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  1. I wanted to share a pic of my 5200 collection with u guys but I dont see a way to upload it? : /. Any tips?
  2. Is tempest a homebrew? My trak ball is on the way so I definitely want to pick up Tempest. It really doesn't get much better than Tempest. An all-time fave.
  3. Thanks. I am new to it. Now I got it...
  4. Nice! Im getting the tb...then ima check out the holders
  5. I love decathlon for 2600. Never played it on the 52. I cant imagine playing that with the analog controller tho. It even pushed the indestructable 2600 sticks to the limit. Why not just finish the collection for the sake of completing it? U are so close.
  6. Ive got to say... What the hell were they thinking involving the keypad in tennis?? That made me laugh dude. I never had problems with the sticks malfunctioning but some of the configurations were just whack. That whole serving with the stick, button key combination was just out of bounds.
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