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  1. I've recently begun exploring this section of the psn. The following two are really enjoyable so I figured I'd give them a shout out and ask if anyone else has some mini love they'd like to share. Where Is My Heart is a great little puzzle game. While it may be the girliest game I have ever played, it is still really fun and quite challenging at points. Essentially it takes a standard platform level and cuts it up into squares and rearranges the squares so that when you walk to the right you don't necessarily end up in the square to your right, which makes collecting all the hearts in a level fairly challenging. You control three creatures and can stack them on top of eachother on certain blocks to use the top creature's special power. The orange once can pop out of the level, spin the squares, and then pop back in to a different square. The black one can see hidden parts of the level, not just platforms only he can see or jump on, but holes in the wall they can all walk through. The brown one can double jump, and when you turn his power off the other two guys show up next to where he is. Even though there are only a few things to do, it can get really complicated (in a good way). Zenonia is an action RPG reminiscent of the Final Fantasy III (or VI?) era (particularly in the look of the knights, I think). Classic 2D rpg goodness. You , to noone's surprise, play a boy whose father (who may not have been his real father) dies and he has to travel the land fighting monsters to save the kingdom (I may have met the "princess", not entirely sure yet). You pick up quests to get gold and experience, but there is also a good/evil element thrown in so there are ramifications for completing certain quests. There is also a crafting piece that I haven't quite figured out yet and It has some gamer humor thrown in as well. One girl says "I'm just an NPC, we can't be together" when you talk to her. It is, in general, a pretty good game and well worth the money (though it doesn't take much to be worth $7), but I have run into a few glitches. Both times were when I went to talk to someone who would have moved the story forward. Save before major decisions and you should be ok. I also think I broke it by trying to accept too many quests at once. There is a max you can have, so it won't let you take the one you're trying to add, but it honks something up to try. It kept telling me I had more to do in the area and wouldn't let me leave, even though both my active quests took place in the next area. Yay for loading to a prior save point. Still fun, but if this happens a lot (or in places where I don't want to go back to my last save) I may not finish the whole game. I would recommend both for the ps3. I don't have a psp, so I can't recommend anything for that, but I think Zenonia would be good on the psp too. The screen might be too small for Where's My Heart, but it is hard to tell if that is true or if my brain just wants the picture to be bigger since it is so hard to figure out. Anyone else have a mini to recommend?
  2. Another year, another birthday, and still always a wonderful lady! All the best! *Huggz*

  3. Just so you know, PixelJunk did not say that. In fact, if you read the following interview, they say "My comments regarding piracy were taken out of context in the past (all I said last year was that there were some pirates playing the game in one of the online lobbies for Monsters), I don't think its piracy that has deflated sales, I just don't think many people hook their PSPs up to the PSN store yet." http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/702370/reaction-time-q-games-reflects-on-their-latest-downloadable-pixeljunk-shooter.html
  4. That cart is IDENTICAL to the one I got in the mail today! What are the odds? Mine was loose though, also no "C" Hmm, could this be cloning? So far that makes Tapeworm the only one with a color variant on the S.video release. And China Syndrome.
  5. cool thanks for that. In China Syndrome - is the order dark purple then light purple? ... then blue, and light blue The purples are opposite of the normal order. It is light purple then dark purple, then blue then light blue. Here is a scan.
  6. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I've been chipping away at this game and I finally beat Flamelurker and I'm pretty pleased about it. I was stuck on him for nearly a month. I suck at magic, so I mostly kill things with my trusty axe or my not-so-trusty bow and that bugger was too fast for me for a long time. Now things are much more fun since I can make fancy weapons and the last part of level 1 is open finally and I found the crows and gave them shiny things and since I've beat at least one guy in every level but 5 I can work on more than one thing at a time and not get so frustrated playing the same part over and over and over. This game is really hard, but you can see yourself improve and so it's worth it.
  7. Ok, this is cheap but Frontline by Zellers and Maze by Sears may count. The manuals don't SAY there is a one player game variation, but I think Frontline has one (since Combat does) and Maze just doesn't have a manual (or at least not one scanned, and I don't have one), though the box says 2 player and doesn't mention a solo option.
