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  1. if you're still doing/selling these, i would love to put my name on the list please! thanks
  2. for those in Canada, are there any options at all in buying one of these? shops never seem to have in stock, and i'm happy to send money or whatever. just curious how others in Canada have got one. Thanks everyone
  3. as breakthrough as it was for the wii, i found the gamecube a better overall system. games were great (loved the first party games, and others like the star wars games and eternal darkness), and found since the cube was close in hardware to the xbox and ps2 that the games held up well against the other systems. the wii i found very gimmicky. sure it had some great stuff on it to which i still play to this day, but overall i find most of the games unoriginal and clones of the same concept based on the controller. that's what i felt anyways.
  4. my top 10. Still such great ones to play. 1. Pressure Cooker 2. Super Challenge Baseball 3. Kaboom 4. Warlords 5. Maze Craze 6. Keystone Kapers 7. Plaque Attack 8. Pitfall II 9. Demon Attack 10. Defender
  5. i would love to get a gamegear one off you please. assuming you ship to canada that is.
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