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  1. Thank you for questioning. It does feature a little history of phreaking as well as it will explain the difference of hacking and cracking. The first book (it’s a two-part series) goes back to the start of BBS’s. But to be honest it’s not very deep because the second book will focus on BBS trading and oversea networking. The first one concentrates on European disk trading and its US influences. Especially the second part will show how "BBS" worked. It should also feature a controversial biopic of a member of the Amiga scene. And many guest parts will be included. Both books include a continuous story with strong scene characters and their underground experiences in 80s and 90s software industry and technology: roots, conflicts and visions. It’s more than Atari ST. The German C64 scene around Radwar is also in it. Sidekicks to Apple II, BBC Micro, Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad CPC. It is full of citations – Rob Northen speaks out for instance. The books are written in a narrative way and try to capture the digital momentum in pre internet times, either in technology, society, club culture, scene and in the media, press or industry. Best Regards
  2. When the book will be ready for delivery, you will see it. I just don't like presenting book compositions without a real product.
  3. Hey guys, The book is divided into two episodes. While the first part focuses on Europe, it also deals with the relationship of the games industry in the US. The second part deals with the US's underground connection to Europe and the illegal overseas trade in general. Of course, both books belong together and a continuous story is told. Delivery starts in early April. Between 10–15... Visit my shop at www.microzeit.com to see if the product is available...
  4. The new Atari book is nearly funded! ✊ Only a few more backers are needed.👌 If you've missed it so far please come by and have a look into the presentation: https://igg.me/at/crackers Best Regards, Marco / Microzeit
  5. Hi, I’m the author and publisher of the book. Earlier on, I tried to use Kickstarter. One time I was successful there. But I must admit that I don’t like the interface. In fact it is half-baked and amateurish. Follow back my projects and you’ll notice that my books always have been financed and I deliver. Indiegogo is more professional and flexible to handle. That’s the main reason I’m there. What also bothered me about Kickster is the low attention span and high cash fluctuation. If a project is not immediately successful, the money quickly flows somewhere else. This has never happened to me at Indiegogo. So, I hope to see you soon in the purple edge of the crowdfunding world. Best Regards, Marco / Microzeit
  6. Hi there, the next attempt is on Kickstarter now. If you are an old scener, gamer or just an admirer of the Atari ST demoscene, come by and visit my campaign at: http://kck.st/2jNMse1 I have tons of new informations on the timespan between 1991–1993/94. It’s not exactly determined where the book will end. But I know you will be very surprised that I got another batch of secretive insights from industry guru Marc Rosocha. Other than that this volume will be the heart of the series, with actually over 30 persons take part with their memories. It will be so condensed that if it would be a zip-file and you unpack it, you suddenly would lying on the ground – buried under a wagonload of pages. Volume 2 is called BEYOND THE BORDERS and goes beyond – in every aspect. This volume not only presents some of the best artistic works on Atari’s 16-bit computers, but also gives the readers a chance to experience the downfall of the home computer industry from an Atari perspective. Come over to just have a look! Best regards, Marco
  7. At 21th September. The Atari ST Anthology goes on. We meet on Kickstarter again. Volume 2 Help to make it possible ... Best regards, Marco
  8. Hi everyone, Microzeit is a new German publisher on the digital era of home computing and pixel creativity. The Atari ST and the Creative People book vol.1 has been sold worldwide for a good quarter now. Due to the increasing request from North America, especially from Canada and the US, I decided to offer exclusive express delivery to North America. I have feedback from customers: Only 7-10 days and the book is there >>> >>> MICROZEIT is a new independent publisher focused on digital culture and computer history. We open up with a book series about digital creativity in the 80s. THE ATARI ST AND THE CREATIVE PEOPLE are narrative art books with a premier presentation of contemporary motion design. For the first time fast paced pixel movements are captured in a book. Our hearts are beating for digital art as well as good storytelling. Find our trademark design and view on the pixel era in the first volume BREAKIN’ THE BORDERS. Every part of this book is a journey and we work hard on transmitting this idea for you. It’s work-in-progress. Thanks to a solid crowdfunding it will be an attractive analogue conversion of screen art. As independent producers it’s our ambition to fill some pieces into the puzzle of “digital culture”. Be with us. www.microzeit.com
