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  1. Likely not the case but good call. A joystick controller will move in all directions and button works no problem until you move the joystick plug in the port around a bit. Then some function is lost. Move it around again and function regained. It could also possibly be the joystick I am using. When I plugged it in it did not seem very tight at all. Pretty loose actually. I will have to test another joystick with a better plug.
  2. Haha yes indeed! I'm still kicking around but have gone hardcore into the pinball hobby so you will see me in those forums these days Learned a lot about repairing pins over the years so can use that for this kind of stuff now Thanks so much for the offer man. I will let you know. I may try to reflow the solder 1st. Will see if that works!
  3. Ahh ok so it IS grounding! It turned out to be the ribbon cable so game powers on again and the player 1 locked moving to the right is resolved! I think I may need to replace player 1 joystick port now though. Sometimes if you move the controller plug a bit the fire button stops working (testing with driving paddles for the moment) or at least reflow the solder.
  4. Swapped 6532's and we are in business (sort of)...I put the system back together and not getting any power now. That heavy aluminum shield on the heavy sixers actually touches the circuit board....weird or intentional for grounding?. I will have to take it all apart again and see what happened.
  5. Ok ill swap the 6532 and see what happens thanks!
  6. I swapped TIA's with one from another Atari 2600 and issue not resolved. So swap joystick port next?
  7. Excellent thanks. I think I have a couple machines I can use for parts!
  8. OK thanks guys! Do you have a go to place to buy them?
  9. Just testing a heavy sixer. Without a joystick even plugged in the player 1 (left port) moves the player to the right. As in the right direction is locked on. I have taken the machine apart and tested all the caps on the board right by the joystick port and none seem shorted. All pins on the port seem intact. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
  10. I remember playing my strip poker game in about grade 7 or 8 and playing diligently for hours to get the 8 bit hottie naked!
  11. yes that is a good idea. may look into that thanks
  12. ok turns out this game is PAL format. that changes value but how much? i have no idea. i'm open to offers. the box has a little red circular sticker on it and it says PAL on there.
  13. lol that is too funny. that is usually the 1st thing to look for. usually a little circle sticker with a P on it though (thats my excuse anyways) thanks cpuwiz. yep been a long time since on the forum. good to be back!
  14. yes that other seller seems fishy. i seen he had a guantlet that looked repro but no mention of it. was sure answer carts were activision style with wrap around label. i have a new problem that may affect value if i cant figure it out. see link.... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/225872-my-boing-broke-help/
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