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    If it is for a system I don't have, I'll probably get that system. I have most, so unless it is on neo Geo, vectrex, or bally astrocade (or an old computer other than Apple II), I'm probably good I actually bought my 7800 (RCA modded) in response to SainT's announcement of a flash cart being in development for it, and then someone mentioned that while his cart will support Pokey sound, it wouldn't support other sound chips like this uses, leading me to track this down because it sounded really unique, and it is awesome! The cart will remain the only way to play it on real hardware (with sound anyway, not sure about otherwise). I love stuff like that. Even if the next one would work in a flash cart, I always get real carts rather than play in an emulator or flash drive, especially if the ROM isn't distributed like that, but usually even when it is, unless the cart version is sold out or too expensive to justify, and the creator is offering a rom for cheap. Having something a flash cart can't do is an extra bonus though!
  2. I think this pops up enough, I'll answer this one :) He's currently working on a new version that will fit into both models with a case, and has some other improvements. He is also re-doing the way he does things, working on outsourcing things so that he doesn't have to build them all personally himself and 3D print tons of cases. This has his newest, the Jaguar GD, on hold, as well as his Neo Geo Pocket Color cart. Follow RetroHQ on twitter for more frequent updates.
  3. Is the only difference there that paddles have a stopping point and spinners can spin forever? If that's the case it seems it would be easy to add optional stop points to a spinner.
  4. Yeah I figured it would be a small project maker thing, which I have many of for various systems, some that less than 50 exist of. I just want someone to do it for me, because while I'm fine with a solder-by-numbers kit, I don't know how to read schematics, don't have a 3D printer, and an not great with the asthetic side of things. I'm also old, tired, and busy, and would just rather get a completed product lol. If anyone does put such a thing up for sale, I'd be interested. Any possibility of your adapters, or a future revision, eventually accepting something like a USB mouse or spinner and converting it to 5200? (It ones from any console with easier to find stuff), Or is that way beyond the scope of what you want to do? Seems my Jaguar spinner controller would be perfect for the 5200, has the keypad and everything. Just beyond me on how to convert it.
  5. Is there a currently available single axis spinner for the 5200? Or trakball replacement aside from originals? The 5200 was my first console ever, actually my brother's, when I first started playing games, so the joystick does feel right for some of these to me. We did get a trakball that no longer works well, and I've since replaced it with a neatly like-new one that's great - for now. I'm trying to find some solutions that will let me play for decades like my NES and PS1 controllers etc hold up. When this trakball gets wonky in 10 years, another replacement may be more difficult. For games that don't like a self centering stick, you really need something like this as I haven't seen any other options currently, and no one's made one with a switch that can go between centering and not (I think the Wico had such a switch). The stuff about the calibration sounds good. I have two analog controllers in 3d printed cases for the 5200. They are fine with most digital games, but their centering varies. The maker of them told me they were always off a little and testing different resistors in each one would be the only way to correct them due to variations. Both pull my car to the right in Pole Position. For example, in Super Breakout, one of them puts my paddle half way to the right side, and the other about 1/4 of the way, when centered by their own mechanism. The up/down varies too, and testing carts have confirmed this. One that is truly center when centered would be awesome!
  6. It just seems to be the games I play, and several I like to use the joystick. With pole position and needing to hold up/down along with an analog direction, a trackball doesn't work great. Also, I'm not aware of any great trakball replacement. My original is very wobbly due to the metal spinners becoming corroded over the years. These games also play great if you have a working original 5200 joystick - I'd love something that replicates that feel. A digital will work for many games, but I'd love to have one replacement to rule them all. Even with a PS2 controller, the auto centering of the stick makes stuff like missile command or breakout impossible. A new trackball or spinner, or adapter to use a PC mouse (which could be a trackball) would be awesome. I appreciate everything being done here just sharing my perfect world wishes lol.
  7. I know the PS2 adapter that you can get plans for retains the analog, a which is why it needs a PS2 controller.
  8. That looks awesome, does it support analog? I have a digital controller for the 5200 that works great for many games, but it's impossible to control many well that depends on analog, like super breakout, missile command, centipede, pole position, and many others. I'd imagine it's digital when converting a Sega controller, but what about the built in stick? Digital-only 5200 controllers are a bit limited in use.
  9. I don't think you should worry in general. The issue is that the Phoenix still gets a little power from the TV HDMI, keeping it from fully resetting everything in it, causing a crash when turned on again. Most HDMI devices keep this in mind, and are tested across different screens and setups. I'd only be concerned with small projects like this which may have less testing on fewer screens or be unaware that some screens provide continuous power. I hope if there's ever a revision, that they correct this. As the user of many HDMI devices, including all three major consoles, this is the only one I've had this kind of trouble with. HDMI is typically universal, there's just an oddity here.
  10. I emailed the address that was shown on the page with the failure message - [email protected] This was a few months ago. I remember it let me add things to my cart, it was only when I tried to proceed to checkout that I got an error page with the above address.
  11. Nice, I might get the standalone adapter as I already have the Super CV stick in addition to the SAC plus. A lot of people would kill for an adapter with keypad like that for the Atari 5200 btw! I think someone made plans that use a PS2 controller but no one is selling them and it's a bit beyond my level to do myself. I guess the analog sticks make it a little more complicated than this.
  12. I was looking into getting a second super arcade controller but the checkout on their site didn't work and no one answered my email. That was more than a month ago though, I wanna say 2-3. I'd like to know the status too but they don't currently have any payment from me
  13. I'm fine with being at the back of the line as I already have one, and would like another (I have 3 Intellivisions). However, if there's any advantage to the new one, though, I'll jump in line like everyone else
  14. To me, "it looks fun and will be going for something that feels more like what Coleco might have maybe done, as opposed to the other guys at the time" is all I needed. Heck just "it looks fun". That's why we play games right? I could defend why someone would be passionate about this and find it fun, but if you need convincing it might not be you. This was an instant thing for me because it looked fun, period. I didn't need a real reason other than some of the possible titles teased and the specs. It also isn't hard to find info about Opcode here or their own site etc. If you need convincing on top of the info currently here, it probably won't be your thing. Or wait until it's out and check it out then. It is a very unique project for sure.
  15. That's how I understood it as well. It is definitely a 'what if' take on a console, as in 'what if Coleco released a console later in the 80s'. The only reason it is an add-on currently is to save cost. I imagine once a stand-alone console is available, the add-on will either cease production, or remain a cost-saving option. Aside from that it is an interesting take on seeing what people with modern game knowledge can pull off on a console that needs developed for like a true 16-bit system. Sure it would be easier to just make those same games in Unity or whatever, but I feel the limitations of older hardware spark a lot of creativity, as working within limits often does. Just cause you can do it in photoshop with the freedom to undo, erase, etc. doesn't mean people are going to stop painting and drawing by hand, which leads to different artwork than if they'd attempted the same in photoshop. If they hit the edge of the paper, they can't just increase the resolution for more space, and may come up with a creative solution that makes the work even better.
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