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  1. So I got another copy of Jungle Hunt off ebay today, from a U.S seller, apparently tested and worked. Went and plugged it into my Atari, and both copies have the same problem! That is pretty interesting. I really doubt at this point these are both PAL carts. I have a video of what is going on with the games, but I am "Not Permitted to Attach this Type of File". Any way to get around this? Thanks for the help guys!
  2. A binder is a sweet idea for keeping loose manuals for nes/snes/2600 games. Thanks!
  3. I am interested to hear what the folks down at Atari Age think about collecting game manuals. Do you collect manuals for all games, or only certain types of games? Where do you keep them (storage)? If you try to avoid manuals for loose games, why? I'd love to know. For me, I like to get manuals for a few types of games. Especially RPGs, or Atari 2600 games that might need some explaining without previous knowledge (Yars Revenge). I also keep my manuals in a big ziploc bag in my desk drawer. Nothing fancy. Oh, and I avoid manuals sometimes (to save space, and to save on costs), usually I only get them when I mean to, or if it seems like a bonus. Excited to see your opinions! -Codester78
  4. It's interesting to read that, dude. I don't personally own a 5200 (and I actually have never seen one in person either), but I would like to see what the system is really like. I just think it has been such the classic thing to say that the 5200 sucks. I also don't think that AVGN's review was very fair. He should give the console another shot at it (like a James and Mike monday). Maybe that would bring mew light to the system? I don't know. I will try the system whenever I get the chance ☺
  5. Well, I just bought another one off ebay (tested and cleaned of course). Usually I would have tried to fix the issue, but this time around, if it wasn't PAL, it was really broken, sadly. But, my 3 dollars won't go to waste! I'm putting all my atari doubles (this being one of them now) on top of my door frame (surprisingly, they stay up there really well). I'll post a picture later. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Having issues attaching the file... Any who, my cart definitely looks like the cart to the right on your pic. Coleco vision it is!
  7. I'll attatch a photo of the game in a second...
  8. So I bought this q bert game from ebay forever ago, and seller claimed that it was for the 2600. I get it, and it doesn't fit into the system. Could it be for coleco vision or something? Thanks.
  9. Huh, that's interesting, because there is no letter p on the end label (this particular cart is the silver variation), or p sticker on the back.
  10. Isn't it nuts that you one could just stumble upon something like this?
  11. Oh man. Does that thing take batteries? It would be a hastle to plug it in everywhere ya go 😕
  12. Cool to hear that! Goodwill where I live used to be great, I found pretty much most of the systems I have at that place. But now it has been really lacking. Maybe I should try craigslist like you have. Ebay prices are getting higher than ever
  13. Is there any way to tell if an atari cart is pal vs ntsc?
  14. I'll upload a picture of what's going on asap
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