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  1. I'm trying to use the "Binary Data" export in Magellan 3.2. My program is able to load the character and map data from the binary file, but I cannot find the sprite data. Checking the "Include Sprite Data" option during export changes a flag bit in the file header, but the actual data appears to be missing. Has anybody had success with sprites in the "Binary Data" format? I don't mind digging into the Magellan code, but I want to rule out operator error before doing that. Thank you.
  2. I've tested in a IIgs at 2.8 MHz. Maybe that isn't fast enough to show the problem, or maybe the issue is unrelated to speed. When AmpArcade crashes, what happens? Does it break to the monitor? If so, what's the program counter, and what data is at that address? AmpArcade tends to crash if it's unable to detect the card. Maybe there's a bug in the detection logic. Also, AmpArcade scans slots to find the card, and the scan process involves writing to whatever cards are in your slots. That could "mess up" other cards. What happens if you move the AppleTi to slot 7 (the first slot in the scan sequence)? Many of the AmpArcade and SuperSprite demos do not work with the AppleTi. Those vintage cards include sound and video mixing hardware. When the software attempts to write to that non-existent hardware, you end up with random writes to the F18A registers. That has various odd effects. You might be seeing these effects -- you'd have to remove sound and video mixing hardware accesses from the demo to confirm this theory. Or, if the demos use AmpArcade rather than direct POKEs, we could disable the unsupported commands in AmpArcade. I'll investigate the software side. I do plan to extend AmpArcade with F18A-specific features, but, like all hobby projects, that might take awhile.
  3. The F18A and AppleTi were well received at KansasFest. I gave away two unused AppleTi PCBs to individuals who talked to me after the presentation.
  4. I've posted a video of my presentation at KansasFest and software using the AppleTi/F18A. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I'm will be demonstrating the F18A and AppleTI card at KansasFest next week. I'll post working code and (hopefully) a video. In short, (1) the AppleTi works well, (2) the AppleTi is backwards (component side facing power supply) and has clearance issues with adjacent cards, and (3) legacy SuperSprite and Amparcade software (available on Asimov) mostly works with it. Thanks for creating this card.
  6. Not yet. But, I'll image the disk and share. I suspect that Sprite Logo won't work with the AppleTi card because the original LCSI sprite card has a small EPROM. I'll try it and report back.
  7. I look forward to trying this, although it will be a few weeks before I get a board from OSH Park. Thank you for creating this. I do have "Sprite Logo" from LCSI (http://www.bluerwhite.org/2014/03/boxing-sprite-logo/), and I want to get this software working with the F18A.
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