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  1. Hey guys, super random, but I saw a video from someone on Facebook showing off their MVS collection and noticed that there was a red mark on their copy of Fatal Fury Special. I actually have the same red mark on my copy and never thought anything of it until I saw this video. It doesn't seem to be on any other game, but now I have seen two on ff special kits. Any ideas as to what the mark is for? (It is hard to see in the screenshot I took of his video, but it is very clear in the picture I took of my own copy)
  2. Mine just shipped today so yours should real soon. I'm also super excited to play!!!!!!!!
  3. I stopped posting a few months back, but still kept a log of everything I beat. Here is a list of the 68 games I beat this year along with a few games i beat on co op for the first time. The picture is of my Xeno Crisis score since that was the last game of the year beat! 1. Real bout level 8 1cc 2. Jaws nes 3. Narc nes 4. Operation wolf nes 5. Cabal nes 6. Popeye nes 7. Xenophobe nes 8. Tournament fighters SNES 9. City connection nes 10. Barbie nes 11. Kung fu nes 12. Double dragon 2 supreme master nes 13. Double dragon nes 14. King of fighters 2003 level 8 15. Scat nes 16. Backyard wrestling ps2 17. Xmen mutant Academy ps1 18. Power Blade expert mode nes 19. Samurai shodown SNES 20. Guilty gear X ps2 21. Guilty gear x2 ps2 22. Guilty gear xrd rev 2 hard ps4 23. Capcom fighting evolution hard ps2 24. Mickeys safari in letterland nes 25. Jackal nes 26. Rush n attack nes 27. Dragon spirit nes 28. Star fox SNES 29. Wakeboarding unleashed ps2 30. Fatal frame ps2 31. Gradius nes 32. Astro bot ps4 33. Sonic mania switch 34. Home ps4 35. Golden axe 2 genesis 36. Darkstalkers 2 arcade 37. Batman returns snes mania 38. The inpatient psvr 39. Kof 98 ps2 1cc level 4 40. Pirates of dark water snes hard 41. Kabuki quantam fighter nes 1cc 42. Xena n64 43. Vice project doom nes 44. Fight night round 3 ps2 41-0 hard 45. The itchy and Scratchy game snes 46. Land before time return to the great valley ps1 47. The Rocketeer nes 48. StarTropics nes 49. Walt disney world racing ps1 50. Secret ties famicom 1cc 51. Links Awakening Switch 52. Rescue rangers nes 53. A Hole New World ps4 1cc 54. Power Rangers Fighting Edition SNES hard 1cc 55. Shovel Knight ps4 56. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 the Newcomers level 8 1cc 57. River city girls hard mode good ending 58. Mega man 3 59. Mega Man 2 difficult 60. Karnov nes 61. Mega man 4 62. Dkc3 103% 63. Bloodstained Curse of the Moon veteran normal campaign 64. Gyruss nes 65. Scooby doo unmasked ps2 66. Wrestlemania 2000 easy 67. Captain Skyhawk nes 68. Xeno Crisis 1cc Co OP games beat Contra Super c Narc Double dragon 2 Scat nes Ninja saviours ps4
  4. Hey everyone, I'm selling an Evo exclusive Samurai Shodown collectors edition on ebay. I think there were only 250 to 450 made. Just trying to get the word out in case anyone here wants it. Im asking $600 obo. I've seen it sell anywhere from $750-$1000 in the past. Sorry if this is a weird post for this forum, but I asked Anthony and he said it should be ok.
  5. Sounds like Kraut Buster 2nd print on MVS should be shipping soon!
  6. I got a 1cc twice in a row on Real Bout 2, the Newcomers the other day! First I got the 1cc on level 4, then on level 8 immediately after. I lost 5 rounds the first time, and lost 4 rounds when I played on level 8. I've never done this before and not sure if I will ever do it again. Too bad I wasnt recording!
  7. Neo Geo arcade stick pro announced. I'm not sure for what consoles... actually I dont have any info, but it looks nice lol.
