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  1. This would have actually been funny if he knew the difference between gland and glans.
  2. No worries, water off a ducks back. Now I'm intrigued to know who you spoke with! They're not far off with the location, and yep... my first passion is SEGA!
  3. I figured from that odd PM you sent me. It's good thing I have a sense of humour! Cheers MPM, likewise! The floor is yours Vince. (Please excuse ludicrous hair... I'd have had it cut by now but you know, corona. Plus I hadn't figured on being out in public today so didn't bother with hair wax. Also thank you Mod for sorting out my accidental photo attachment upload)
  4. The ShillerSimon account could easily prove it's not a Kieren Hawken sockpuppet account by posting a video showing their face.
  5. The special thanks mention to the author of that C64.com article (and some others) so there may have been some discussion between them. I can't read your image but if someone has asked permission to use a quote or text from another article (and done the right think by thanking them), then clearly that's not plagiarism. I'll have a look at the article later when kids are asleep.
  6. This is quite incredible - he's responding to the actual evidence of him spreading lies about other people, yet claiming it means something else.
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