  9. Hello guys, after a long period of silence I want to inform you about an update. I recently refreshed the shop with many products from the Kickstarter campaign. You can now order a limited amount of goodie packs, for example. Best regards from Germany, Marco
  10. We officially restarted: http://kck.st/263wBJT Kickstarter ends on 3rd July. Regards, Marco
  11. Of course. I never plan only with one letter of the alphabet. I need to see the sum which comes out in the end, than I will see what will work out with it. Quality-wise I would not cut anything. It's more logistic-wise. Ans I don't know if I can do it in Germany, when it's not getting a minimum... Regards, Marco
  12. Hi guys, I opened up a new Thread and added some informations for you, so it's more recent. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/253255-the-atari-st-book-countdown-kickstarter-ends-on-6th-june-join-us/ Regards, Marco Breddin
  13. Hi guys! If you are not aware of our Retro art book on the Atari ST creative culture, please hurry up to join us on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/21I7feE You can be the critical mass to reach our goals on the 6th June. In the last week some things went positive, some not. Marketing such a campaign is not easy. We constantly work on press releases. So, since the beginning on 6th May we have been covered by: Magazines: - Retro (german) - Return (german) - ST-Computer (german) - Pixelnostalgie (german) - Kultboy (german) - Retrogamesmaster (english) - Indie Retro News (english) - Retro Video Games (english) - Retrogaming History (italian) . Retrokomp (polish) - Atari Crypt (english) - Blue's News (english) - 8-bit Central (english) Forums: - Atari-Forum - Atari-Home.de - Demozoo - RetroCollect - Pouet - Nectarine - Atari Age - ST fanémule - Reddit - Atari.io - English Amiga Board I also produced a comprehensive audio podcast. Sorry for my weird english sometimes, I am coming from Germany. Have a listen on my Kickstarter campaign site, see below. Thank you for your support so far, I see you are interested in this unique story, but never have expected so much US-backers! This surprises me, as I thought this story is only a speciality for the europeans. Best Regards, Marco Breddin (Writer of the Atari ST Anthology)
  14. Hello again! Sorry for not updating in time. Such a Kickstarter is a tough marketing job. Now I hope to get more publicity to get this financed. Spread the word whenever you can. I also posted a message to the Atari Age staff today. Meanwhile I got an interview done for Retrogamesmaster and small articles on german Retro- and Return magazine. But exposure could be greater. Also feel free to use the attached banners i actually use for the social media rotation. Hope we get it done! Appreciate any help, Marco
  15. He, he, didn't knew it either. I know this information is kind of hidden in the landing page, but if this book get's financed there will be a follow-up. Indeed it's a two-part anthology which gives more detailed insights and more air for writing and the art. Even these two parts won't reach the end of the scene, due to the storyline which captures the rise and fall of Thalion at first. So it totally ends in 1994: the ground zero of the first generation of Atari-Sceners, Artists and Atari itself of course. Regards,
  16. The Art and History of the Atari ST Demoscene printed into a Hardcover Book. A crowdfunding project which soon will start on Kickstarter. This Book will contain high quality prints of pixel-art as well as special Interviews with the makers. It will tell the story of a generation of people, whose fight for artistic expression lead to a wonderful expansion of a limited 16-bit Computer. Exclusive tableaus will show the approaches and tricks of the programmers. "Breaking the Borders" will take you on a journey through the end of the 80s to the mid 90s – from the pioneering Atari scene to professional games development in Germany. Some of them where Exceptions . But it not only tells the story of freaks, it goes back to the roots of digital fascination which can’t be more contemporary. Have a look here http://breakintheborders.weebly.com/ Would be glad if you support this huge project and spread the word in the meantime. Please feel free to ask me questions or visit the FB-Group for additional insights. Best Regards, Marco Breddin RockABIT Soundcloud
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