd always wanted one but even before this, not for the price. Is still love to have one on display. I feel like more people have them as collectors than simply because they can play a game though. I can look at any baseball card online for free but people still pay millions for the right one.
  10. Just need someone to do a mod that turns a (hopefully broken/for-parts) JagCD into a simple passthrough for the look!
  11. Who said CD support wasn't possible? I know JagLink isn't, but CD sounds pretty close to working.
  12. I know this has been discussed a lot, and a module to fix it is planned, but wanted to share what fixed the HDMI power issue for me. Before, I had to disconnect HDMI after power off every time. I'm not touching this mechanical switch, just running it through it. I forget it's there. It has an LED to indicate the active port, which turns off with the Phoenix. Not sure if the switch cuts power, if the LED is at play at all (it isn't lit when off) but this made the problem disappear. I tried many other switchers including auto switches but this is the only thing that fixed it for me without needing to switch something else off and on. If you're having the problem, it makes playing your Phoenix much more inviting without the hassle. Is what worked for me in any case.
  13. Thanks, I decided to try while a bit more awake before reading your hint and got it on my own! Having played a lot of older games with word banks, this has its own style to learn. Especially when it comes to using or combining items you have. I tried using all those things from my inventory screen while standing on the trap door a while back, so I had the right solution in mind, just had to find how to tell the game to execute it. Neat to learn new takes on the method though. I'm planning on trying to finish it hint free but may come crawling back haha. If you have a Phoenix, you should check it out! Minimal use of the keypad makes it great with a SNES controller too.
  14. Ok now I have a nail, but stuck again lol. Slowly but surely, I hope! Sorry for the double post, just missed the edit window.
  15. Just got my Phoenix out for the first time in a bit, updated, and am playing Dead Tomb. Really fun so far, and deeper than most games you can play so far on the Phoenix (a lot of my favorite games aren't deep, that's not a complaint about simpler games). Also interesting to have a game for this console specifically. I'm glad to see more stuff coming. I'll get any games and hardware that come out for it! Btw, and I don't need trade secrets or anything, but in general, what's Dead Tomb taking advantage of in the Phoenix? Using the CV core to run it, or something proprietary? Would it be possible to port this to a real one, even with the SGM? What happens if I put it in my Colecovision? Lol just wondering if I'll get a warning, blank screen, or a dead cart... I also have Dead Tomb ordered for the NES but got this one first! Edit: Well am enjoying it but not that far in and no idea what to do next. Classic gaming for real, no walkthroughs! I got a translator and a rock and been lost a while, missing something stupid lol. I'll keep at it!
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