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  1. 'Preshadit! I sold some of these last year, but with work jerking me around the country, I haven't had time to make any more until the last few weeks. Glad you guys like 'em
  2. And more are headed your way, sent them yesterday w00t!!
  3. More available! I've stocked back up on chips!
  4. Just don't research them at your local used video game shops... The local Exchange here wants $4.99 for Combat, because it's so rare!
  5. On some DB9 connectors the metal part comes off pretty easily (indeed, I've had it come off when it wasn't supposed to). Any computer supply store worth its sodium chloride should have both versions (with ears and the Van Gough models). I picked some up a while back for a project I haven't quite gotten to because of the threat of moving over the summer. I will post some pix of these later today when I finish cleaning up my work area downstairs (assuming I find them ).
  6. Wow... It's almost been a year since I posted on this thread... And, just like then, I am gripped with the urge to bounce clowns around Thanx TCV
  7. They only just started that whole 'no signatures under $25 rule for credit cards
  8. Shipping is always up for contention. I, like Homer, have nothing better to do than to keep checking prices. I make very little when I sell carts for $1-2 because, for some reason, it costs me more to ship from my part of Michigan than from other places. My job doesn't have me driving to Grand Rapids anymore, so I end up shipping from what they call a 'premium zip code' Selling in lots seems to be the only way to go, if you want lunch money at the end of the day. I do agree that this list is between $15-20
  9. This is true, too. The buyer could just be a pratt. . .
  10. The USPS's. The seller, by providing the tracking number, has done everything he/she could do to assure the buyer that their product not only was shipped, but that they can keep tabs on its journey. It makes no logical sense to put any responsibility upon the seller, or to suspect the seller guilty of any form of deception, as the package in question had just as much chance of making it to them as it had of getting lost. The buyer obviously paid, or it wouldn't have been shipped. They've done everything expected of them. USPS--"Oops... You mean that zip code was for the USA, and not Tuxcueca, Mexico?" <------This comes from personal experience
  11. What I'm wondering is, how the frack would this bid amount even come up, given the fact that eBay bids happen incrementally. Unless someone else had bid the item up to that amount, wouldn't it have just stayed within the lower price limits? Or has something else changed on eBay that I've missed? Granted, if I had screwed up like that, I'd have been nervous too... My luck, the item would have been shilled up to that amount by a ghost bidder
  12. Thanks to demand, I am now in the market for homeless and/or dead cart chips
  13. Starhopper


    From the album: Things for sale...

    What do you do with dead chips? Keychains!! $2.00 each or three for $4.00, including shipping to anywhere in the US. Email or PM me!
  14. Starhopper

    Things for sale...

    Interesting stuffs others may want!
  15. Bumped... I've put the pic in my gallery, as this will be an ongoing offer from me (as long as I am kept in commons) Thanks for the interest!
  16. Of course, Death Star Battle had the distinction of getting easier if you set the difficulty to 'expert'. It's easy to outrun the 'death ray' when it is having its out of body experience
  17. I couldn't speculate on that... I haven't been keeping up with the ever-evolving list of crap you can't take on planes. Anyone?
  18. Most do. Some of the chips are non-functional, and at least one is a PAL version of 'Solaris', I think. If you aimed 'em right, you could slot them in and play them.
  19. Starhopper

    General Stuffs

    All things in life NOT ATARI
  20. Starhopper

    Scale model test

    From the album: General Stuffs

    This is what Science wonks do when they aren't playing their video games
  21. Starhopper

    ATARI stuffs

    'nuff said. . .
  22. Starhopper

    November '08

    From the album: ATARI stuffs

    You know she loves you when she agrees to help reorganize and update your collection
  23. Okay, before all you fellow OCD people start beating me up over it, I know the picture shows more than just Combat carts
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