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  1. Um, with a knife. Just Kidding. Actually, I always do the 'surgical slice' thing where the box opens, so I can leave the shrinkwrap on it. Protects the box better from dust.
  2. Sounds like he was doing well until January, then he exploded. I use USPS delivery confirmation. It's not a tracker, by no means, but it gives my buyers piece of mind in that I've shipped their orders. There's no excuse for poor communication. It's dingbats like this that make the world difficult for honest auctioneers.
  3. This might be an eye-roller for some, but my personal 'holy grail' are the Smurfs. Every time I get close to getting my hands on a Smurfs cart, someone else gets it first. Geeze. This sounds like a 'Gargamel Complex'. . .
  4. I think maybe you got that backwards; I believe the Sears version came first. But I prefer the Atari heavy sixer too. Maybe the Sears heavy can be the "Original", and the Atari heavy can be the "Real" one. Hmmm... Sounds like a research project. I definately feel better about my Sears Heavy
  5. On the contrary! Pitfall II taught me how to swear in blue tapestries the likes of which I never thought possible! When I play alone, of course
  6. My first games were Combat (natch), Target fun, Space War, Pac Man, Slot Racers, and Grand Prix. The first one I played was Space War, followed by Grand Prix. It seemed like forever before we finally found a game that took the paddles (I wanted to try them so badly). My dad thought that all the sports games used them, so he picked up Ice Hockey! We finally got Warlords, though, beginning a long plummet to insanity.
  7. Welcome to the fold! It's always nice to meet someone else who likes their video games blocky with lots of character
  8. The first time I played this game was in a Sears store display. I couldn't get the thing to work, so natch, I didn't have a high opinion of it. Older and wiser, I realize I was probably fighting a broken joystick, since I just got the game last year and have no problem with it Not bad at all.
  9. At that price, it'd be nice if it came with joysticks. Not too many paddle games in the mix.
  10. . . .Or just a bunch of neophytes that don't know any better. Look at the bidding history. . . The last eBayer with experience stopped at $25.00 . Of course, one or a couple of the newbies could be decoy accounts to pad the bid
  11. Still a bit much for a game that is so common. There's more of these things than water molecules, it seems
  12. Big load of horsehockey. Most likely, he's had a bit of an upsurge in sales and is taking advantage of it. A local exchange store used to sell Atari carts for a buck apiece, because he didn't have any sales to show. I bought quite a few from him and a few of my cohorts started rooting through his grab bins, too. The result: A few months ago I went in there to find he'd raised his price to $10-15 per cart. His reasoning (at least he was being honest) was, 'If someone wants them, they'll buy them'. I didn't have the heart to tell him that there are thousands of people around the US willing to just give away most of the carts he had, simply because they had so many of them.
  13. That would be like trying to hammer an NES cart into an N64.
  14. We had a little hole-in-the-wall on the south side of Louisville that rented carts for all the period games (2600, 5200, Intellivision, Coleco. . .). It was just a bitty shop in the old Westland Mall that some high-school kids started up with their combined game collections. You would pay $8.00 initially. When you returned the games, you got $4.00 back.
  15. Plenty of you on the east side of the mitten. Anyone from the west side?
  16. It's mostly just point of view, rather than literal meaning, I think. Of course the first one is the real one. I'm sure Tempest would shudder at the fact that I have, amid my 'keeper' systems, a Sunnyvale Sears TeleGames heavy sixer, too.
  17. http://auctions.yahoo.com/i:ATARI%202600%2...IPPING:91822226 For Combat, no less
  18. Blasphemer!! Heh. Just kidding.
  19. I agree fully that the Heavy Sixer is the one, true VCS. There is a warm, fuzzy spot in my heart, though, for the light sixer woody. That was my first console, care of Sears TeleGames. Twenty-five years of unerring gameplay
  20. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing.
  21. On the earlier mention of the Colecovision/Atari resemblance, I have a Donkey Kong for Colecovision and no system on which to play it. I also have a few Sega Genesis carts, but maybe that doesn't count anymore, since I have one on the way from Dusk2600
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