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  1. With Windows 11 I get the error of not finding libusb0.dll, even tho I installed the USB Device Driver via de installed. Is Windows 11 supported?
  2. Dude, sounds like you got issues (its not me, its the forum, the world, the other people; generally speaking, of course). And Im afraid I cant help you with those. Good luck with your stuff.
  3. You should do whatever you want, Im a big proponent of people doing what they want. As such I also like to do what I want :). If you see the need to ask payment for your efforts; I could see the need to just pay for the efforts and subsequently distribute what I've puchased for free... Im also a big proponent of speaking one's mind if one wants to. And I wanted to, and thus I did. But to be concise, I never asked you to do something for free. Don't turn around the words I spoke there, thats just mean! My principle for contributing to the Atari community is because I love doing so; and it seems to be in line with a lot of other wonderful people that are involved in the scene, that contribute to the scene following this same ethos. And as such all my efforts will be from my own motivation and will never involve any charge, whatever the time spent on it . I think the main question I really have here is; do you need money; or do you want to charge for your stuff out some principle? For me this didn't really get clear.
  4. What can I say, some people really act like d*cks. But usually these things happens when money gets involved. I wonder if I should not offer my downloaded game libraries up for download myself; for free of course...
  5. I'd love it if it was possible to load current demoscene productions from the JagSD. Currently prods like https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=63929 and https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=62132 do not start from the JagSD.
  6. Id like to declare interest too! Sign me up for one.
  7. I replaced the (non-A) VDP with a TMS9929ANL. And now the machine displays bitmap graphics. Awesome! This resolves the issue I had. Now I can play all the nice TI games to my delight! Thank you for the help.
  8. Asmusr pointed me out in PM that I have a TMS9929NL chip, which is lacking the `A'. Which in turn implies it does not have support for the bitmap mode. I hope that I can just replace the TMS9929NL chip with a TMS9929ANL chip then!
  9. Good point, so to rule out the Retrotink I removed the Retrotink from the chain. And thus doing: - TI99/4A <> Texas Instruments TV PAL Encoder PHA 2030 <> TV Component input But this results in the same behaviour; which means the Retrotink is not the cause. The fact remains that the sprites of for example pacman and sabre wulf still show, but the playfield is not drawn. This is probably the same behaviour as happens with Moon Patrol. Considering the display of these `faulty' screens is still crystal clear, and the other working games are crystal clear as well, it seems not to be the cable or the PAL Encoder at fault. Could it be that a part of the VDP chip is broken/bugged, like Asmusr suggested?
  10. from above comments I have 2 things to try so far: - replace Texas Instruments TV PAL Encoder PHA 2030 with direct cable connection to retrotink; I will have so see where I can acquire one - replace the VDP chip (has been ordered)
  11. Good call. Apologies for not thinking of this to provide this information. To make up for it; let me elaborate on the setup: - TI-99/4A with TMS9929NL chip, outputting PAL - Connected through the 6 pin din cable using Texas Instruments TV PAL Encoder PHA 2030, which outputs: Component and Audio leads - Component input is connected to the RetroTink 2X - Retrotink output goes into HDMI in of my TV How does the remark of Asmusr hold up, regarding different screen modes?
  12. Just opened her up, and it seems to have a TMS9929NL vdp chip. I currently connect the machine to the display using a `Texas Instruments TV PAL Encoder PHA 2030'. Could the use of a PAL vdp chip cause the abovementioned graphical behaviour with some programs? (Edit: some thread in this forum suggests that all cartridges encountered are PAL/NTSC compatible; so I assume answer is `no').
  13. Awesome, I will have a look which VDP chip is in the machine, and see if I can source a new one.
  14. I may have found some anomalies while running a ram test, but the program tells me that there are no errors found. While running ram test/checkerboard: I noticed some off pixels: And while running the address input test I got some off characters on the left (and a few flicking pixels on the right part of the screen in the drawn chars). I am not sure if this means anything, or if its all good. Testing a few games (from the downloaded url above): - Alpine works - Flappy Bird works - Jet Set Willy works - Sabre Wulf gives me a blue screen, but plays music, and mashing some buttons, starts the game and draws main character and some other sprites. - Jet Pac gives me the cyan background color and a hanging buzzing sound - Road Hunter works - Miner 2049er works - Lasso works - Pacman gives solid blue screen, and does nothing, similar to moon patrol, but if I then press 1, the game starts; and it draws the players - Ms Pacman does the same, if I mash some buttons the game starts and plays (draws player and ghosts). Perhaps this helps explaining the situation? Could it be VDP related? So perhaps its just the specific games? I have no idea.
  15. I have opened the machine up. Im fairly sure that it is a non-qi version, thus a TI-99/4a; I have a sideport without any metal surrounding it. I cleaned the sideport with alcohol, and I removed the `sponge' from the cartridge port, and gave it a clean as well. The behaviour however remains the same. See the link for an example of `Moon Patrol' (which is downloaded from https://ftp.whtech.com/Cartridges/FinalGROM99/ ): http://frummel.org/~weedz/tmp/VID_20201206_212532893.mp4 (dont mind the colours, they are there, but my phone dont capture them well). Are there diagnostic tools or programs one can recommend to run? Kind regards
  16. My console is a TI99/4a, that has the silver/metallic casing. I got the cartridge images from various threads/packages from Atariage posts. I assumed the ports to be clean enough, but I will give both the cartridge and the sidecart another clean.
  17. Hi there guys, Im a new user of the TI99/4a hardware, and just this week I finally received my FinalGrom99 and 32kb memory expansion part. I have downloaded a few cartridges together with some homebrew games and gave them a spin. Unfortunately, many of my attempts of loading a game failed. More often than not, I end up having a blue screen, and sometimes some sound or music is playing. For example, Sabre Wulf and Ms Pacman do not run. For example Moon Patrol only loads some of the graphics (like the top part of the car, and the pits load). Some other games do work. The behaviour of which games work and which do not is completely consistent. But so far, it feels like a lot of stuff is not working. Since Im a complete noob with regards to the system, can anyone point me out to any common pitfalls, or ways to determine what Im doing wrong? Is this behaviour related to a hardware faillure? I hope that you guys can shed some knowledge Regards, Wietze
  18. note me down for 2 please, 1 with and one without casing please
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