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  1. Saugeile Demo! Can't wait to see it on my real hardware. Cooool.
  2. SIMIS is missing on the list. I have the PCB here but i thought there was no rom file release.
  3. Received mine last week. Absolutely awesome game. Thanks Eric !
  4. Thanks for your analysis. Sounds absolutely technically plausible. I thought if already exist as many ports it might be possible . Too bad that it is not feasible.
  5. Thanks for a cool demo in 2016. Looks and sound very nice !
  6. Your support for that is amazing! Thanks very much.
  7. Since years i play a very cool but not easy game with the unspokable name "Sqrxz". It is a Jump and Run with difficult puzzling and it makes so much fun. 4 parts are available. Sqrxz is available for many many different platforms. Many of the ports are Homebrew. More infos are available here at Retroguru http://www.sqrxz.de A Lynx port is missing ! What about a port for our lovely handheld ? Unfortunatley I am not a coder.
  8. Very nice work. Thanks very much for that especially the pics from RJ. He is a very friendly guy. I met an talked to him last year at a meeting in Amsterdam. He is unbelievable cool and like his old products so so much.
  9. Please add me to the list for 1x cased version. The Multicard looks awesome. Thanks very much for that innovation.
  10. The mod looks amazing. Thanks McWill. I ordered one for my Lynx II and i cant wait to see my games in the brilliant new quality !
  11. Got mine 2 months ago from ebay. A Lynx II in perfect condition. Want to buy one since 1990! I was newly infected at Amiga 30 in Amsterdam. I spoke with RJ Mical about the Lynx and there was guy with an amazing white Lynx and all the cool games. Thats it. I came home and started searching for a good one. It makes so much fun to play the games. My favorites so far are Checkered Flag and Zarlor Mercenary. Since last week i have the 5 V Mod and i hope the Lynx will have a long live.
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