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  1. Just wanted to slip in a little 'preshadit for the cart. You helped a friend of mine get in touch with her inner game geek all over again!
  2. Just depends how you want it shipped. Single boxed games will fit in priority boxes (flat rate) for around $5, and I will combine shipping, of course, if you want multiples. If you aren't in a hurry, First class is an option, though I've had bad luck with some packages. Which ones would you like? I have Cosmic Ark, Frogger, and Pac-Man left that are boxed, plus a large amount of Activision games (not in box) that I didn't even think I had anymore.
  3. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 301202112765 Cleaning out some stuff from my old trading days. Nothing special here, but it is a functional system with a few common carts. If anyone is interested, I have a few used, boxed games, as well. Most notable are Cosmic Ark and Frogger. If anyone is in need of a paperweight or two, I also have New In Box Pac-Man.
  4. Hey! It has been a while since I've been in here,especially since my trading has slowed down, but I have a friend looking for a Raiders cart. Anyone have a spare? Functionality is my only concern; I do not necessarily need manual or box. Thanks in advance!
  5. One of the worst I ever got involved hulling the whole thing and hosing it out on the deck with 'Orange Blast'. I took alcohol-dipped Q-tips to the entire board just to de-funk the thing. Did I mention the dead roaches that came out of the case when I opened it?
  6. Tell me about it. My brain hurts trying to read this. . .
  7. One of your shipping options is media mail, you may be able to do it as long as they don't check the package, but computer games are specifically not allowed per USPS in media mail. Thanks for pointing that out. I used a template from one of my other auctions (computer software) and didn't even think to revamp all the options. Duh on my part.
  8. That's why I always offer several options. For some reason, shipping from Michigan to California is freaky rediculous. The only reason I normally don't quote flat rate boxes is to save the guys just down the pike a few bucks. I do have flat rate boxes for people on your shore
  9. And on this note, I did enjoy Adventure more than the average person was allowed, but I always felt that the limited landscape was indicitive of a bleak labyrinth ruled over by the evil wizard that no one ever sees. . .
  10. Motion seconded and carried. I have found myself in a similar situation in the last few hamlets I've occupied and will now always wonder when Evil Otto will come bounding out after me. . .
  11. When my wife and I moved up to Muskegon from Kentucky, I said that I would never move that far again with that much stuff. Nope. Wasn't going to do it. We would take everything that held sentimental value and sell the rest with the house. . . Just over nine years later, we've moved again, yet another work transfer, nearly 600 miles farther north into the state of Michigan (i.e. as far as you can go without getting Lake Superior on you). Apparently, though, rather than saying 'move that far again', what I actually said was 'move across state lines again'. Gotta love loopholes. So here I am, a few thousand in the hole from the moving expenses and nowhere (yet) to put my gaming collection, let alone my trading stock, so I'm liquidating a large chunk of it (as I dig it out of the moving boxes. First up is a collection of unremarkable commons, some in good shape, some with label wear or labels missing altogether. All work, though, and the lot is listed for a little less than 30 cents per cart, plus my usual guarantee stands. Spread word around, if you or someone you love wants to start a basic collection, needs some cart shells for a project, or just needs a bunch of little, black doorstops. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 300396107513 Thanx!!
  12. It never ceases to amaze me how I can get something shipped from the south end of nowhere and it comes in excellent shape, and something coming from just a jaunt down the interstate looks like it spent time under the wheels of a Mack truck. Overall, I have had good luck with Ebay, minus a cart that never arrived, and anyone who has bought from me knows I use a half-roll of packing tape to ensure the structural integrity of the box. The problem is in those trying to make a quick buck. Out of the select few that list in our genre who are not excessively prideful in their price-setting, there are those who just get the money, throw it into a convenient box, and cast it to the winds. I once paid priority shipping only to get my carts a month later in a shoddily taped box sent via media mail.
  13. Red Dwarf is a smeggin' wonderful show! Did you get to see the new series, Back To Earth? It got ripped by some, but I thought it was clever and funny. It's always fun to see the RD crew.

  14. Still trying to invent the first steam-powered video game system. . .

  15. Still trying to invent the first steam-powered video game system. . .

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