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  1. I'm waiting on kickstarters that predate kickstarter! lol
  2. If I'm not mistaken, when you got added to the RetroHQ list there should be a PayPal authorization. When I asked many months ago, SainT mentioned that you'd receive an email and likely be charged a day or so later. That would give you a chance to back out or whatever. I'm almost certainly not getting one from RetroHQ due to my number in line, but PayPal is still authorized to let SainT charge me as far as I know, and I never got anything saying that was canceled etc. So it may just hit your paypal if you went through the signup. Might wanna reply by email if you're unsure and something hitting your account could cause a problem. Please correct me if this has changed.
  3. I just hope I know what's special about the special edition before ordering a regular edition and regretting it later. As mentioned, I have one already, and don't want to prevent someone from getting their first. It sounds like there's enough to go around. I have 3 Intellivision consoles so I could use an extra, and like to have spares as I've had flash carts (and anything else) go bad over the years. Given that, I'd likely prefer my 2nd be a special edition, but if orders go up for the regular with no word about the special, I'm gonna jump in line then.
  4. Right now I'm totally fine with AA waiting a paycheck or two lol. Xstation + modding service for that, plus some pricey Astrocade headaches... I'll still grab it when it shows up but I'd eat better if it has a few more weeks lol.
  5. I'm pretty sure I'm just enough past the cutoff point that I'll be waiting for AtariAge to have them. No ETA on that yet right? At least nothing more specific than a month range etc.
  6. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Hmm if I get mine out in a couple days could I DM you a pic of the mod and find out what your diagnosis would be? Or if you could just tell me what to look for that would be obvious to someone whose experience is limited to solder-by-number guides (and not delicate soldering either lol).
  7. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Ok cool, been a bit since I've had it out but I'll pay attention next time. Just clicked in my brain after I started thinking about this that the eBay ad bragged about proper pokey audio, so it was probably done right (is an NTSC system).
  8. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Oh I also have a couple AtariAge games with the PokeyOne in them - those all pure pokey? I seem to remember the eBay ad I bought it from claiming proper audio output for both the system audio as well as Pokey. I mainly remember because I had to look up what that meant - I wasn't aware of the issue with other mods, but also wasn't aware that some 7800 games provided their own Pokey (I grew up on 5200). So that's when I learned about Pokey games. I only got it around a year ago or so. I think it was probably done right, but if anything seems up, I'll look into it.
  9. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Sounds like Commando is the only real way to check. Is Rikki and Vikki affected or does it not use TIA? I don't have Commando, and could try to do a comparison with Ballblazer and other games. If they are out of balance, I'm gonna be looking for someone to do it right for me
  10. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Now I'm wondering what mod I have. I bought mine already RCA modded (not s-video) but I've never noticed any volume related issues. I need to adjust the volume a bit when switching between consoles in general but never noticed needing any major adjustment beyond the others for the 7800.
  11. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    I'll second that. However when a seller has a few hundred or thousand sales and a 100% or 99% rating, you don't get much more to go on. Best to hire a modder but you can't always find one (or the parts needed) outside of an older one on eBay that was already modded. I got a 2600 with RCA mod off eBay that was far worse than the RF connection. Was able to return that. Recently got an S-video modded Bally Astrocade. Didn't do more than test it quickly at first due to other projects. Found out later it loses color after 3-5 minutes of play. Also found the mod's heatsink fell off easily, then that the mod shouldn't even need a heatsink! Unfortunately out of the return period, and while I did track down another Astrocade and a new video mod board for it, the current mods scramble the colors something awful (confirmed by several) so I'm back to RF. If anyone could point me to any good vintage system modders to follow on Twitter (no Facebook) etc. I'd appreciate it. Everyone I follow doesn't go back much further than SNES/Genesis, aside from the NES.
  12. I did think about getting a second for 'investment' but decided that especially since they are limited, to let someone else who will use it get it. I know it may have gone to another scalper but gave someone else a chance at least. Now I actually want a 2nd one, both for backup as I've had other flash carts die (well one but that's enough) and because I have 3 Intellivisions total currently. There's been a few rush pre-orders I've gotten in on where I could have gotten more, and others had them on ebay the same day for 5x the price, but that just doesn't jive with how I do things. I guess there's nothing illegal about it, but it is a bit different than something that's decades old or mass produced for years. I've definitely been the one having to reward someone like that for doing it by overpaying for something that was out of production, but it was still a lot less than all the games I owned that wouldn't work without it.
  13. I don't think any creators here would do this, but man it must be tempting to sell the remaining stock one at a time on ebay rather than $120 each or whatever lol. I've thought that with a lot of things. Do the people running the printing of Magic cards not print off a few sheets of rares for themselves to throw on ebay? lol Seems like that could be unregulated counterfeiting and worth a lot. I guess that could be said about anything including baseball cards once they started being valued. If anything I'd rather the creator get rich than someone that bought it just in order to sell it for more later (not saying anyone here did that, its possible to think you're gonna use it then not have time, your intv dies, etc). Things are gonna sell for what they are gonna sell for though.
  14. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    If so, get ready for the "But why are you giving stragglers better copies than the people that were anxious to support you at the beginning?" type comments. Adding things later can cause more trouble than it's worth. Many companies have learned this when trying to offer last-minute pre-order discounts that can't be applied to existing pre-orders etc.
  15. Yeah I had something go from Nebraska to Portland to Florida, then two days later, from the same seller, straight from Nebraska to Florida. The latter one got here first. It's been wild for sure. At least things don't seem to be vanishing much.
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