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    changed my mind, remove me from the list, my bad.
  2. Hey Rolo, can I order one please? I just purchased a SOUNDIC Videoconsole, which I believe is another clone of the other systems like hami/prinztronic sysytems. I am not sure if all the games are on one eprom or why people are ordering extensions and extra eproms but I obviously just want all the games on one cart.
  3. tsunoni


    I would love to have a copy, put me down for it if possible..
  4. This is something I would really like to get asap! Ive been looking for an sd ngpc flashcart and I would love to see save states, recently chosen roms or more realistically a solid save system. BTW I love the LYNX SD! Sign me up for one of these ngpc sd ones!
  5. Dear Saint, please add me to the list also! =D
  6. Please let me buy one from you! XD THankX
  7. HUGE CHANGE OF EVENTS: IT WORKS! SEE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heuvdxBKoqI I was testing a few Entex handhelds that I bought from eBay. They were made in the early 80's and they used the same size batteries as my Telstar pong console. Long story short the batteries were messing with EVERYTHING on my Telstar pong console. I put in normal C batteries and Boom, it worked even with the horrendous chip reinstall. I completed the audio mod and by stripping the two audio rca wires (red and white), twisted them together for the solder to pin #3. I twisted their grounds together and rapped it around, and together with, the other ground wire connected at pin #2. C battery adapters that didnt work with anything aa rechargable inside the C batt adapter that didnt work Bad chip reinstall: Complete board and thanks for everything truly!!
  8. So I plugged it in an hour ago and it worked perfectly, except no ball was showing and I think the score was stuck at 15 for both left and right. I removed the board from its clip-ins and it completely stopped working so I put it back and it was working the same way it was as I originally stated in this post. I then removed the board from its clip-ins and it stopped working again so I put it back again but this time it hasnt worked since. Ooppss, that wasn't as bad as what I was about to do though. I then pulled out the main chip and two of the pins were bent. I didnt know if it was because they were meant to be or I did it because the exact two pins werent used for anything on the board (they didnt lead to anything), I then broke off their legs accidently and tried putting the chip back on and it wouldnt go in. I could only get one side but not the other. I removed the main chip just to see if I could. I think I will have to get an other one entirely (pong console) because I really did a number here. Thanks for the help. I will probably get the same one and do the same mod but successfully instead of, well, unsuccessfully. Thanks everyone for everything
  9. Has anyone ever been able to accomplish this great feat of civil engineering?!
  10. It works! It's great except the right paddle isn't showing up at all. I dont know if I broke it somewhere along the way. Also, I started bridging connections on the chip while it was on to try and see if the right paddle would appear and it reset it a few times and shut it off a few times. After that everytime i turned it on the picture would start normal then glitch and then the sound and picture would make glitchy sounds and then it turned off completely. it wasnt doing that at all before i tried bridging pins on that chip. I think I really did it in, in some odd way. Anyways before I went and messed everything up this is what I did differently: I cut the long cable to be shorter and stripped a composite (yellow) video cable an twisted the, already soldered, wires to the yellow. I then soldered the yellow cords ground to the chips ground (point 2) and viola! [no right paddle though picture was flawless and it didnt glitch out and die after 20 seconds] Again though, I don't know what I did to make the right paddle completely disappear! Thanks for everything! If you have any idea how to display the right paddle, please, of course, let me know. SO COOL! No more rf at all! 100% clear! ps did i mess it up with bridging random pins on the chip with a screw driver (usually pins right next to one another)??
  11. This is where I am. I soldered, only, the composite points you labeled as yellow to this wire and wrapped it around this rca plug and powered it up while connected to my yellow rca input, on the flat screen but no signal was detected. I triple checked to confirm that the yellow ones are soldered to the right points. Am using a wrong cable cord? Do I need to connect the ground to something? edit: I added another picture with the yellow cable I stripped to cross with the soldered wire that was combined with the 5 yellow wire points.. still nothin. a tthis point I hope i only need to connect a ground or something.
  12. Wow, yer tha bombb diggityyyy!! what do i do with the ground? thanks so much sly!
  13. I just removed the board and looked under the chip in question and noticed those pins are soldered so I guess I could just solder wires to those points then right? and do i count 1, 2, 3, 4, from the upper left of the chip, in the position, in the picture to the right, from top to bottom?
  14. Thanks so much! The top chip in the picture is cd4011ae RCA605 and the bottom one is cd4072be RCA614. I dont know how to count the numbers on the ay-3-8500-1 chip. can you circle them in my image? or highlight them? do i just pull the chip out with needle nose pliers and bend those pins out and solder wires to them and combine those wires? Thanks again! -Stephen P.
  15. The picture comes through but its very fuzzy but I can see the pong games running and I can play it but it is way too difficult to make out to want to play it. The screen is shakey and it produces a static fuzzy sound also on the tv set. the sound the comes from the console itself is fine. I dont want to spend too much money because I know I could buy another with $30. I can solder and aI modified my Atari 7800 for composite out successfully so I feel pretty good on that front.
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