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  1. I tried @Saturn's method above, and those options existed exactly as stated, but the output was exactly the same as I posted before - same error, same place. Does anyone know a good program for making bin/cue files that have worked? AnyToISO always matched redump on other systems, but redump doesn't have info on this title. It also seems to think it is purely an audio CD. I also only used it on discs with more standard layouts. I used to use cdrwin for bin/cue, but it doesn't seem to support that format anymore.
  2. Yeah, I'm just surprised no one has a tried and tested method of ripping standard discs so I can be sure I'm doing it right. I'm not new to any of this software at all, but anything I'm trying isn't working. Discjuggler is a fresh install with no changes. I'd appreciate anyone else's step by step method of getting it right, it seems people are doing it but I've not seen anything that 'definitely works if you do it this way'. I'll keep trying, though I'm running out of things to try, and get nothing at all from cue or ccd.
  3. Hmm, 'default' and 'eventually' don't typically go together haha, so I'm wondering what I might have done different. I just installed Discjuggler 6 - well, 6.00.1400 to be precise. One difference, this is the first one that gave me any response on the tool. Wasn't CDI broken? Was that fixed? I missed it if so. Anyway, for Simone, I got: Opening Simone.cdi... valid CD image. Found 2 sessions, 6 tracks. Writing track 01, session 00, 7 MB... Writing track 02, session 00, 2 MB... Writing track 03, session 01, 1 MB... ERROR: Data signature not found Writing track 04, session 01, 161 KB... Writing track 05, session 01, 161 KB... Writing track 06, session 01, 152 KB... CD ISO has errors, this *WILL NOT WORK*. Using a Discjuggler 6 CDI. I emailed the author, who told me there's nothing special about it and it should work. They also mentioned they sent an ISO to SainT for testing a while back, but hadn't had any confirmation, and suggested I follow up here on the forums. While this is a cheap-on-purpose game, they (RISC Games) have an upcoming bigger title I'd like to be able to play as well, so I'd like to see their stuff working on the GD if possible. They hadn't been able to get a GD yet to test on themselves. So either I'm using Discjuggler right, and this game needs tweaked in some way to work, which the author seems they'd probably be open to, or I'm not using Discjuggler right. I did ask if there was any intentional lockout, but they assured me there wasn't, and the fact they sold the game for $6 and provided SainT with a copy tells me they are cool with getting it on the GD (at least for those that bought that disc, I'd let them comment beyond that). WIZZARD77 - when you say eventually, what happened at first, and what caused things to start working?
  4. Did anyone ever figure out a reliable way to create images from discs? I was attempting to convert Simone which was a small release for a few bucks, in a sleeve, on eBay. I don't have a working Jag CD drive so hoped this would work. They may well have intentionally prevented it as well. I've tried CloneCD - both Game and Data modes I've also tried AnyToISO which can make bin/cue files. In my experience using this for CD-I stuff, it matches the redump database when I use this. Those are just however standard data CDs with some audio tracks sometimes. No matter which image I try, I just get the 'opening filename.cue' or whatever, then back to the command prompt - no errors. If anyone has found a reliable way to make images, or has any info on getting this one working, I'd appreciate it.
  5. Nice, I have a spare pokey, but every time I think I'm gonna use it, an alternative pops up so It hang onto it for when I really need it! I'd rather use the more newly made one, as I understand it only does the audio parts. I might need to replace a Pokey in a 5200 or something that needs a real one some day!
  6. Just curious, it seems everyone here is talking of Pokey and Yamaha, including me... can you say how many carts were sold that were NOT fully loaded? Seems like everyone here opted for that.
  7. The most recent firmware has had cd support for some time now. It isn't perfect, a couple don't work or have problems, but most stuff is fine. It's the first release of it but has been available for at least a few weeks now.
  8. I'm thinking this most likely resulted in fragmented files. They need to be congruent. The best way to do this is to make the CD images the first thing you copy to a blank SD card, so they can be written without fragments. I'm guessing that running it on the SD card resulted in maybe some temp files being added and deleted, or other such actions that would lead to fragmentation. Definitely best to get your images ready, then move them to the SD card, then your cart roms. Edit: Thinking more about this, that would prevent them from launching, but not necessarily converting, thought it may have something to do with it all the same. It hasn't come up before, but I think fragmentation may be part of the problem there.
  9. I once got gouged for an SGM because mine died and there were no plans for another batch at that time. Had to many games that needed it worth even more than that. Opcode did eventually fix mine though so now I have a spare in case something happens again in any case. I don't normally give in to those people but I feared losing access to my SGM library and they probably hired that would happen to someone. I could see the same if someone has homebrew etc they really love on an LTO while they are out of print, people suck!
  10. It is definitely normal for redump, and for most of my time burning game discs. Of course you can do the whole disc into a single bin, the audio can be bin or wav, you can even use iso but that's just file extensions. The redump standard which is becoming the flash cart standard in many places, is always one file per track.
  11. There's an issue with bin/cue? All but two of mine were that and I think I used the current version. Like 3 or 4 days ago. Two were CDI and fine. One CDI wouldn't convert.
  12. Yeah, I thought you were aware of CCD being broken currently and were trying to find a workaround until then. As I don't have an actual CD unit, I'd definitely go that far, but I'm pretty stubborn when I get something new.
  13. Could you possibly use something like WinCDEmu to mount the CCD image as a virtual drive, then rip it to Bin/Cue using other software, resulting in a usable bin/cue version of the image?
  14. No, though I'm not sure of your display type. I'm using a CRT and those can be tricky to photo with a camera to begin with, usually half the screen showing up dark due to the shutter timing not lining up with the refresh rate of the TV. It took me a minute to get it to scan off the CRT, but after moving my phone back and forth and tilting it around, I got there in about 30 seconds.
  15. We can point you to the Atari ST conversions that are posted and discussed here: Atari ST Games Ported to the Jaguar - Atari Jaguar - AtariAge Forums Look toward the end of the first post for some download links. Some are locked to only work on this cart and Skunkboard, others are unlocked and can be used anywhere (emulators etc.). There's some other homebrew etc. out there freely distributed or perhaps sold as rom downloads as well. You can search the boards here for other projects etc. That's the only links we're gonna discuss. They are definitely work checking out though. I also recommend a rotary controller for Tempest 2000 and the ST conversion of Arkanoid. The mouse adapter is great for some ST games too. Also, yes, you place the firmware file in the root folder, let it update, then you can delete it.
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