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  1. Basara is my second favorite behind Charlotte! You should play bro and in October when basara comes out you will be ready to go! 👊
  2. Anyone else playing the new Samurai Shodown on ps4? I'm really enjoying it! I wasnt sure if i was going to after seeing it originally. I knew it looked cool but heard it played a lot different and people had mixed feelings about it. After playing through the story mode and playing a bit online I've decided that's it's a good game!
  3. Today I beat Batman Returns for SNES on mania. This was a really fun beat em up with some side scrolling levels and even a crappy driving level. The bosses were all simple except the first catwoman fight which kicked my ass the first few times. Great game!
  4. Alright I have a few more games to post! Star Fox SNES I actually beat this on the SNES mini while on vacation, but it was my first time beating it. I took the middle path and didnt die until Andros. This game is fun, but I prefer star fox 64. Wakeboarding Unleashed Ps2 This game is amazing. It's like the lost Tony Hawk game you never knew you needed. It's from Activision so I dont know why it wasnt part of the "pro" series like Matt Hoffman bmx or the horrible Kelly Slater game. Get this game if you dont have it and like Tony hawk pro skater. Fatal frame ps2 This was such a good game. I know most of us never actually get scared from games or movies, but this game did the best job of making me feel uncomfortable and on edge the while time. The camera ghost fighting stuff was ok, but I really enjoyed exploring and doing puzzles and the story was great too. My game actually froze right as I put the last item in so I had to watch the ending on my phone 😭. I took a picture of the frozen screen lol. Gradius nes I love shmups so I'm glad to finally have this classic beat. It plays a lot like the side scrolling levels of Life Force and the power ups work the same. I might try to loop this at some point. Astro Bot PSVR My first VR game beat! This was so much fun. Its like a 3d Mario game almost where you look over your character and watch him run around the world. You have to find robots and hidden chameleons in each level. Everything was amazing from the music to the boss fights. I actually loved this game so much I got 100%. The only thing I havnt played yet are the mini games. I unfortunately don't have a screenshot for this one 😭. Sonic Mania Switch I've had this game sitting around forever and finally decided to play it. I forget what it's called, but I played on a mode where you actually use all 5 characters. Items you get will make you swap out to whoever's next in line. I really liked using tails and the flying squirrel guy. I didnt get the emeralds though and got the bad ending, but I still consider it beat. Again no screenshot so sorry 😭😭 Home a unique horror adventure Ps4 This game was garbage. It was boring and short and nothing happens. It had a bad story and everything was bad. I sadly have this on Vita too and now I will never open it. I didnt take a picture of the end probably because I turned it off as fast as I could... Golden Axe 2 Genesis Amazing game. I have a nice minty copy that's been sitting around waiting to get played so I beat it the other day on hard. It's a classic and one of my favorites from my childhood. I kind of want to play it again already 😁. Vampire Saviour 2 cps2 I finally got my second cabinet up and running with cps2 so I can finally play some of my boards! I used Morrigan and got through the game easily on the standard difficulty. I love how special moves are done in this game. It's very different from the usual street fighter and mortal kombat inputs. I'm very happy to have this board up and running finally. The monitor still has some issues but its ok! As of now I have beat 36 games and 4 on co op in 2019.
