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  1. While it's been mentioned a hundred times here, making sure you did know that CD support isn't currently implemented and there are no promises. It sounds likely it will support some if not all at some point, but nothing definite yet.
  2. Login on the site, view your order, it will show how many are in front of you.
  3. Since I'm currently (after first shipment) down to #185 I should make that cut. Next batch should clear orders from the first hour! Mine was almost exactly an hour after the email went out.
  4. Based in what was said before, he's waiting to get an all clear on this first batch of carts to ensure no revision is needed etc. Then the next batches would happen fairly rapidly. I know a few issues have been reported but I think they are more firmware than hardware related (or bad rom/console). I guess the question would be, what's the status on that? Are you just waiting for a few more to make it through shipping, or are there some things you need to investigate before making more?
  5. Are there actually 5k orders? I mentioned that elsewhere and was told the post was a joke. I was surprised by the number but based on day 1 numbers I could believe it. I'm also terrible at picking up subtle jokes without body language to clue me in lol.
  6. Posted in wrong thread... Move along
  7. I don't have 'no tracking info' for terraonion, mine simply says 'payment accepted'. I don't think mine had made it to the shipping stage yet. For the JagSD I'm ~185 in line currently so I think I'm in line for both waiting on more stock.
  8. I'm still waiting on mine too go to shipped status from terraonion. Ordered on 8/15. Wonder which will get here first? Any bets? Lol
  9. I'm in the US and recently had a package held up in customs for the first time in ages, coming from the UK. It was through DHL and only 2 days after the original delivery date, but arrived covered inside and out with 'opened and resealed by customs' tape. I've been ordering from the UK regularly for a long time, from these projects, kickstarters, and I order from Amazon UK often enough. Not to mention other orders I get from Ukrain, Japan, Spain, China, etc. This was first for me though, and was just for a book on computer Role Playing Games (did they assume the weapon abbreviation when they saw RPG?). I think it was likely a random search of an entire shipping container, but still, after over a decade of international ordering, that's the first for me, and was just a month or two ago.
  10. Pretty sure he said you could order another one now, you'll just be at the end of the list. Everyone has had a chance to order so there won't be much market for eBay hoarders by the time it arrives. Not sure if there's still a one per order limit though.
  11. I was among the first to get one but have multiple consoles and often get backups of my flash carts just in case, whether it's a new revision or just another in case the first has problems some day. I don't want to take one that would go to someone that hasn't got one at all, but if it helps meet the numbers needed for a run I'll take one.
  12. Nice, both on one is cool. Mine has the spinner in the d-pad's place, but it does cycle the circle through a rainbow of led colors! I've also got several regular and two 6-button controllers. Everything I need but a CD drive (which maybe I won't need if we're lucky).
  13. That's cool, I hadn't seen one with both. Does the dpad control the game in spinner mode? If so it might just be emulating the spinner signals. Btw, if you only have a spinner (and just realized a dpad) with no second controller, is it just a Tempest machine? I'd understand that, but don't understand what you'd get out of the flash cart. Only Tempest and a couple homebrew games even use the spinner.
  14. Sure, that was actually going to be my next suggestion. Unless the number pad has another use, there's plenty of buttons to simulate the dpad controls from there, and that would be even more useful than supporting controller 2 - though supporting controller 2 just in case port 1 needs to be used for some future thing might be useful too. I imagine keymapping would be easy to implement. Having it on the number pad would make it so I don't even need to keep a second controller connected, as I'm mostly playing single player. Either option beats physically swapping out the controller. I just realized I'm assuming you meant keyPAD 1 or 2 (as in the 1 or 2 buttons), but maybe you meant dPAD 1 or 2 (as in either controller). I'd vote for both, with a preference on the keypad. Also, are there any potential issues with 6 button controllers? Since they are backwards compatible with games I'm guessing they send the same data as the 3 button, with just 3 more buttons (if memory serves they might even be duplicating keypad buttons), but then things can be weird for no reason. I have one game for my Colecovision that goes haywire if you use a controller extension cord. I've tried 3 brands of 9-pin extension cable, or running it through the roller controller as an extension, and same thing every time. Also happens with non-official controllers - but only on that one game. Others have confirmed they experience the same. It happens whether I use the real cartridge or load it via flashcart. So I never know what's gonna cause problems in the delicate controller ports of gaming systems.
  15. I bought a Sandisk 400GB in preparation, just so I don't have to upgrade for CD support later (still plenty of extra space but the price difference wasn't huge). I imagine someone will try one before I get one (I'm still ~180 down the list) but if not, I'll let ya know!
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