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  1. I won't deny that I've bought consoles as the result of a flash cart announcement. I still want to collect for it, but that's a lot I can do with it from day 1. I bought my Jag as a retro console, but still well over a decade ago. It was before they spiked in price, but barely I think. I did buy my 7800 due to SainT's announcement that he's looking into that, and already have a decent collection going from both AtariAge and used game stores. A flash cart can also make the price of used consoles spike as people do this, depending on scarcity, so I wanted to get one long before it was common knowledge. I think flash carts are great at increasing the community around an old console, encouraging more homebrew, more people to get the console, etc. Flash cart releases are often followed by this. Whether you got your Jag on release date or today, I'm glad there's another person encouraging interest in it! In fact I have a Vectex multicart and flash cart but am yet to track down a console I'm perfectly happy with. When I do there's no guarantee those carts will be around though! And I definitely will get one when I find the right console. The ColecoVision is probably my #3 favorite console and I never touched one until about 5 years ago.
  2. You haven't been keeping up.... He's always made these himself, for little profit compared to his other job, through health problems. This was all done for his own sanity and health as he can't assemble the demand himself and still have a life. Here's going with good retailers and the supply, now being made by more than one person, will be plentiful and constant. Sure they'll make a profit but it won't be ridiculous or I don't think he'd work with them. These are moves that makes things like waiting on a list for years a thing of the past once they are stocked. Be glad he's taking care of himself as he did consider just giving it all up and not making any more carts at all. He likes designing this stuff not assembling it, and it is a hobby not his main income, though it would be awesome if this allowed him to focus on it more.
  3. He's said a few times he still didn't know if that list will mean anything in the end. I have a pre order and also asked to be added to the AtariAge waiting list. Whoever takes my money first gets the sale I suppose
  4. Thanks, hadn't used it before but now waiting approval on a subscription there. Thanks for posting.
  5. Just got my astrocade, and I haven't seen the LWR expansion for sale, not sure where it was sold originally. I do have the ultimulti cart and would like to try the stuff that needs extra ram. Is there a current solution I can buy that would work for this?
  6. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    My RCA modded system had the RF option removed. Not sure if that's standard, but that's why I couldn't use it to compare my colors though.
  7. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    My phone wouldn't take a picture that wasn't really washed out, but comparing it to the steam version, my colors are fine. Figured that would be a good place to compare.
  8. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    I'm pretty sure my CRT is getting the colors right. I am red/green color deficient like 5% of males, but it only affects certain colors and I can tell when stuff is off. At least playing over RCA to my CRT, things look good to me, not like the screenshot shared earlier for sure! No idea what it would do on my LCD, LED, or OLED sets, but I keep my classic gaming on CRT whenever I can. I should note I did buy this 7800 pre-modded from a random person, so I don't really know what's in it. Was said to have had new caps and an AV mod. Looks good and works so far though! The seller did include an old unopened RCA cable with SUPER tight grips. Will be good for something else. Using on my 7800, it twisted the washer off the Video RCA jack which broke the solder loose, but it was easy enough to open it up, screw on the washer, and re-solder.
  9. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    Now I'm wondering how mine would go. I'm using an RCA modded 7800 with no issues, but on a CRT. Never tried it on a modern display. If there are issues, what's the best mod for modern displays? Preferably one that would still allow the original analog output to CRTs, such as RCA or Componenet, or an HDMI along with one of those.
  10. The new run does have some improvements over the old batch, but that's a solid cart nonetheless.
  11. It is powered by USB, not the mains. Country shouldn't matter as long as you have a USB adapter for yours. Does anyone know if it works well with the roller controller at the same time, or would you need a second one to power it?
  12. Surely your CRT has at least RCA input? If it is RF only, go to a thrift store and get one with RCA for $25. I got mine cheap and used, one at a yard sale, the other off craigs list, for about that much. Both are 35", one Sony, one Sharp. Both have S-video, component, and RCA inputs.
  13. That's great.. brand? Model?
  14. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    It it can accept and pass analog audio on a pin, that's the only thing this needs that others might not. If BallBlazer works, so should this. At least that's what I'd think, assuming it's 100% compatible otherwise as well.
  15. Hastor

    Rikki & Vikki

    They've brought up a few times that they are done with this project and it didn't perform as well as hoped, so they are moving on to new things entirely. I guess another game altogether with the same characters for a different system wouldn't be out if the question, but I wouldn't expect anything further from this one.
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