  8. I have the following, all NTSC: Bumper Bash - Spectravideo - otherwise illegible Challenge of Nexar - Spectravision - no C, small print over logo China Syndrome - Spectravision - no C, small print over logo - different colors than AtariAge scan (light purple, dark purple, blue, light blue) Cross Force - Spectravision, no C, small print over logo Gangster Alley - Spectravision - no C, no small print over logo Gas Hog - Spectravideo - no C, small print over logo Master Builder - Spectravideo - no C, small print over logo Planet Patrol - Spectravideo - no C, small print over logo Tapeworm - Spectravision - no C, no small print over logo, standard green label
  9. This isn't really a problem, but would it be possible to put a line or something under the pinned topics to differentiate them a little bit more? They don't stand out nearly as much as they used to.
  10. Valkyria Chronicles!!! Play it now, you won't be sorry.
  11. Happy Birthday to a great lady and you're definitely being thought of today and all year through! *Huggz*

  12. PS3 was supposed to be a lot of things by a lot of dates. I wouldn't hold my breath. They will "break even or even make a profit" by August, maybe, if analyst predictions are right. That, of course, assumes they sell at current prices. If they do a price cut to the "barely break even" price, the competition can do the same amount of price dropping, and likely turn a profit even then. Meanwhile, if they still fail to move more systems, they stop getting as many games, which cuts into the profitability of the whole division. At that point even selling the system at break even doesn't do them a whole lot of good. And of course, even then, they have to try to make enough to make back the losses the division has made already. This is not the same as the Gamecube and Wii launching at profitable prices. With the Gamecube, for example, Nintendo made money from every console sold from day one. They also made money licensing even the smaller number of games they got than the competition. Added to that they made a lot of money off their own games on the system (with most of the million sellers being their own). Thus, at every step they were money in, even with low sales. Given that Sony's model is the same as Microsoft's, they need the black ink from licensing to be more than the red ink from hardware. I doubt very much if they will have enough systems on the market in the next year or two no matter what happens to make that kind of licensing money. It'd be like Gillette having three years selling razors at losses, where no one bought blades, and where more people bought razors from another company anyway. Selling the system at a profit means no price cuts, and selling at break even or below means needing more licensing to counteract past and future losses. And dropping the price will almost certainly lead to reactive price cuts from MS and Nintendo, leading to more of those systems sold, and a lower likelihood of Sony coming back far enough to make big money from licensing from third parties. See the bind they're in? If you look at that article, it was written in April of 2008 so I'm pretty sure they already missed that deadline. Regardless, I'm really enjoying the system, particularly some of the downloadable games like Super Stardust HD and PixelJunk Eden that are only available through their online store. I wonder how much money they are making from the store, and if that will help them hit profitability soon.
  13. I actually enjoyed not going for an A grade the first time around. Most of the time I ended up with C's. Usually what you need to do to get an A leaves most of the enemies alive, on some of the levels it even feels like a cheap win. The first time I played through I tried to kill off all the enemies in every battle, rather than just running for the goal. This time around I'm going for all A's and it sorta feels like a different game, which makes replay a little more fun.
  14. So I "finished" the game, and now I love it more than ever. You can't really get any of the difficult medals until the game "ends" and working on them is a whole lot of fun for me. I'm trying to open all the potentials for all the characters, learn all the orders, get A's on all the levels, etc. It also opened the hard levels for the skirmishes and they are WAY harder than the normal or easy versions. Plus, you are usually playing them "backwards" i.e. going from the camp you occupied in the easy/normal levels to whereever the enemy ended up when they fled the camp (usually where you started out the first time, but sometimes split all around you). I died rather spectacularly the first five or six times I played the first hard level. It's awesome. As a warning, you can't save after you finish the last battle until the movie(s) are over, which takes about a thousand years. Seriously. It takes forever, but it is worth it for what you can do afterwards.
  15. Ah! I figured it out. I'd never scrolled back through the pages in the book, so I hadn't realized they were there. I played them through, and they're pretty interesting. Also, I accidentally said the wrong chapter before. I was on chapter 13 (not 11) in case you were wondering why my comments made no sense. 11 made me snif a bit too. I wasn't expecting that at all. I don't know how they do it, but it just keeps getting more and more interesting and the game play keeps getting more and more involved.
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