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  1. #80 and extra PCBoard made it to me. Thanks a million. Robb
  2. Just checking to make sure I did not miss the invoice. What number are you on? I'm 80. I think 69 was the last one I was. Robb
  3. Procomm Data males the unit. It's a Disk drive with built in controller, well built inside the case. .
  4. I have a stand alone disk drive that I would like to connect to it. My stnd alone 32K dies some time ago. I don't see it being a massive run, but if this is something you would make me one or two I would love to get them from you.
  5. Maybe when you get the boards into production and I talk to you about cost to add one for me.
  6. So I will be able to hook up a external disk drive after the 32K?
  7. I'm wondering if there would be anyway to add a pass though on this so other devices could be hooked up?
  8. Very odd. Mine is a solo disk. Any idea what the other two are. I have have a manual bounded together...
  9. I don't remember there being 3 disk. Who is the maker of this one?
  10. Question. Is there any type of SD card that will not work on this device?
  11. Yeah like anything thing, the vluse is what ever buy wants to pay.
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