  5. I'm back with a bunch of new games beat. Lots of fighting games so let's get those out of the way. Samurai Shodown SNES This was a decent fighting game for the console, but after playing on the MVS so much I cant really get into it. I beat it on the standard difficulty. Guilty Gear X Ps2 I really enjoyed this one. I picked Millia and beat it on the standard difficulty. Nothing too special other the art style and characters. I really like the GG series. Guilty Gear X2 Ps2 After beating the first one I played through the second one and used Testament. Again, this is a good game, but it's really just more of the same. I beat this on the standard difficulty as well. Guilty Gear Xrd rev 2 Ps4 This game looks beautiful, but was easier then the other games. I used I-no and beat this on one of the harder difficulties. Capcom Fighting Evolution Ps2 I managed to 1cc this game on the hardest difficulty with Hauzer and Bison. Yet another standard fighting game with not much to offer other then characters from Red Earth. Maybe I've just been too spoiled with my snk fighters lol. Moving on to NES games! Mickeys safari in letterland This was a game for babies, but I spent the time to beat it so I'm counting it. It's a platformer where you look for letters. Make it to the end and you get one. Complete 26 levels and you win. It's all very straightforward. Jackal This was a very fun tank style game that seemed to use a bunch of strategies that I would normally use for shmups. The last level was difficult, but other then that this game was a breeze. It took me 2 tries to beat it. Rush N Attack This game is amazing. It's very difficult and your pace is very important to memorize the game. Thankfully the last level is the easiest so it's all downhill if you can make it there. I really recommend this game if you want a challenge. It took me all day to beat this one. Dragon Spirit This is the last game for now and it's a shmup where you are a dragon. There are 9 levels and each level has one part except the last which is three parts. Again, this game is really easy other then the last level. Hopefully I can post as I beat games next time so I will have more to say instead of waiting a month and posting all at once.
  6. Gunlord announced for Switch with new graphics and new bosses and widescreen apparently.
  7. I actually own strikers 1945 plus so it's in the shockbox behind the cart and it wont go anywhere!
  8. A while back I was changing the power supply in my big red and i found this label in the back inside corner! Who knows how long it's been there. I'm 99% sure it's a repro label, but I swear the quality of it is legit! Mvs scans doesnt have a Japanese label for Strikers so I was hoping I found something rare, but I dont think so. The SNK logo is too weird. I wanted to share anyway since it's interesting! Have a good day everyone!
  9. I havnt posted because I havnt beat anything notable lately, but today I beat a good one so its time! First I beat backyard wrestling on ps2. I actually really like this game. I know it's not the best, but its good fun trying to set up high flyers or slamming people through tables! On and setting people on fire too dont forget that. Then I beat X-Men Mutant Academy on Ps1. This is a fun fighter but there's nothing too special about it. You have three specials that each have their own meter and that's the only unique thing here. I beat it with Gambit. The really good game that I just beat is Power Blade on NES. This is an action platformer where you have a boomerang as a weapon. There are 7 levels and in each level you need to find your contact before you can gain access to the boss room. The difficulty on normal mode is just right because of the unlimited continues. This game is sick and I'm glad I got it. Maybe I will go for expert mode soon.
  10. 2 more games down. First was King of Fighters 2003. I started using Duolon and he wound up being a good pick for me! I used Duolon, Ash, and Hinako and beat the game first on difficulty 4, then on 8. I died 3 times, but I consider all neo geo games beat if you complete them in under 4 lives since that's how it's set up on the aes. I need to re-play real bout since I died too much but I posted it anyway at the beginning of the year lol. Then I beat S.C.A.T. on NES. This was a very fun shmup that didn't take too long. Only level 4 took some practice. I really liked the way your second shot works with the orbs. They move freely around you and you can stop them with A. It's funny how you are arnold Schwarzenegger and Sigourney Weaver in this game .
  11. This is where I'm at right now. The end of level 6 wasnt too bad. The end of level 7 however is a different story. Hopefully I beat it soon. Thanks for the tips. I didnt even know about the 1ups!
  12. Just saw this! Awesome man. I'm actually playing right now. I can get to level 5 so far lol. Any tips?
  13. Yesterday I managed to beat Double Dragon 2 on supreme master. I beat this recently on co op, but my buddy did most of the work so I had to go and beat it by myself. Great game and thanks mbd30 for the tip on the conveyor belt room. I never die there anymore. Also when I beat it I had one health left til a game over! After that I had to go back and beat the first Double Dragon. I struggled with it in the past, but once I started using the punch only to build up a score and get better moves, the game got easier. The back elbow pretty much carried me through the game.
  14. Two classics for sure! I will probabaly play a little more kung fu and try to loop it a few times just because my friend gave me shit lol. And I really enjoy double dragon as well. I still have to beat it on one player.
  15. I will have to try that on the conveyor belt room next time I play. I still havnt beat it on one player so I still need to play. My buddy who was with me had had the score loop on kung fu. He has it on his YouTube I believe. He has a few world records actually. I do not lol.
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