  8. This is kind of cool guys. There is an mvs copy of Waku Waku 7 on ebay and the serial number is 000001. The price is insane, but in this community who knows maybe it will actually sell.
  9. Does anyone know if you can order from this website if you are in the US? I think I have tried before and couldn't. It would be awesome if I could order these jackets and the acrylic figures. Also some sake! Lol
  10. My friend is at Evo and got me the evo exclusive dog tag version of Samsho 2019!!! I'm so stoked. I didnt think I was ever going to get one of these and now I have the best one!!! (imo of course). Did anyone else grab one of these? Just wanted to say that the IG community is the best! I have met plenty of awesome people there. Kinda like how I met Anthony through youtube! 😁😉
  11. Basara is my second favorite behind Charlotte! You should play bro and in October when basara comes out you will be ready to go! 👊
  12. Anyone else playing the new Samurai Shodown on ps4? I'm really enjoying it! I wasnt sure if i was going to after seeing it originally. I knew it looked cool but heard it played a lot different and people had mixed feelings about it. After playing through the story mode and playing a bit online I've decided that's it's a good game!
  13. Today I beat Batman Returns for SNES on mania. This was a really fun beat em up with some side scrolling levels and even a crappy driving level. The bosses were all simple except the first catwoman fight which kicked my ass the first few times. Great game!
  14. Alright I have a few more games to post! Star Fox SNES I actually beat this on the SNES mini while on vacation, but it was my first time beating it. I took the middle path and didnt die until Andros. This game is fun, but I prefer star fox 64. Wakeboarding Unleashed Ps2 This game is amazing. It's like the lost Tony Hawk game you never knew you needed. It's from Activision so I dont know why it wasnt part of the "pro" series like Matt Hoffman bmx or the horrible Kelly Slater game. Get this game if you dont have it and like Tony hawk pro skater. Fatal frame ps2 This was such a good game. I know most of us never actually get scared from games or movies, but this game did the best job of making me feel uncomfortable and on edge the while time. The camera ghost fighting stuff was ok, but I really enjoyed exploring and doing puzzles and the story was great too. My game actually froze right as I put the last item in so I had to watch the ending on my phone 😭. I took a picture of the frozen screen lol. Gradius nes I love shmups so I'm glad to finally have this classic beat. It plays a lot like the side scrolling levels of Life Force and the power ups work the same. I might try to loop this at some point. Astro Bot PSVR My first VR game beat! This was so much fun. Its like a 3d Mario game almost where you look over your character and watch him run around the world. You have to find robots and hidden chameleons in each level. Everything was amazing from the music to the boss fights. I actually loved this game so much I got 100%. The only thing I havnt played yet are the mini games. I unfortunately don't have a screenshot for this one 😭. Sonic Mania Switch I've had this game sitting around forever and finally decided to play it. I forget what it's called, but I played on a mode where you actually use all 5 characters. Items you get will make you swap out to whoever's next in line. I really liked using tails and the flying squirrel guy. I didnt get the emeralds though and got the bad ending, but I still consider it beat. Again no screenshot so sorry 😭😭 Home a unique horror adventure Ps4 This game was garbage. It was boring and short and nothing happens. It had a bad story and everything was bad. I sadly have this on Vita too and now I will never open it. I didnt take a picture of the end probably because I turned it off as fast as I could... Golden Axe 2 Genesis Amazing game. I have a nice minty copy that's been sitting around waiting to get played so I beat it the other day on hard. It's a classic and one of my favorites from my childhood. I kind of want to play it again already 😁. Vampire Saviour 2 cps2 I finally got my second cabinet up and running with cps2 so I can finally play some of my boards! I used Morrigan and got through the game easily on the standard difficulty. I love how special moves are done in this game. It's very different from the usual street fighter and mortal kombat inputs. I'm very happy to have this board up and running finally. The monitor still has some issues but its ok! As of now I have beat 36 games and 4 on co op in 2019.
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