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  1. The ShillerSimon account could easily prove it's not a Kieren Hawken sockpuppet account by posting a video showing their face.
  2. The special thanks mention to the author of that C64.com article (and some others) so there may have been some discussion between them. I can't read your image but if someone has asked permission to use a quote or text from another article (and done the right think by thanking them), then clearly that's not plagiarism. I'll have a look at the article later when kids are asleep.
  3. This is quite incredible - he's responding to the actual evidence of him spreading lies about other people, yet claiming it means something else.
  4. LostDragon explained this better than I but it's basically editing. The byline on Kieran's final article in RG was telling, stating both Darren and Kieren. Perhaps... also don't forget that Future a big company, there's also the policies/HR component that might be involved as well that might prevent people from being as open as they might otherwise be. I know for sure that what I would write publically about people I've worked with, in a work context, is very different to what I'd write about in other arenas.
  5. This is the original article: https://www.funstockretro.co.uk/news/a-brief-history-of-the-atari-jaguar/ I suspect he was triggered at this point: "Well, a series of missteps that culminated in the Jaguar and Jaguar CD led this company down the path of destruction and it never recovered, particularly in the face of tough competition from Nintendo then, later, Sega." Then it just goes downhill from there. The article reads ok to me, perhaps he doesn't like it because it doesn't match his alternate reality of what happened to Atari, and the Jag specifically. Edit: actually it's more likely he was using this tactic to get work, similar to his M.O with Retro Gamer.
  6. Yeah it's really unnecessary to besmirch Retro Gamer particularly given that Darren has made it very clear that he's not involved in the mag and hasn't been for over a year. Bare in mind he has to put his corporate hat on and probably can't say any more than that, even if he might want to.
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